Food and….Food? Festival

food and wine

Disney is known for catering towards families and children (just read yesterday’s post), but there is one celebration that is strictly for adults (or children that are 21 and older); the food and wine festival. If it’s a little odd to see Magic Kingdom under a spooky lights, than it’s surreal to see Disney turned into a bar hop. Surreal and delicious. This is my third food and wine festival to attend, and I plan to attend many more!


Besides the fact that I could not drink (thanks a lot baby), this may have been the best year yet. The weather was perfect, 80 degrees and a little breezy. The lines were not too long and I now eat fish, which opens up a whole new world of foods to taste. Since we were saving so much money on alcohol, we got more food than should be legal. I took pictures of almost everything we tried, so enjoy.

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I just had to take a break to eat something because editing those photos made me SO hungry.

The festival had 30 different countries and a free passport to stamp and check off purchases in each country. There are also tons of wine tasting classes and cooking classes you can pay a little extra to attend. We stood behind one of the wine tasting classes for a minute and heard things like “if you smell closely you can get a hint of pepper, mint, bay leaves and raspberries” and “sip and taste the poblano peppers, cherries, cilantro and a hint of cinnamon”. I wanted desperately to ask for a show of hands of who actually tasted these subtle flavors.

checkout china menu passport wine class

There are also free concerts all evening at the American Gardens Theatre. Wilson Phillips was the big act the night we were there.

wilson phillips

There is a Chase Lounge at the festival for Chase bank members that offers free sodas, juices, coffees, teas, Disney movies, air conditioner and unlimited phone chargers. Thank God I have a Chase account. It is heavenly to be able to step away from the crowds at the festival and relax with some free goodies for a bit. The lounge was located on the third floor of the American pavilion this year, which happened to be the location of our cocktail hour for our wedding. We never actually got to attend our cocktail hour so it was fun to be able to sit and hangout out where our guests enjoyed some cocktails before our reception.

chase lounge

Speaking of our wedding, we couldn’t help but walk through the American pavilion and talk about how we had our first dance right in the middle where the colonial singers were currently performing classic American songs. Then we skipped over to Italy and I forced Husband to take a picture on the bridge where we stood and watched the fireworks after our ceremony. You better believe I’ll force him to retake the same picture in the next year or so with our little girl.

us on bridge

Between stuffing our faces and Husband getting a little tipsy, we had some fun outside of the festival. We rode the rides, took photos with characters and showed off my new favorite tank top! Husband got to ride the new and improved Test Track (it’s not safe for pregnant people). Sleeping Beauty suggested I name our daughter Aurora, and everyone wanted to know where I got my Disney maternity top.

test track sleeping beauty Minnie baby take shirt

For those of you who may be wondering, I ordered from Etsy at a shop called BabyTalk Designs.

Did I mention how nice of a day it was?

sunset france at sunset

The only downside is that we had to leave before Illuminations…I just don’t have the energy I had last year! Oh well, it’s nice to not feel rushed on vacation.


Random Bits of Disney

Sadly, my Disney posts are coming to an end…I’m sorry. I know how disappointed you must feel. I will do my best to get to a Disney park ASAP for more magical stories. Until then, enjoy some of my favorite random Disney moments from our recent trip.

I used my “But it’s my BIRTHDAY!” line to force Husband into Mouse Ears for every picture.


While eating a shrimp taco in “Mexico” we caught this little squirrel hopping from stroller to stroller hunting for loose goldfish and stranded cheerio’s.

Can you find him?

THIS MOMENT. OMG. What is happening behind me in this picture?!?!?

Don't worry...after we took the picture we turned around and saw the girl and her Mom laughing and joking around.
Don’t worry…after we took the picture we turned around and saw the girl and her Mom laughing and joking around.

I let the Texas gal in me shine at the Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade.


The very old and outdated Carousel of Progress is one of our favorite rides. We never miss it, and there’s never a line!


We accidently ran across a couple getting engaged at Cinderella’s Wishing Well. It was so sweet! Their family was standing around them, and after she said yes everyone burst into tears and cheered (including me…).


I love riding the monorail around the parks, but sometimes is nice to take the ferry, especially when it’s basically empty!


