My Weekend Through Photos

We have had one busy weekend! My in-laws, some friends of the family, and some very close friends have all been in visiting since Thursday. We had dinner reservations every night, tickets to three different shows, many museum outings and lots of sight-seeing. Even sick ol’ me managed to hangout and spend time with some of my favorite people in one of my favorite cities. The only thing I missed was writing to you guys!

It’s midnight now, and I am finally feeling a bit better and excited to get up and go to work tomorrow so I’m going to make tonight’s post a photo post! Here’s the story of my weekend in phone pics!

Saw Matilda on Broadway and LOVED it!
Saw Matilda on Broadway and LOVED it!
Visited Alexander Hamilton's "country home" in Harlem.
Visited Alexander Hamilton’s “country home” in Harlem.
Saw Cirque Du Solieil "Totem".
Saw Cirque Du Solieil “Totem”.
Snuck onto the roof of Le Parker Meridian to get a great view of the city.
Snuck onto the roof of Le Parker Meridian to get a great view of the city.
Time Square
Time Square
View of Time Square from the Marriot Bar
View of Time Square from the Marriott Bar
Obviously enjoying the famous frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity.
Obviously enjoying the famous frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity.
Taking the tram to Roosevelt Island.
Taking the tram to Roosevelt Island.
A nice walk on a very cold day.
A nice walk on a very cold day.
Happy Hour at Duke's!
Happy Hour at Duke’s!
Snow, snow and more snow...
Snow, snow and more snow…
Kinky Boots! Hilarious!
Kinky Boots! Hilarious!

Now, we have 3 more awesome friends visiting us all week. Looking forward to a fabulous time and lots of adventures to share!


Lost My Voice

Throughout this 8-day flu epidemic, I have tried to make the best of my situation, be positive and all that. So, when I had to sit at home I watched lots of Gilmore Girls, old movies, and finally got watch Girls! Now, I know why everyone is so obsessed with this show!

I also tested Husband’s nursing skills. He was AMAZING! No matter the hour he has made me tea, bought me medicine, handed me the tissues, let me watch anything want, and hasn’t complained a bit. Being taken care of is the best feeling; it’s true love.

We have had family visiting for the last 4 days, and I haven’t been able to spend the amount of time I want with them, but I still managed to meet up for at least a meal once a day…not bad.

I have felt frustrated and a little depressed thinking, “Will this ever go away!?”, but when I get sad I just get another popsicle and watch Lorelei drink too much coffee. Yesterday was the toughest day though; yesterday I lost my voice.

Husband and I went to see Cirque Du Soleil last night (review coming soon!), and it was pure torture to watch such an astonishing show and not be able to talk about it! Thank God I have very expressive face and am used to talking with my hands.

In the spirit of turning lemons into lemonade I made a list of “Things I Learned While Being Mute”.

  1. I correct my Husband a lot. He has mentioned this to me before, and I never took him seriously, but I cannot tell you how many times he said something wrong and ALL I wanted to do was correct him! Not in a mean “I’m right! You’re Wrong!” sort of way, but in a, “I want you to be correctly informed” sort of way.
  2. I say, “excuse me” 1,000 times on any given day in NYC. I didn’t realize how necessary these two words are to my vocabulary until I could no longer vocalize them.
  3. Husband is vengeful. I thought he was perfectly happy to wait on me hand and foot, maybe even enjoyed caring for me, but I was wrong. I know this now, because he paid me back by teasing and peeving me nonstop knowing I could say nothing to fend myself.
  4. I have A LOT to say. Husband, I am sorry, but you missed out on a lot of witty comments, entertaining stories, hilarious anecdotes and general good conversation last night.
  5. Cell phones are life savers in so many ways. When all else failed, I could take out my phone and explain myself through the magic of text.
  6. Whispering sucks, no one can hear you.
  7. Sometimes it’s more painful to not talk, than it is to talk when you lose your voice.

Thank God my voice is mostly back today! I’ll never it take it for granted again.


I Cannot Get The Flu


Under very normal, even under extremely positive, circumstances I am terrified of getting sick. Mostly, I am afraid of terminal illnesses, but I often think I have any illness anyone has around me. Hypochondria is just lovely, isn’t it?

Now, lucky for me, there is a flu EPIDEMIC. An epidemic! How serious does that sound!? At first, I thought, eh, the news is always over dramatic, it can’t be THAT bad. I have actually felt okay. I have not had any symptoms…even the ones I make up in my head. I have not even been too concerned.

Until today…not one, but two co-workers have come down with the flu. The students are dropping like flies, and Husband woke up with a sore float. The governor even declared a health emergency in New York. Luckily, I did not have work today. I did, however, have to run errands.

Running errands meant riding the train, shopping, exchanging money, and being around so many people. Eww. I tried so hard to ignore all the sneezy, nose-blowers all around me, but then….I…sneezed. Now my nose is running.

I cannot be getting sick.

I absolutely cannot get the flu. I have plans, big plans. I am flying to Texas this weekend to host my sister’s baby shower, and a huge project to complete at work. I have no time to be sick.

For those of you who may be wondering, no, I did not get the flu shot. Why? I don’t know… I am too busy to take the time to get one. I did not give it any thought. I keep hearing it doesn’t work. I hate going to the doctor for any reason. Basically, just a lot of dumb excuses.

Is it too late to get a flu shot? I just wish I could stay locked in my apartment until my flight on Friday…and maybe lock Husband out. Sorry babe, but if you get sick you may need to be quarantined. No offense.

I hope none of you have the flu, or get the flu. If you do, please stay home. Stay well everyone, and wish me luck!