Edinburgh, the Last Stop

view from the train, apparently not as entertaining as T. Swift
view from the train, apparently not as entertaining as T. Swift

Our final stop on our United Kingdom vacation was Edinburgh, Scotland. It was the cherry on top of what was already a fantastic trip. The 3 hour train ride was a little long for Luna, but we had a nice view and Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” video on repeat to keep us (i.e. Luna) happy. We learned quickly that Edinburgh was going to be the coldest of all our stops, but also the most beautiful. Stop #1: Edinburgh Castle.

IMG_4431 IMG_4434 IMG_4445

It was very windy. So windy, that it was difficult to push the stroller uphill. I tried to stay inside the state rooms, exhibits and gift shops as much as possible. There was a minute where I went outside in a courtyard area… I sat Luna down, told Peter to watch her and walked ahead of them to study the map. A few seconds later, I turned around to ask Husband something and was shocked to see a Chinese woman holding Luna and her Chinese tour group of about 20 surrounding them and taking photos with their iPads. I then see Husband with this face…


But, really, who wouldn't want to pick up the cutie and take her picture?
But, really, who wouldn’t want to pick up this cutie and take her picture?

We walked around doing touristy stuff and exploring the dark and mysterious St. Giles Cathedral before hitting the sack that night. We had to go to bed early because I was making everyone wake up an hour before sunrise the next day. We got up with the moon, dressed in lots of layers, put Luna in the carrier and started walking.


The goal was to walk through town, to Holyrood Park and hike to the top of Arthur’s Seat. It’s a very tall hill formed from an extinct volcano and is very popular for hiking, but is known for being a little difficult and often very windy. The plan was to hike to the top at sunrise, take in the amazing views, hike down and eat an enormous breakfast at a local family restaurant where I made a reservation. That was the plan…

Halfway up we could barely stand the incredible winds whipping us in the face, and poor baby Luna could not make it one more step. She was inconsolable and I felt like the worst Mom in the history of Moms for even attempting to hike with her to the top of a windy small mountain. In an attempt to redeem myself, I sent the boys up to the top and hiked back down with a baby strapped to me as the sun came up. I managed to find the restaurant where I had made a reservation and decided I’d have coffee until the boys made it down.

IMG_4498 IMG_4515

At least they got to enjoy the views.
At least they got to enjoy the views.

Here’s a video that shows just how strong the wind at the top of Arthur’s Seat was, and of my Dad-in-law almost falling down.

I was confused to find the doors locked, and even more confused when I read on the door that they don’t open until 11am everyday, especially since I made a reservation online for breakfast at 9am. I began walking uphill on The Royal Mile back to our hotel feeling peeved that I missed the sunrise, the views, a huge breakfast and had yet to have any coffee. Luna was feeling like 50 pounds hanging from my shoulders and was sound asleep, but as I carried her and wondered the very quiet empty streets as the sun came up I began to appreciate the moment. How many people can say they walked the Royal Mile with their baby in their arms as the sun rose? Besides, we got coffee and breakfast somewhere else.

Okay, I have rambled a lot on this post, so let me speed through some other top spots in Edinburgh. We hit up Holyroodhouse Palace where Queen Elizabeth stays during the summer and where Mary Queen of Scots lived and watched her boyfriend get murdered! (Have I mentioned my new fascination with Mary yet?)

IMG_4549 IMG_4560 IMG_4591 IMG_4596

We climbed the teeny tiny narrow 271 steps of spiral staircases of Sir Walter Scott’s monument, shopped and ate lots of good food. (Food blog to come!)


view from Scott's Monument
view from Scott’s Monument


We toured the Royal Yacht Britannia, the retired yacht of her royal majesty. It was impressive and interesting and oh-so very ridiculous. The queen would have the boat travel to somewhere, say Australia, then she would fly there with her forty-three palace workers and stay on the yacht like a floating hotel. That’s a little nutty.


The queen's bed, surprisingly modest.
The queen’s bed, surprisingly modest.

Husband’s highlight of Scotland was the video game exhibit (no photos allowed) at the National Museum of Scotland. Luna loved the kids playroom, running around the video game exhibit distracting people and dancing with me to “Just Dance”.

IMG_4813 IMG_4825

And, that’s the end of our amazing trip. No worries, though, there are many more travel stories to come!

green eyes


A Trip Across the Big Pond

We are home and recovering from our 2 week vacation across the Big Pond, and I must say it was AMAZING. Yes, even with a baby, it was freakin’ awesome. I have been mentally preparing sooo many blog entries for you and I am itching to get started. If only this little baby would leave me alone for more than 2 minutes. Geez, obsessed much? Well, while Luna naps for 2 seconds I’ll very quickly give you a synopsis of our trip and a sneak peak at blogs to come!

Our first stop was London, and 6 days was not enough time!

Tower Bridge in London
Tower Bridge in London

We took a day trip to Cambridge and hungout with our very good friend Katy and her daughter, who we haven’t seen in almost 3 years!

Cambridge, that's me and my best friend Katy on the bridge!
Cambridge, that’s me and my best friend Katy on the bridge!

And, in one very busy day we saw Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath! That makes for one very big, busy and long day.

Windsor Castle - the largest inhabited castle in the world
Windsor Castle – the largest inhabited castle in the world
Stonehenge, more than just rocks
Stonehenge, more than just rocks
The Roman baths, in Bath
The Roman baths, in Bath

We took a train to York to spend a couple of days, and oh my…I fell in love with this city. Just the Minster itself with mesmerizing, but there was so much more. Like 900 year old restaurants, haunted pubs, shopping in the Shambles and enormous trains.

York, it was love at first sight.
York, it was love at first sight.

Our final stop was Edinburgh, Scotland. It was by far the coldest city we visited, but walking in the gale force winds, rain and snow was so worth it. And, also, Harry Potter.

Edinburgh, Scotland, so much more than I expected
Edinburgh, Scotland, so much more than I expected

And, Luna is the cutest little international traveler you ever did see. Just wait, there is a bunch of adorableness headed your way!

You can expect A LOT of  baby photos
You can expect A LOT of baby photos

Cheers! (Just in time too, guess who just woke up?)