Berry Pickin’

Luna and I are so lucky. We have the best group of friends here in Tennessee. We have been on so many play dates over the last several months, and while they began as more of a social gathering for the Moms, the babes are finally starting to be social themselves. It’s the best. This week we took our little ones to Wagner Berry Farm.

Aren't they the cutest group of girlfriends?
Aren’t they the cutest group of girlfriends?

The farm was supposed to be closed due to an abundance of pickers over the weekend, but lucky for us, the farmer couldn’t turn down 5 moms with 5 toddlers! He welcomed us and let us have the whole farm to ourselves as he walked with us and told us all about the different berries.


We spent the morning roaming up and down the garden rows, taste testing the 7 different types of strawberries and filling our baskets.

Luna may have taken advantage...
Luna may have taken advantage…

Luna stuffed her face with whole berries (leaves included) and possibly a couple of green berries too!


Luna and I picked about 8 pounds of warm fresh berries and they are almost gone already! We will definitely be back for more!


What fun stuff do you like to do with your toddlers this time of year?

big girls


Pumpkin Patch as a Family of Three

gentry farm

I am just returning from a whirlwind of a trip to NYC, and oh my do I have LOTS to share and review! But, first, I’ve got to share our first experience at a pumpkin patch as a family of three. We visited Gentry Farm for the first time last year on the day I found out I was having a girl. I told Husband that visiting Gentry Farm and picking our own pumpkins is going to be an annual tradition for us. One year later, we’re picking out pumpkins with our baby Luna.

white pumpkin

We went to the farm with a couple of our close friends and we all walked around the patch picking out green, white and orange pumpkins and crazy looking gourds. I decided to mix it up this year and get a little bit of everything. I loved walking around and showing Luna all the different colors and sizes. I think we ended up with seven pumpkins to take home. (Don’t worry the pumpkin carving contest will be soon!)

wheel barrow

I love the pumpkin picking, but there is so so so much more to at Gentry Farm. The fun really began after we picked our pumpkins and entered the farm. They had tons of activities for kids of all ages and grown-ups too. The corn maze is always one of my favorite activities, and this year we did the “munchkin maze” too.

corn maze


This was the first year we did the Nature Trail and I was thoroughly impressed. It was gorgeous, had a nice view of the Harpeth River and cute little signs with Tennessee nature facts along the way. It was shaded, a good walk and very enjoyable.

love simply trees water


After the mazes and the trail we had fun playing on the farm. We played horseshoes, talked to chickens, explored the barn, ate snacks, played on little wooden tractors, looked at the sheep and took lots and lots of photos.

chickens tractor teepee

I’m already looking forward to next year. I hope Luna always loves our family tradition at Gentry Farm. The Gentry family is so sweet (you can always find many of them working when you visit) and it’s a family-friendly, fun and education environment. I see enjoying the farm for many many years… and if the weather is a nice next year as it was this year, than I think we will pack a picnic to enjoy near the pumpkin patch.


If you are planning a visit to Gentry Farm, check out their site and keep in mind that they are open Saturdays, Sundays and Monday mornings.



Firsts at the Farm

WOW. This has been one helluva weekend, in a good way. Really, it’s been one big awesome week. We have had friends and family staying with us. Two of our best friends got married. There were so many parties, sleepovers, dinners, get togethers and baby snuggles that I had absolutely no time for posting a dang thang. Now, it’s time to play catch up because boy, oh boy do I have lots to share.

We love making everyday a little (or a lot) adventurous, but it has been slightly harder to keep up the adventures now that we have Luna in tow. No big deal though, we like a challenge. Our most recent adventures have just been a little closer to home. Zoey came to visit for about 10 days and she put together an enormous party at our Uncle Kelly’s farm.

We had twenty something people, horses, tractor rides, mac & cheese, green beans, mashed potatoes, fried chicken, banana pudding, brownies, cookies, fruit, veggies, hummus, cornbread, dirt bikes, babies, cats, chickens, cows…everything you could possible need for a day of fun on a farm. Being Luna’s first time on a farm I did what every good Mom would do and worked all morning to put together an appropriately themed outfit. Luna’s got to learn that any activity can be fun if it includes getting a cute new outfit.