We realized during this trip that we have NEVER seen “Disney’s Electrical Parade.” Like ever.  We have seen “Spectromagic” (the previous nighttime parade) so many times that we kept skipping it…forgetting that it changed. Finally, we stuck around and found a spot to enjoy the Electrical Parade.  We loved it, even though its very similar to “Spectromagic” (minus the creepy dancing trolls).


Another traditional ride for us is Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. For almost 8 years now I have been determined to beat Husband’s score…I’ve yet to win.

My look of disappointment after seeing our final scores.
My look of disappointment after seeing our final scores.

Can never have too many of these guys.


One of the highlights of my weekend in Florida was catching up with a really great friend of mine. Don’t you love the kind of friends that no matter how much time you spend apart you can pick up right where you left off? Although; it would be better if there wasn’t so much time apart.


My Birthday weekend in Florida was one of our best Disney trips yet. Don’t be a stranger Disney!



It rained…but we were prepared.

Our wedding was perfect. Not the everything-went-exactly-as-planned kind of perfect, because it did not. Stuff was forgotten, stuff was changed, but none of it mattered. We could not have been happier with how everything panned out. I could write about, and post pictures of it for the next 50 blogs!

I assume most of you will click that “unfollow” button if I do that though, so instead I’ll try and narrow it down to my most favorite moments.

Starting here…

#1 Seeing Husband for the first time.

We decided to see each other BEFORE the ceremony. Thank God! I was so nervous, and seeing him beforehand reassured me that everything would be okay. And seeing his reaction of seeing me was priceless.  (Can’t wait to get those pictures in!)

#2 Having my dad walk me down the aisle.

#3 The actual ceremony.

One of our best friends married us. He got licensed specifically to be our officiant. His speech was perfect, hilarious, and touching. I’ll be posting that as soon as I get a copy! Also, Husband and I wrote our vows. We were both really nervous about this, but I’m so glad we did it. It was meaningful and real, and I guess I’ll have to post those too!

#4 This moment.

#5 Fireworks!

Everyone of us got our own private viewing area for the fireworks show in EPCOT.

#6 Introduction Dance

We entered our reception to “Party Rock” by LMFAO, and somehow convinced our entire bridal party to put on gold chains, 80’s sunglasses, leopard print and neon accessories, and sun visors. They each did a special little routine as they entered the room and definitely got our party started!

#7 The speeches….OMG the speeches.

My sister and Husband’s sister are ridiculous. They gave us a speech that turned into the famous scene from Bridesmaids. It led to them speaking to me in different languages, staring me down, and even singing to me. For Real. It ended with everyone in the wedding party coming up and singing a song from the Hangover…with the lyrics changed to this…

“What did Peter dream of when he worked on the jungle cruise

Did he dream of playing Portal, or that girl in the bathing suit.

Don’t you worry your pretty blonde heads, we’re gonna get you guys together to prepare to be wed.

And then we’re gonna thank the stars above that are two best friends have fallen in love

Love love lovey love love lovely love love loveeey love love

But since we’re not very good wedding speakers….we’ll just sing you this song.”

Seriously, how are we friends withe the most awesome people?

AND, after all of that madness, one of Husband’s best friends gave us another incredibly sweet speech! I’ve never felt so much love.

#8 The Dance

Besides getting all of our closest friends to come to Disney, dress in neon and dance to “Party Rock”, and sing a speech to us…we also got them all to “learn” a dance routine to perform! Apparently, these people will do anything!

Recently, we fell in love with a scene from How I Met Your Mother. It’s a music video called “Let’s Go To The Mall” by Robin Sparkles. AND, the video game Just Dance made a really funny and stupid routine to it that we became obsessed with. Because all our friends are apparently willing to do anything, we all learned it, and did in front of all our guests.

#9 Changing

Luckily, I brought an extra dress for the reception. I was so hot and sweaty from all the dancing, that I could not wait to put on dress #2 and dance the night away.

ALL NIGHT dance party

#10 The bus ride

After the reception, we had charter buses take everyone back to their resort. Somehow, Husband and I got our very own private charter bus take us back to the Polynesian Resort. The ride back was spent reminiscing about how perfectly awesome everything was, and how unbelievably fortunate we are to have so many people who love us enough to be there celebrating with us tonight. We could not have been any happier.

Now, I cannot promise that the wedding blogs are over…but, I’ll try not to be too obnoxious.

Thanks for reading!


Mr. and Mrs. Positively Panicked!