Refreshing Summer Beverages

While lazing around Hilton Head we often cook or make snacks, meals, and beverages for the family. By “we” I mean everyone but myself, except the sandwiches. I am a REALLY good sandwich maker. I am also a really good chips, salsa, and chocolates buyer, but my culinary talents stop there. Unless you consider coaxing Husband into making dinner… I’m pretty good at that too.

Before going to Hilton Head, Husband and I were watching The Chew during lunch and saw them make a really yummy looking summer drink called “Drunken Fruit Salad”. Immediately we looked at each other and knew it was the perfect drink to make at Hilton Head.

The day we arrived on the island we went grocery shopping to get everything we’d need for the “fruit salad”. Turns out that neither the local grocery store or our kitchen had everything we needed to follow the recipe exactly, but here’s what we did.

Ingredients: 3 peaches, 3 plums, 3 nectarines, half a box of blackberries, 1 bottle of Prosecco, vanilla extract, mint leaves, two limes, heavy cream, 2 sprigs of thyme, honey (orange and grapefruit juice for non-alcoholics)


1. Slice the fruit and add it all in a really large mixing bowl.

2. Zest the two limes and add zest. (We did not have a zester so Husband actually carefully sliced off thin bits of peel and then chopped it all into tiny pieces.)

3. Add a teeny bit of vanilla, all the thyme leaves, juice from both the limes, and the honey. Stir it all together.

4. Whip the heavy cream with a beater until it turns into whip cream.

5. Chop a few leaves of the mint and add to whip cream.

6. Scoop a giant spoonful of fruit salad into a wine glass.

7. Top it off with Prosecco and a dollop of whip cream!

8. If you need to make a “Recovering Fruit Salad” (non-alcohol), then just substitute the Prosecco with the juice.

The Hangover:

The next day you will be hot and thirsty and searching the fridge for left over “Drunken Fruit Salad”. Sadly, it will all be gone, and you’ll be left to fend for yourself. No worries though, Rita’s is within walking distance!

Rita’s is an AMAZING Italian Ice stand. They have really great flavors like strawberry lemonade, honeydew, sour patch kids, black cheery, and root beer.  It’s a nationwide franchise, but we only go to the one in Hilton Head. Probably because we go about 30 times in one week, and that’s enough to hold us over until next year.

Anyone else have a good summer drink recipe?

Ready, hold up your drinks….