Fireworks on the Hudson

This week was our nation’s Birthday, which, to me, means another reason to celebrate. YOU KNOW I love celebrating for any reason, and tend to be a pretty festive person. Besides dressing in costume for basically every holiday, I also like being a part of something BIG…like New Year’s Eve in Time Square, or the Macy’s Day parade. I know I won’t live in Manhattan forever so I take advantage of whatever the city has to offer now.



Dealing with these enormous crowds is always frustrating, and sometimes scary, but it’s also part of the fun!

So, a few days ago, I realized that July 4th was only 48 hours a way, and husband and I had no plans. I quickly got online to research “stuff to do in NYC on the 4th” and discovered that Manhattan actually has the biggest fireworks show in the states! I called up a couple of friends, and made plans to head downtown for a full afternoon of picnics, adult lemonade, and fireworks. Then, I immediately started planning my head-to-toe red, white, and blue ensemble for the day.

Husband and I made sandwiches and the “adult lemonade” for our picnic. The lemonade was AMAZING. Here’s how we did it.

– make homemade lemonade: sugar, water, lemons…just google it.

-a whole pack of fresh strawberries

-a bag of frozen raspberries

-the rest of the tequila left in our freezer

-Throw it all in the blender, and VOILA! Grown-up Lemonade!

We got to the Chelsea Piers area (prime location for fireworks) at 5pm…BTW the fireworks were not scheduled to start until 9:20pm. Being 4 1/2 hours early still involved us having to walk past several blocked of entrances due to overcrowding. We still ended up directly in the middle of where the fireworks would be viewed. unfortunately, “prime fireworks viewing” meant the middle of 12th avenue. Literally, the middle of the street. We, along with a million other people, were seated on hot asphalt in order to have the “best seats” for the fireworks.



I brought a sheet for all of us to sit on, but it was still comparable to sitting on top of an oven. Thank God we had refreshing “lemonade” to keep us cool.



The four hours went by pretty quickly as we ate, drank, played with Belle, and chatted with the people around us. Before we knew it, the biggest fireworks show I’d ever seen had started.

And, Belle, went ballistic…. or shall I say Belle-istic.

I KNOW that Belle hates fireworks, but Husband insisted that we bring her, and that she’d feel safer with us rather than stuck at home, scared.



I spent the entire 26 minute fireworks production like this…


trying to keep her ears covered


Even with Belle trying to bite and claw her way through me, I still managed to appreciate the show. It really was spectacular. I have never seen such a big production. As we watched we could hear Katy Perry and Kenny Chesney belting out American classics on the Macy’s stage a couple blocks down from us. It was just lovely.


Happy 4th of July Y’all! (Better late than never, right?)


First Half of the Honeymoon


Husband and I were fortunate enough to get 3 weeks off… Who am I kidding? Husband is ALWAYS off…. I was fortunate enough to get 3 weeks off work for our wedding and honeymoon.

The first half of our honeymoon was spent at Disney and Universal Studios, with my family.

I hate to admit to people that I love Universal Studios (it’s like cheating on Disney), but it’s true, I really do love Universal. It doesn’t have the magic or the incredible customer service Disney offers, but it does have some killer roller coasters. The Harry Potter Land addition is a huge plus too.

My family has never been to Universal, so Husband and I considered it our duty to make sure they get there, ride the scariest coasters, drink butter beer, and shoot aliens on Men in Black.  We spent the day with a group of 16 people, and managed to ride everything that mattered.

Sunset at Universal Studios


Zoey, my Dad, and Husband were all chosen to be characters in a performance called “Disaster!” at Universal. The three of them got to to play 3 evil oil company workers, and star in a disaster type movie.


During our entire vacation, we were VERY often separated from one another, and often were not carrying our cell phones, or they had died after using them to upload pictures to Facebook while waiting in hour-long lines. In order to easily locate each other, when lost without a phone,  we came up with a fail proof plan: jazz hands.

Anytime someone was lost or looking for someone who was lost than you were to immediately put jazz hands in the air. This plan proved to be incredibly effective. In a crowd of 500 hundred people, all in tank tops in flip flops, it’s difficult to pick out someone familiar, but jazz hands shimmying above the crowd are hard to miss. We were all starting to enjoy our jazz hand signal so much that we decided to immortalize it on the Dinosaur ride photo spot.


To celebrate our roller coaster/butter beer/movie making victory filled day, we had dinner and margarita’s at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville.

Tuesday through Thursday was devoted to Disney World, our first love.

At EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow…In case you were wondering), we “traveled around the world”, visited the sites of our wedding reception, got caught in a very long thunderstorm, and watched a concert by Hotel California, An Eagles tribute band.

relaxing in Morocco
This is what I got when I shouted, “Look Cute!”
Hotel California


At Animal Kingdom we spent a lot of time shopping for a hat to keep my Dad’s head from getting any more burnt than it already was. We ate Chinese? food at Yak and Yeti, rode Expedition Everest a couple of times, and I was forced to see the most terrifying show…Flights of Wonder.


I am terrified of birds.

