Making Time for Both

It’s that time of year… the happiest, busiest, most loving, awkward, traditional and hectic time! I love the holidays and the crazy busy-ness that accompanies them. I enjoy being super busy, running from party to party and shopping for gifts for everyone. My anxiety has been so low (thanks pregnancy!) that I’m probably enjoying this season more than most. The only problem is making time for EVERYTHING.

Last week, I had every intention of finishing my to-do’s, working (outside of the home) everyday, working out everyday, wrapping all the presents, attending all the parties, etc. However, I didn’t, because you know what else you are supposed to do the time of year? Spend quality time with your friends and family. One night, Husband and I were snuggled up on the couch getting ready to catch up on our Netflix shows. Like most nights, I had my phone in one hand and laptop in the other and was setting up camp to write, write, write. Husband, who has never ever expressed this before, actually told me to put everything away and just be with him. He was actually sad that I was giving him enough attention. So, I did.

I have to admit, it was hard. I REALLY wanted to catch up on so many things and I caught myself peaking at my phone for notifications and texts, but I did my best to refrain, and I continued refraining all weekend. Saturday morning we woke up before the crack of dawn to drive many many miles to our friend’s college graduation. That morning happened to be the best I have slept in weeks, the pillows were arranged perfectly and it was pouring raining and pitch-black outside. The last thing I wanted was to get up, but I did because that’s what friends do. This friend is a little brother to us and we are so proud and happy for him. We packed a van and made a day trip to celebrate his big day.

IMG_20131216_010341 IMG_20131214_101519 IMG_20131216_005801

It was a day of friends, good Indian food, soda shop fun and a little too much rain.

That night, I went to see the Nutcracker in Nashville with my friend Emily. We got all dolled up, drove through the sleet and had beautiful front and center seats at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center. The Nashville Ballet did a beautiful job of depicting the traditional story while also integrating famous sites and historical buildings found right here in Music City.


I did not get a lot done this weekend, but I really enjoyed taking some time to just enjoy my friends. I hope you all have time for a little of both this next week.