My "cowgirl" look ended up looking more "gangster"
My “cowgirl” look ended up looking more “gangster”
We weren't able to get a get photo before the overalls had to be removed.
We weren’t able to get a get photo before the overalls had to be removed.

Our little friend Parker was with us for the day too. Husband and I spent a lot of time watching him and I got a glimpse of what life would be like with two kids…busy, very busy. Parker rode a horse for the first time! Before getting on he looked a little weary at the giant animal in front of him. Two seconds after being in the saddle he was yelling “faster!” and swinging his red cowboy hat in one hand. Cutest. Cowboy. Ever.

on fence first time fast corral

Parker also learned to lasso, drive a tractor, chase chickens, play in rundown cars, scare the crap out of us and get so caked in mud that he had to be stripped down and hosed off before going home. Favorite quote of the day? “Not everyone should see my booty!” before Husband hosed him off.



old car


Most of us took a tractor ride around the whole property and hunted for dinosaur eggs and giant chickens with Parker. It was meant to be fun, but I think we ended up causing a life-long fear of non-existing animals for Parker. whoops.



Luna's first tractor trailer ride
Luna’s first tractor trailer ride

It was a day full of “firsts”. Our friend Derek crashed on his first dirt bike ride. Steve had his first lasso lesson. Parker had his first day as a cowboy, and even Luna had her first time on a horse!

uncle kelly first horse

Even Husband managed to find something dangerous to do.


We were all completely exhausted by the end of the day, but luckily only Parker had to be hosed off before heading home.

worn out
worn out



Picking Out Our Pumpkins

Apparently one day on a farm with my parents just wasn’t enough. After our gender reveal party, we took them to Gentry’s Farm. Gentry’s Farm is a very large family farm that offers a pumpkin patch and a myriad of other fall family activities. I have never actually picked my own pumpkin from a pumpkin patch so I couldn’t wait to see what all the fuss was about.

gentry farm

pay here

It was a rainy day, but not enough to keep us inside. The pumpkin patch on the farm was enormous! We walked up and down the rows and searched through hundreds of pumpkins to find the “perfect” pumpkin. There were orange, green and white pumpkins. There were lumpy, smooth, big and little pumpkins. I couldn’t quite decide what I wanted so I ended up with a wheelbarrow of seven pumpkins.


"Uncle Steve" picking some large pumpkins.
“Uncle Steve” picking some large pumpkins.

all mine

(BTW, these “pick-your-own” pumpkins are a steal! It cost $17 for all seven pumpkins!)


After our pumpkin picking we decided to check out what else the farm has to offer. It costs to get into the rest of the farm, but it’s reasonable ($7/person). Our first choice of activity? The corn maze of course! My Mom, who’s claustrophobic and not quite as adventurous as her daughter, was scared of getting lost or stuck. So, being the bratty children we are, Husband and I took off running through the maze, losing my parents the best we could. It didn’t last long…turns out my parents can keep up.

corn maze getting lost butterfly

We spent the rest of the time walking around the farm watching the families play. There are chickens, goats, pigs and turkeys. My favorite were the goats simply because their names are Lucy and Ethel.

lucy and ethel

There are so many fun activities for kids and families. There is a hay bale maze, a mini-corn maze, a nature walk, tire swings, corn hole, treats and of course the hayride. They also have a little market that sells pre-picked pumpkins and gourds and all natural farm-raised beef too.

welcome outhouse corn hall barn

While walking around the grounds we actually ran into Mr. Gentry himself. Mr. Gentry is so friendly and warm. He immediately started up a conversation with us and ended up telling us about what it was like to grow up in the Great Depression, how he lived off of catching squirrels and rabbits and how his life has been now on the farm. He is a very interesting and entertaining man.

mr. gentry

I loved walking around the farm and couldn’t help, but imagine returning next year with our little girl. I am certain this will become a family tradition for us. Baby Girl is going to have blast picking out her own pumpkin every year!


Three generations.
Three generations.
Husband and his Grandpa
Husband and his Grandpa


If you are interested in visiting Gentry Farm, then check out their site for more info. Keep in mind that the fall festivities are open on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays and be sure to pack your camera!


