I Dressed Luna as a Rat

Luna’s first Halloween just happened, and it was just as cute as I hoped it would be. Husband and I have never dressed in themed costumes together, but this seemed like the right occasion to dress the whole family together. After months of brainstorming and Pinterest searching we decided to do Ratatouille!

pixar halloween2014

The costumes were super easy to put together. I (well mostly my Mom-in-law) made Luna’s costume by taking H&M baby clothing and sewing on a felt tail, felt ears and a felt belly. The whiskers were challenging to draw on a baby that never ever stops moving, but luckily, eyeliner is easily removed with a baby wipe. Good to know BTW.

mouse butt

man down!
man down!

Husband and I ordered our hats and chef coats from Amazon. I bought the leggings at Forever21, and we just threw in the wooden spoon and loaf of bread at the last minute. Tada! Ratatouille!



Now, I know I don’t look exactly like Colette, but I didn’t really want to wear a chef hat. Husband was irritated that I wouldn’t get an exact costume, but is it so wrong to prefer to look slightly cuter than the actual character? I also called Luna a “mouse” instead of “rat”. Mice sound much more appealing.



Halloween for us and our 9 month old consisted of visiting some family, taking photos, walking around the mall and a fancy “masquerade” dinner out. It was a day full of treats, including a special “frankenfrap” from Starbucks.


I look forward to the years Luna can excitedly tell me what she wants to be for Halloween, but until then I will thoroughly enjoy choosing a Disney character for her.



DIY Baby Barefoot Sandals


A few weeks ago I was feeling especially crafty and decided I wanted to be one of those special Pinterest moms who make everything from scratch. Of course, the first step was to search Pinterest for some not too tricky tutorials. I’ve been wanting the trendy baby barefoot sandals for Luna and found some tutorials that looked crazy easy.

I did a few different techniques before finding the one that worked best for me. Once I made the first pair and had all my materials ready it was so easy Luna could have made them herself…you know, if she had any sort of small motor skills.

Here’s what I did…

All can be found at Joanne's and lots of other fabric/crafty stores.
All can be found at Joanne’s and lots of other fabric/crafty stores.


Step 1 1/2: (because I forgot this one) glue the elastic you cut together in the figure eight shape you created.

2 3 4



I, of course, made a headband to match. It was seriously ridiculously easy. I’m assuming I saved money by making my own, but I didn’t pay any attention to how I much I spent on materials so I can’t know for sure.

all done

Anything else I should attempt making?


Husband’s First Daddy’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the many amazing Dads today! Sadly, I won’t get to celebrate with my Dad until mid-July, but I still consider myself lucky to have such a supportive and loving Father, not everyone can say that. Today, we celebrated Husband’s very first Father’s Day and while I have lots to share from the weekend (Cheekwood exhibits, Automobile museum tours, Orange is the New Black marathons, etc) I’ll just share a slice of our first Father’s Day.

She loves her Daddy!
She loves her Daddy!

I spoiled Husband with bagels from his favorite bagel shop for breakfast (local bagel shop, his actual favorite would be in NYC). We spent the morning with his Dad at a car museum (more on that soon), had lunch at a new brunch place, walked around “tinkerbell” park and had a big dinner at our favorite Indian restaurant.

Driving Daddy around in one of the vintage cars at the museum.
Driving Daddy around in one of the vintage cars at the museum.

We, of course, showered him with gifts, my favorite being the homemade cheesy stereotypical “best dad” t-shirt. I had the grand idea to make shirts for Husband and both Grandpas, World’s Greatest Dad, PawPaw and GranDude. In my head I imagined a fancy paint job with Luna’s hand and footprints, as well as Belle and Duckie’s paw prints scattered cutely across the shirt. In reality I locked myself, the pets and the baby in the garage, forced them all to stick their paws in paint, chased them around to then clean off the paint and ended up with paint all over each of us, the shirts, a sheet and the garage. Belle still has an orange paw. BTW, in case you are considering getting handprints of your baby, think again. It is near impossible to get an infant to open their hands. I manage to get one nice looking pink blob on one shirt.

Shockingly, all three men put on their shirts today and took photos, such troopers!



Luna is a very lucky little girl to have these three men in her life who love her so much!

Chatting with Daddy
Chatting with Daddy

Huge thank you to my Husband for being the kind of Daddy who sings pop songs, reads picture books, goes on adventures, dances around the house, takes walks and loves his baby with his whole heart. Seeing you be the adoring Father I always knew you’d be makes me the happiest I’ve ever been.

