The Time I Got Stuck on a Ride at Disney

There is still one more very important part of New Fantasyland that I have left out of my Disney blogs: Under the Sea: Journey of The Little Mermaid.

When we got in line to enter this ride I was in awe. Prince Eric’s castle looked amazing as we entered, and as the line moved we were taken through the docks, and under the sea.

Because we were there for the Pass-holder Preview there was basically no line. However, we walked very slowly through the entire queue because it was so picturesque and entertaining.  Disney made this line interactive to keep us all entertained as we wait for the ride. Throughout the line were windows displaying “under the sea” type scenes. In each scene was an object that didn’t belong, a plate or cup for example. When we spotted something that was out of place we would point to it, and a cartoon crab would appear and take the object away! Crazy!

When we finally did get to the ride, I was a little disappointed. It was beautiful, sure, but also very very similar to the Finding Nemo ride at EPCOT. You take an under the sea adventure in a clamshell through a dark-ride surrounded by the famous characters and scenes from the movie. Nothing was wrong per say…I just expected more originality with a new Disney ride.

When we got off we decided to ride it a second time to a) give it another chance, and b) to video the ride for you! I just had my little Canon PowerShot, but figured I could capture the gist of the ride.

Boy, did we get a different experience the second time around….

I guess there are a few quirks that still need to be worked out before opening day!

We were very satisfied with a second ride. After all, in all our Disney trips we have NEVER had to be escorted off a ride.

So, check out Ariel next time you find yourself at Disney, you never know what may happen!


Best Disney Restaurant Ever!

I have been so excited to write about the new restaurant in Fantasyland that I keep putting it off for fear of typing everything in all caps with lots and lots of explanation points. Allow this one sentiment:


Whew…it feels good to get that out. This new restaurant is unbelievable. Disney has outdone itself with the theming, atmosphere, and food at “Be Our Guest”. The restaurant doesn’t officially open until the beginning of December and its already booked until May! We were incredibly lucky to score a reservation during our Pass Holder Preview.

As we entered the restaurant we found ourselves in the ballroom of the Beast’s Castle. I was overwhelmed with everything around me. The three giant chandeliers, hanging from a mural from the movie, were all hand-made in Italy. The columns, floors, tables, and chairs were elegant enough to believe they were made for a castle…

and then there were the windows….

The back wall of the restaurant is made of floor to ceiling windows that overlooks mountains, trees, and snow! Yes, snow! We sat down by the windows and forgot we were in Disney World at all. We were in a castle watching the snow blow by and drinking wine.

The enormous ballroom was enough to win me over, but I was shocked to see that the restaurant has two more large rooms! To the right of the ballroom is the Rose Gallery. This wing was sweet, comfy, and adorned with several painting of all the familiar Beauty and the Beast characters.


To the left of the ballroom is the infamous West Wing, “It’s forbidden.” This room is another replica from the movie. The picture of the Prince has been ripped by the Beast’s claws, the room is dark and tattered, and the bewitched rose and enchanted mirror are on display in the far corner.

Even if the food were terrible, I would suggest eating here just for the atmosphere. However, the food is wonderful, and is also worth a reservation…even if the atmosphere were terrible. Husband had pork and I had ratatouille. My only complaint is that there a very few options for vegetarians.


Then there’s the dessert cart. It’s fit for a Princess. We each selected an individual sized dessert. Yes, they are as good as they look.

If you are planning a trip to Disney, I highly suggest booking this restaurant for dinner ASAP! If it’s too late, no worries, they actually offer a quick service during lunchtime. I hear the quick-service food is great too, it’s cheaper, and you still get to eat in the restaurant. Whatever you do, don’t miss checking out “Be Our Guest”, and “try the gray stuff… it’s delious!”

Au Revoir!

Under the Big Top

I should probably apologize for being MIA the last several days. It’s been a heck of a week, and as much as I wanted to take time to write to you, something was constantly getting between me and my laptop. I have been sick as a dog for over a week now, which always makes life more exciting. I’ve also had a major, I mean MAJOR, work project to complete this week. (It turned out great in case you were wondering.) And, we had a couple of very good friends staying with us for five days. I love having visitors, but they keep me pretty occupied between work and bedtime.

Finally, I’m back. It’s Thanksgiving Eve and I am back on an airplane headed to Houston to spend this holiday weekend with my family. It’s been four years since we have spent Thanksgiving in Texas, and three years since we have had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. We are very excited to stuff our faces and watch the Macy’s Day parade from the comfort of my parent’s living room.

Anyways, I’m way behind on my posts so I’d like to use this time to talk about the elephant in the blog.

Dumbo’s new section in Fantasyland

Another addition to Fantasyland is the new “Storybook Circus”. The famous Dumbo ride has not only been moved into the Circus area, but has also been doubled. Hopefully, these twin Dumbo rides will cut the wait time in half, but so far the wait has stayed at about 70 minutes.


The Barnstormer with Goofy is also in the Circus, as well as Casey Jr’s Splash-n-Soak Station. There’s a line of Circus train cars lined up with animals ready to soak in children (or children at heart) who get in their way. It wasn’t hot enough for me to want to play in the water, but Husband bet me that I couldn’t make it through without getting wet. Obviously, he was hoping I’d get soaked, and knew I couldn’t resist a bet.

Made it!

The circus area was full of lots of little attractions, mostly directed at young kids.  I enjoyed looking around and shopping in the new area.

You can meet a few classic characters here in Pete’s sideshow.

Christmas Mickey Candy-Covered Apples
Map of what the complete New Fantasyland will look like in 2014


New Fantasyland is a hit so far, and I’m only half way through!