Does anyone else have a fun fall family tradition?


Family Day on the Farm

My parents stayed with us the past weekend and finally got to see our new house. It was a quick and busy trip with all the new house stuff and the gender reveal party, but we still managed to squeeze in some Tennessee fun. Saturday was spent on Uncle Kelly’s farm. Yee-haw!

the barn

Meet the farm cats, Tigger and Luna.
Meet the farm cats, Tigger and Luna.

I always enjoy a day in the farm, but this time Uncle Kelly had a BIG surprise…or a little surprise, depending on how you look at it. One of his horses had a baby! A baby horse! OMG, baby horses are the cutest softest fuzziest things ever! The Mommy horse was surprisingly chill and didn’t seem to mind all of us in her stall fawning over her baby. The baby was surprisingly calm enough to let us love all over him. His name is Shakey. He shakes and wobbles just like baby Bambi.

shakey nursing meeting Shakey

It took every bit of me to not lie in the hay and spoon little Shakey. I’m so in love!

My parents got the full farm experience. They rode the dirt bikes. (BTW, it is terrifying to know that both parents are on dirt bikes at the same time…it’s not like either of them are regular bikers.) They also got a fancy professional horse riding lesson from Kelly. They have both ridden horses many times, but Uncle Kelly has a very special way with the horses. He’s basically the horse whisperer.

mom on bike dad on bike dad on horse

Uncle Kelly showing them how it's done.
Uncle Kelly showing them how it’s done.

We had another special surprise from Uncle Kelly too. He offered to take us on a tractor-pull wagon tour of his property. He must really like my parents because this was first time I have heard anything about a wagon tour.  My Mom-in-law decided to drive the tractor while the rest of us piled in the back of a very questionable wagon.

tractor ride

About 3 minutes into the trip one of the tires actually fell off while going over some rough terrain. This did not stop the tour. We finished the next half hour while riding on three tires and one rim. It made the whole experience more exciting.  It was thrilling.

Can you spot the missing tire?
Can you spot the tire that is about to fall off?

The farmland is beautiful. We got to see baby twin calves that were two weeks old AND another baby calf that was only one day old! So many babies!


There’s nothing like a day on the farm with your family to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside…and a very southern too. The fact that it’s far away from everything and near impossible to get a phone signal makes for a nice one-day getaway. I forget how sweet it us to not be glued to cell my phone and to just enjoy the people (and baby animals) around me.

my face

Thanks for the day on the farm Uncle Kelly! Be back soon to check on baby Shakey!

P.S. I'll be reviewing this comfy maternity poncho from MarieNohr very soon!
P.S. I’ll be reviewing this comfy maternity poncho from MarieNohr very soon!


The Farm

I’ve been in Nashville for a month now, and finally found time to make it out to Uncle Kelly’s farm. Zoey had plans to create her own “tool belt” for work on set and the rest of us tagged along for just good ol’ fun on the farm. Uncle Kelly, who is an expert at creating beautiful handmade leather goods,  worked hard on Zoey’s project, Husband and Dad-in-law rode the dirt bikes until they hurt themselves and I wondered around trying to break in my barely worn cowgirl boots.

Uncle Kelly working away
Uncle Kelly working away
Zoey designing her new bag
Zoey designing her new bag
My boots are so happy to be worn!
My boots are so happy to be worn!

Photo 11

Leather tools
Leather tools

Photo 15

We were also treated to lunch at the local “meat and three” which is the BEST homemade southern food! OMG, I am so hungry right now just thinking about it. Everything is buttery, full of flavor and reminds me of home (the Texas home).

Photo 1


Cousin Steph decided to join us and the two of us spent an hour roaming a tiny portion of the 50 acre farm and picking wild blackberries. We ate fresh berries until we were stuffed, then brought back armfuls for everyone else.

Photo 1 Photo 12


The rest of the day was spent loving on the animals and making my own leather bracelet.

Photo 7
Zoey and her fancy new belt

Photo 10 Photo 4 Photo 3 IMG_6902


Sometimes, I love being a country girl…sometimes.