A Hair Chalking Alternative

About a year in a half ago I wrote a post about how I tried to chalk my hair and had a not-so-great experience. In fact, I have tried to convince you guys to not chalk your hair. To this day, that posts is still my most viewed post and I still stand by my opinions: you should not chalk your hair, it ruins it and is a huge mess. However, I now get to offer you an alternative!


Recently, a company called Britelites reached out to me to say “Hey, since chalking your hair didn’t work out, you should try our product instead!” And I was like “Cool!”. I love all things hair and make-up and girly, I’m willing to try pretty much anything and I’m easily convinced. I’m basically the perfect guinea pig for a new hair product. So, the wonderful owner of Britelites sent me their temporary hair color and I gave it a whirl


In fact, I gave it about 5 whirls. I wanted to really get to know this product before sharing my thoughts with you. I used it on my hair, someone else’s hair, straight hair, curly hair, braided hair, clean hair and dirty hair. I took photos and notes along the way so I could share my honest thoughts and opinions. Here’s what I learned about Britelites.


To use these cool little tubes of color, just take off the top and roll up the color stick. Swipe the color down your hair (it’s bad news bears if you apply in an upward motion). The more you apply the darker/brighter the color is. Use one hand to pull hair tight and the other to apply color. No need to worry about gloves. The color will get on your hands, but it washes off easily with soap and water.

how to

The color is very bright and bold when applied, but it lightens up once it’s brushed. So, if you want it stay super bright, apply the color after it is completely styled. I did this when I braided my hair and it worked perfectly. I made the braid very tight because I knew it would loosen up after applying the chalk. The finished product looked just right.


I tried a couple of colors on Zoey’s hair too. Her hair is brown and straight and the color came out great. She was a little upset that the color did not wash out completely the next day (we had a wedding rehearsal), but no one could tell there was any extra color in her hair. It washes out of my hair completely after two washes.


I used the red and blue in my hair separately, and combined them to get some bits of purple. To combine the colors I just put them on one after the other, very easy.

I styled my hair first for this round.
I styled my hair first for this round.
I brushed it after I applied the color. The colors still show up and look good, they just aren't as vibrant as they were before I brushed my hair.
I brushed it after I applied the color. The colors still show up and look good, they just aren’t as vibrant as they were before I brushed my hair.

The brown and platinum colors didn’t show up as well as I hoped. I used them to enhance my highlights and lowlights. It did enhance them a little, but it’s very hard to tell in the photo.


After all my coloring attempts I made a list of pro’s and con’s, because you know I love making lists.


-easy to apply

-easy to wash off hair and hands

-no dust

-does not damage hair. Britelites is a patent-pending product composed of mineral based cosmetic pigments, a blend of natural oils (coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter), waxes, etc. A preservative is used to increase the shelf life of the product, it is less than 2% of the ingredients and it is paraben-free.

-the applicators last a long time. I felt like I used a ton of color, but there is still so much left!

It seriously took about 5 minutes to apply the blue streaks.
It seriously took about 5 minutes to apply the blue streaks.


-it rubs off easily. Do NOT wear a white shirt with it and do NOT let your baby lay against your hair. This led to many “Why does the baby have a blue stripe on her face?” conversations.

-it makes hair difficult to brush while it’s in hair. Once you wash it out, your hair feels completely normal again.

Overall, I really liked britelites. They are much better than hair chalk and I plan to use it many more times. It’s great for a quick splash of color. I’m especially excited to use them at the beach this summer. If you’re interested in britelites, check out their website or Facebook page. I’m so happy there’s a product I can use now to replace chalk! Thank you britelites for reaching out to me!

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