Here’s to many tea parties, forts made from blankets, Barbie houses and lots of dress-up with Daddy!



Baby headbands are VERY easy to Make

I’m a girly Mom of a girl which means I want lots of girly things for her. Especially if she’s anything like I was from age five to fourteen, she will hate all things girly. I’ve got to enjoy it while I still have control over her wardrobe. The only thing is that it’s kind of stupid to spend a lot of money on baby clothes and accessories. They grow so fast and they only wear the cute accessories for 15 minutes at a time. As much as I love finding matching bows, socks and headbands it’s a little hard to make myself cough up the money when she hardly wears it long enough to get it on Instagram. This is why I found a solution to this very silly problem.

Pinterest is full of easy tutorials for all things baby. Turns out it is crazy easy to make headbands, bows and barefoot sandals. I looked up a few of the easiest ones, ran to Joann’s, stalked up on crafty things and spent Saturday night being thrifty and crafty. It took me a about an hour, maybe two, to make 4 headbands and 2 pairs of barefoot sandals.  SO easy.

what you need

You can use any type of fabric flower. I grabbed lots of chiffon flowers and then some pretty fabric ones they had in the scrapbooking section.


Okay, so technically the first step is to measure the elastic around your baby’s head.



The chiffon flowers have a lot of extra material on the back you can trim off. For this headband I used one flower from each color.


Obviously, I can’t cut perfect circles, but whatever.

step4 step5 step6 step7


Tada! I’ll post some more very easy tutorial soon, including how to make barefoot sandals!


DIY Chevron Table

I completed yet another Pinterest project and I must say, I am pretty darn impressed with myself. It is like pulling teeth to force myself to actually start a crafty project, but once I am going there’s no slowing down. I’m practically Martha Stewart and Super Woman rolled up into one nice package…modest too.

Here’s my latest project….

finished table

Looks good, right? Just don’t look too close. The yellow stripes smeared a bit, but you can only tell if you are sitting at the table looking for mistakes, so who cares?

I got this old iron table from my in-law’s storage. It was white at one point, but mostly dirt and rust when I rescued it. Here’s how I refurbished this cute café table.


-First I sanded every bit of metal.

There was A LOT of rust
There was A LOT of rust

-Once everything was smooth I washed off all the dust and dirt.

-Then I taped off the seats and covered them in plastic bags to keep them from getting sprayed with paint.


-Next, I spray painted everything white.

-Here’s the trickiest part. I used painters taper to create chevron stripes. This was by far the longest and most taxing step.

Green looks really good too...I was tempted to just leave the tape and call it a day.
Green looks really good too…I was tempted to just leave the tape and call it a day.

-Finally, I spray painted the top of the table yellow (my favorite color).

spray paint

-After the yellow was (mostly) dry, I removed the tape to reveal my pretty yellow stripes….which leaked out from under the tape and smeared in a few areas. So, if you try this either a)make sure your tape is pressed down really well. b) Use something other than painter’s tape, or c) expect some smudges and smears.


What do you think?

reveal party

Not sure what my next Pinterest project will be, but I’m hoping it’s something for the nursery!


DIY Painted Fabric Chair

I have another exciting Pinterest project to share! Yup, I’m getting craftier by the minute. Pinterest has got to be the greatest creation ever.

After moving back to Tennessee our Grandmother gave us a few vintage furniture pieces, one of them being a wingback chair and ottoman. It’s nice, but not exactly the color scheme I’m going for in any of our rooms.


I really wanted to keep this chair in our bedroom, but I needed to change the color. For weeks I tried to find a chair cover to fit. I even ordered one from Ikea (and have yet to return it…woops). Nothing was close to fitting our “new” chair correctly. My next idea was to find a Pinterest tutorial to make my own char cover. I found a few, but they all looked challenging, time-consuming and the outcome wasn’t that great.

I was complaining about my chair situation to our cousin, Stephanie, one day and within a couple hours she sent me this link. She actually found a “Pin” that linked to directions for painting a fabric chair! I wasn’t sure how painting fabric would work… won’t it be stiff and uncomfortable? But, after reading the woman’s blog and tutorials. I decided to give it a shot.

I won’t bother giving you detailed directions because you will be better off following the directions on the original post. (Seriously follow her directions.) Here’s the gist of what I did.supplies

  1. Clean the chair (vacuum and stuff)
  2. Spray with water (this step caused the process to go a lot slower because I had  to wait for it to dry before adding any more coats)
  3. Mix a lot of latex paint and fabric medium (1:1), then add water
  4. Paint first coat

1st coat

  5.Go grocery shopping while first coat is drying and forget what you were doing. Spend the rest of the day catching up on Harry Potter and painting nails.

