Project Dream House

I have decided to start a new series on the blog titled “Project Dream House” to track and share the story of our new home and how it will transform over the next few years…or ten years. (I was going to call it “Positively Panicked and Painting”, but it was too much alliteration for my liking.) We are in love with our house, but it’s far from perfect. The previous owner thought painting every wall brown, orange or red was a good idea, and decorated with wicker furniture and leopard print. Needless to say, this house needs some serious cosmetic help.

Since I have to design and decorate from a million miles away (give or take a few), Husband and I are constantly emailing photos and Pinterest ideas to each other. We are starting with the exterior. Nothing has been done yet, but I want to share our ideas.

This is our house now…



And, here it is in the snow, because snow is pretty, and I wanted to share this photo.



We have lots of space, beautiful trees and four wonderful decks that I cannot wait to relax on with a glass of wine. However, it needs a new look and a fresh paint job. I want to brighten it up a bit. I think some white trim might do the trick…



A brightly colored door would be nice too.  I love the pop of color against the gray house!



Or maybe an all white house, a colored trim and bright door?



I am going back and forth between a few different color schemes.

notsureaboutdoorcolor lovedifferentcolors goodcombo


I think our favorite is a gray or bluish/gray body, white trim and a bright door, of course.



SO excited to get this project going! Suggestions, anyone?


P.S. If anyone happens to love painting in their spare time, Husband could really use a hand. He will provide lunch…and beer.