They are too quick, fly too close, and have very sharp beaks and feet. I just don’t like being near them.  Husband knows this, and was therefore very excited, too excited,  about forcing me to see this stupid bird show. Since he has seen the show before he was fully aware that the birds roam free around the theatre, fly directly over your heads, and that I would spend the majority of the show with my eyes closed and hands over my ears. Why do I always cover my ears when I’m scared???


The show turned out to be pretty impressive, still scary, but impressive.

At Hollywood Studios, we stopped by the sight of our first date and wedding proposal, The Sci-Fi Drive-in Café. We did all the other Hollywood favorites like the Tower of Terror and Rock-n-Roller Coaster, but my family’s favorite was probably the American Idol Experience.

Sci-Fi Drive In


At American Idol, real guests (who had previously auditioned during the day) perform in front of the audience and judges, and one is chosen as the winner. At the end of the day all the winners compete against each other, and the final winner gets a golden ticket. That golden ticket can then be used to cut to the very front of any real American Idol audition line in the United States! It’s a pretty cool experience.

Husband and I ended our trip watching Wishes. The most incredible, magical, touching fireworks show. I get tears in my eyes every time we see this show…which is numerous. I don’t know if I get sentimental thinking of all the memories I made during my College Program internship, if I see the magic Disney creates for everyone daily, or if I’m just reminded of how happy I am to be with Husband at our favorite place. Whatever it is, it makes me happy and sad at the same time.

Typical woman.

Disney never disappoints, our week at Disney was excellent, and even though our next stop was Costa Rica, we were still said to leave.



It rained…but we were prepared.

Our wedding was perfect. Not the everything-went-exactly-as-planned kind of perfect, because it did not. Stuff was forgotten, stuff was changed, but none of it mattered. We could not have been happier with how everything panned out. I could write about, and post pictures of it for the next 50 blogs!

I assume most of you will click that “unfollow” button if I do that though, so instead I’ll try and narrow it down to my most favorite moments.

Starting here…

#1 Seeing Husband for the first time.

We decided to see each other BEFORE the ceremony. Thank God! I was so nervous, and seeing him beforehand reassured me that everything would be okay. And seeing his reaction of seeing me was priceless.  (Can’t wait to get those pictures in!)

#2 Having my dad walk me down the aisle.

#3 The actual ceremony.

One of our best friends married us. He got licensed specifically to be our officiant. His speech was perfect, hilarious, and touching. I’ll be posting that as soon as I get a copy! Also, Husband and I wrote our vows. We were both really nervous about this, but I’m so glad we did it. It was meaningful and real, and I guess I’ll have to post those too!

#4 This moment.

#5 Fireworks!

Everyone of us got our own private viewing area for the fireworks show in EPCOT.

#6 Introduction Dance

We entered our reception to “Party Rock” by LMFAO, and somehow convinced our entire bridal party to put on gold chains, 80’s sunglasses, leopard print and neon accessories, and sun visors. They each did a special little routine as they entered the room and definitely got our party started!

#7 The speeches….OMG the speeches.

My sister and Husband’s sister are ridiculous. They gave us a speech that turned into the famous scene from Bridesmaids. It led to them speaking to me in different languages, staring me down, and even singing to me. For Real. It ended with everyone in the wedding party coming up and singing a song from the Hangover…with the lyrics changed to this…

“What did Peter dream of when he worked on the jungle cruise

Did he dream of playing Portal, or that girl in the bathing suit.

Don’t you worry your pretty blonde heads, we’re gonna get you guys together to prepare to be wed.

And then we’re gonna thank the stars above that are two best friends have fallen in love

Love love lovey love love lovely love love loveeey love love

But since we’re not very good wedding speakers….we’ll just sing you this song.”

Seriously, how are we friends withe the most awesome people?

AND, after all of that madness, one of Husband’s best friends gave us another incredibly sweet speech! I’ve never felt so much love.

#8 The Dance

Besides getting all of our closest friends to come to Disney, dress in neon and dance to “Party Rock”, and sing a speech to us…we also got them all to “learn” a dance routine to perform! Apparently, these people will do anything!

Recently, we fell in love with a scene from How I Met Your Mother. It’s a music video called “Let’s Go To The Mall” by Robin Sparkles. AND, the video game Just Dance made a really funny and stupid routine to it that we became obsessed with. Because all our friends are apparently willing to do anything, we all learned it, and did in front of all our guests.

#9 Changing

Luckily, I brought an extra dress for the reception. I was so hot and sweaty from all the dancing, that I could not wait to put on dress #2 and dance the night away.

ALL NIGHT dance party

#10 The bus ride

After the reception, we had charter buses take everyone back to their resort. Somehow, Husband and I got our very own private charter bus take us back to the Polynesian Resort. The ride back was spent reminiscing about how perfectly awesome everything was, and how unbelievably fortunate we are to have so many people who love us enough to be there celebrating with us tonight. We could not have been any happier.

Now, I cannot promise that the wedding blogs are over…but, I’ll try not to be too obnoxious.

Thanks for reading!


Mr. and Mrs. Positively Panicked!