6. (next day) paint 2nd coat

2nd coat

7. Eat lunch while it dries, decide its too hot to finish project, go shopping with Mom-in-law instead

8. (next next day) Mix A LOT of acrylic paint and fabric medium (1:1), add a bit of water

10. Finish it with a final coat!



It took me a few days because I get distracted easily, but I’m really happy with the outcome. It’s not as soft as it once was, but it matches our room a heck of a lot better!


More “Crafting with Hilarie” coming soon!


Project Dream Home: Bathroom

It’s that time again! Time to share my, well Pinterest’s, wonderful ideas for another room in the house. Today’s post will actually be about three rooms, three bathrooms that is. We have a master bathroom, a guest half-bath in the hall and another full bathroom on the first floor. So, LOTS to work with here.

Our bathroom was recently remodeled, so not too much work needs to be done in that specific room. We’ve already added a fresh coat of paint so we mostly need to work on decor and what not.

I really like the decor in this bathroom. The greenery freshens up the room and it all just looks well organized and fresh.
I really like the decor in this bathroom. The greenery freshens up the room and it all just looks well-organized and fresh.
I LOVE the tub,the lace curtain and the mirror! Unfortunately, I think only the mirror would work in our bathroom.
I LOVE the tub,the lace curtain and the mirror! Unfortunately, I think only the mirror would work in our bathroom.
This person used an old CD tower to organize their toiletrees. I actually used this idea too! I used a drawer organizer from Costco and it looks identical. It's where I keep my makeup now.
This person used an old CD tower to organize their toiletries. I actually used this idea too! I used a drawer organizer from Costco and it looks identical. It’s where I keep my makeup now.
Our tub looks very similar to this, so one day I will figure out how to add in this slide in shelf!
Our tub looks very similar to this, so one day I will figure out how to add in this slide in shelf!
Chandelier above the tub?  Definitely!
Chandelier above the tub? Definitely!

One idea not pictured is a bath caddy. I read in the bath almost every night. It’s my all-time favorite way to wind-down, has been since I was very young. Just the other night I was reading Harry Potter (yes, yes, I’m reading all the Harry Potter books for the first time). I was reading on my Nook, my precious Nook, and accidentally dropped it in the tub. 😦 Needless to say, the Nook is not exactly working…woops. I think a bath caddy is a necessity now.

Then there’s the half-bath in the hallway. Not too much can be done to a room that’s so small, but I managed to find some simple ideas that can liven up the place.

Look at the difference this simple project makes?!
Look at the difference this simple project makes?!
So easy, simple and perfect for a rustic trash can.
So easy, simple and perfect for a rustic trash can.

Then there’s the extra bathroom in our downstairs area. This area is currently being used as a guest home area. It has 2 bedrooms (one being transformed to an office), a second living room and the full bathroom. One day I assume it will be taken over  by children. For now, I have control over what the bathroom will look like.

This is great for all the guests we have stay with us.
This is great for all the guests we have stay with us.
This looks much better than the blank wall we currently have behind the toilet.
This looks much better than the blank wall we currently have behind the toilet.
Very pretty, is it just me or do towels never look this pretty and organized?
Very pretty, is it just me or do towels never look this pretty and organized?
love the pop of yellow!
love the pop of yellow!
Another genius  idea!
Another genius idea!

Going over all these idea is making me feel guilty about sitting on my bum just looking at them! Time to get to work!



DIY Painted Nightstand

DIY painted dresser

When we decided to buy a house in Tennessee, many of Husbands relatives began calling us begging to take some old/vintage furniture off their hands. Husband comes from a family of hoarders collectors. If we ever need anything, and I mean anything, someone in the family has it. Whip-o-matic? Conductor’s hat? Carousel horse?  Giant stuffed penguin? Soda dispenser? Claw foot tub on wheels? A revolutionary war sword? An Academy made of chocolate?They got it!

So, a big empty house for us meant a place to share some of their extra furniture for them. We are incredibly lucky to be given some of these vintage pieces, but much of what was given to us needed lots of TLC. Some pieces needed to be cleaned, refinished and repaired, while others just needed to be completely redone.

His Grandmother gave us an old small dresser that was the exact size I wanted for my nightstand. The only problem was the color, lime green. I’ve never refurbished anything before, but everyone on Pinterest makes it look so easy so I decided now’s the time to give it a shot.


