NYC’s Above the Ground Park

Tiny Statue on The High Line

I forgot to mention in my last couple blogs that we have had visitors. First, two friends from Disney came to visit for 36 hours, halfway through their stay my future in-laws and two of their friends from Florida flew in, and one day later Fiance’s cousin from Seattle joined us. We have been super busy going from restaurant, to tourist trap, to museum, to Broadway show, to cute shops, and more. Which means I have LOTS of NYC blogs to write!

Unfortunately for me, I missed out on some of the fun because I am a working girl 6 days of the week, but you can read about anything I missed on Zoey’s blog.

I only work a half-day on Saturdays, and this Saturday was super sunny and warm (which has been rare for us in the last 6 months). I was soooo excited to meet up with everyone that I almost ran from my job on the Upper East Side to lower Manhattan’s meatpacking district. I opted for the bus instead, but I was wriggling in my seat with excitement the entire way. Or maybe that was just jitters after my 2 shots of espresso? Either way, I was feeling pretty happy.

We met on The High Line. The High Line is a a park built about 4 stories high on historic railroad tracks. These tracks were going to be demolished, but locals decided to start a “friends of the high line” group to save the historic railway, raised money, and transformed it into an elevated park. While walking around the high line, you can very easily spot the skeletons left behind from the railroad tracks. It makes for a very interesting day in the park.

Now, do not get me wrong, I LOVE this idea. I think it is super clever, economical, environmentally friendly, and fun. However, I do not love the high line.

It is fun to check out and take visitors to see because it is so unique. I do not actually find it much fun though. Every time we’ve been it has been super crowded, and not very exciting. I always feel like I am waiting in line for a ride that I never get to…we just walk in single file line for most of the park and then it’s over.

To be fair, we always seem to go on a weekend with sunny weather. So, maybe it’s much more enjoyable on a slower day.

Even with the crowds, we still had a great time basking in the sunlight and visiting with each other. There were food carts everywhere and Fiance bought me a cucumber lime popsicle sprinkled with chili seasoning and it was the BEST popsicle I have ever had!!!!!! I will go back to the high line again just to get this popsicle.

There were also some cool artsy birdhouses, musicians, arts and crafts, and even a wedding!

I still prefer Central Park, or any park on the ground, but if you haven’t seen an elevated park, The High Line is worth a visit. But, if you are going to visit NYC, you should really call us!

See you soon!


P.S. I recently heard that they are now trying to build a “low line” in an old abandoned subway station! Sounds pretty cool to me.