35 Weeks!

35 weeks

Today I am exactly 35 weeks pregnant! 5 weeks to go…about a month…or 35 days…OR even less! (Just no more than that, please.) I think I have begun nesting. Either that or I’m becoming incredibly more controlling and have developed OCD. I still get Braxton Hicks contractions all the time and they make life pretty uncomfortable. My goal over the next month is to finish the nursery, the office, the guest room (OK the entire house), make a couple more frozen meals, pack my hospital bag and try to keep the house clean because who wants to bring home their new baby to a dirty house? Not this incredibly controlling, OCD, very pregnant lady. Oh, and I’d like to have several posts saved up for the blog!


Okay...I know I have a big pregnant belly...but I SWEAR it look so much bigger when I see it in a photo. It's shocking.
Okay…I know I have a big pregnant belly…but I SWEAR it look so much bigger when I see it in a photo. It’s shocking.

Here are the latest stats:

Weight: I think I’ve gained about 23 pounds…more than I hoped for at this point, but whatever…I’m pregnant AND just survived the holidays!

Stretch Marks: Only a couple on the ladies…glad they aren’t anywhere else.

Looking Forward to: finishing her nursery

Missing: I really miss moving around like a normal person. Every action; getting up, sitting down, working out, sweeping, cooking, whatever, takes me at least twice as long as it used to.

Challenges: (See above) Also, eating a full meal is difficult. I get full super first and almost always get heartburn. I’m also always hungry. I’m trying to eat smaller meals all throughout the day, but it’s hard to not eat more than I can handle.

Appetite/Cravings: I haven’t been craving anything in particular… although I did want ice cream at about midnight last night.

Sleep: I sleep best after 7am for some reason. I toss and turn and get up all night, but once the sun is up I feel ready to sleep.

Emotions: I can tell I am getting more emotional and more sentimental the closer we get to Luna’s arrival. I cried yesterday because Husband was just being so sweet and cute… an hour later I cried because I missed my Mom and my girlfriends in Texas. I’m also feeling more anxious about the big day!

Movement: Everyday I think she can’t possible be more active and everyday she proves me wrong. This girl can move!

Exercise: It is soooo not easy, but I’m still working out 5-6 days a weeks. Some days I feel awful and want to skip it, but I always feel better once I finish.