This little dresser turned out to be an easy first DIY project. Here’s what I did.

-Removed handles

-Sanded every surface

-Cleaned the surface


-Painted again.

-Replace handles


finishd project

Easy as that!

It looks perfect next to my bed and was a heck of a lot cheaper than purchasing a new one. The whole ordeal inspired me to attempt some more Pinterest DIY projects. I’ll be sharing those soon!

before after


Project Dream Home: Guest Room

It’s been far too long since I have had a “project dream home” post! By this time I thought I’d be sharing our actual home makeover photos, but we aren’t exactly ready for that. We’ve done a lot of work, but not one room is completely finished yet. Until that glorious moment, which is hopefully not too far away, I will share my ideas. Lately, I have been planning out our guest room.

This room is SO important considering the number of guests we have each year. In fact, soon we will have two engaged friends staying with us for a few weeks, and my parents staying with us the next week. This room needs to be whipped into shape pronto. Because I want our guest to feel welcome and comfortable, I LOVE the idea of having a “welcome” basket waiting for their arrival.

guest room welcome baskety

I’ll try to fulfill this guest room list too.

guest room list

As far as color schemes, I’m digging these two the most at the moment.

color scheme 2nd color scheme

Now, for the room itself… In the room below I love the neutral colors and all the lights hanging over the bed.

lights guest room

This “palm beach” themed room bright and welcoming. It might be a little girly though…eh but who cares. It would make our guests think they are staying at a beach house!

guest room palm beach

In the next room I really like the gold accents.  The headboard and the thick comfy bedspread is just calling you to take a nap.

gold accents guest room

I think it’s obvious from my previous house blogs that I’m a fan of rustic themes. This headboard gives just a touch of rustic, which I like. The colors are great and I even love the fake animal heads above the bed.

cozy guest room

Now, I just need a fresh coat of paint, new carpet, a headboard, some decor, homey accents and the guest room will be ready!


Project Dream Home: Master Bedroom

The first room we will focus on in our new home is our bedroom. We agreed that having a nice place to sleep and relax was most important, especially since we will be working on the rest of the house all day. Like, the living room and dining room, I want our bedroom to feel cozy and comfortable. I want to be able to relax and fall onto a giant white cloud to fall asleep.

This is a pic of our room before it belonged to us.(Yes, the entire house was full of animal print decorations.) Anyhow, there is a long entryway to the room, there are patio doors to the right that open up to a private deck and the entrance to the master bathroom is on the left. There is also a row of windows above the patio doors, lots of sunlight!

master bedroom

The first goal is to change the color! I don’t even think I can sleep in a room so brown. Here’ the color scheme I chose.


I’ve already ordered a white fluffy and ruffly comforter from Joss and Main, but I can’t find a photo of it. Joss and Main is one of those “flash sale” sites with lots of incredible pieces for the home (Thanks Kali!). It looks a little like this one from Anthropologie…I think, I can hardly remember now!


My father-in-law is the most talented craftsmen ever, and sometimes, when I’m really sweet, I can convince him to build me something fabulous. Husband has learned a lot from his Dad’s craftsmen skills too. With the two of them, I am certain to get some beautiful furniture created for our new home. My first project for them is a headboard.


I LOVE this natural looking carved headboard, but my father-in-law is actually upset because it’s too easy and simple. Oh well, he can do easy things too.

There are so many excellent ideas for a master bedroom on Pinterest! I’ll try to narrow down my board and share my favorite ideas with you.

In this one, I love the bench at the end of the bed, the lamps and the bedside dresser.


Then there’s this romantic room. The chandelier, the wooden dresser, the big white chair and the neutral colors are so peaceful.


In this next one I really like the bright pop of color. The lamps are really nice and I especially like the French doors. One day I will change our sliding patio doors to French doors.


This cute little room has a great shaggy rug and I like the idea of keeping a dresser at the end of the bed instead of against the wall.

dresser@endofbed &chandelier

One thing I want the most is an occasional table that slides over the bed. I am ALWAYS doing work in bed. I work on my laptop, watch TV, read, eat and whatever else is possible. Wouldn’t it be perfect to work on this table then just roll it to the end of the bed when it’s time to sleep or get up in the morning?

occasional table

I’ve found lots of cute night-stands on Pinterest too, that I think they can be created inexpensively. My idea is to get a couple used stands, sand them, paint them and create my own beautiful refurbished nightstand.


Only 3 more days until I join Husband in our new home and can finally start all of the many many projects I’ve planned!