A Dream Tee

Before our recent trip to Disney I spent days..weeks..okay, months scouring Pinterest, Etsy and Instagram, hunting for the cutest Disney outfits for Luna. After all, it was her first trip, and I do love buying her adorable Disney paraphernalia. While looking for tees, I came across a shop called The Blue Envelope and fell in love with their “Cinderella” tee.  Lucky for me (and you!) The lady behind the shop, Amanda, and I worked together to bring you a review and a discount code! Woohoo!

My fav! Her dreams are soooo big!
My fav! Her dreams are soooo big!

I loved the shirt too much to wait until Disney to put it on Luna. We had some fun at home putting together outfits with the shirt before landing on the perfect one for Disney.

yellow pants

The t-shirt is super soft, high-quality and adorable. I’ve washed it a few times now, and it has kept its shape and color. Considering, I suck at separating the wash, that’s a very good sign that it’s held up.

A rare sweet moment between these two...
A rare sweet moment between these two…

Then, Luna finally got to wear the top at Disney! It was a HUGE hit. I paired it with her Kickin Legs custom Mickey Mouse leggings, her Nike’s and her H&M hat. She strutted her stuff all over Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios and got many compliments.


So cute and cozy that she fell fast asleep on the Kilimanjaro Safari…


Disney was a blast, and I’m so glad I found some great shops to stock up on Disney attire. AND, great news for you… Amanda from The Blue Envelope is offering each and everyone of you a 20% discount on your order! Just use the code DISNEY when you checkout.  Shop here. Sweet!


Big thanks to the Blue Envelope, check out her Etsy shop, Facebook and Instagram to keep up with her latest designs.

Happy Shopping and Cheers!

Toddler Tips at Disney

We love taking Luna everywhere, but we were definitely most excited about taking her to Disney World..the place where we met, dated, fell in love, got engaged and got married… it’s a second home to us. Clearly, visiting Disney (any Disney park) never gets old to us. Every trip is a great trip, but going with a baby is definitely a different kind of trip…in a very good way.

Everyone told us to wait to take Luna. They told us she wouldn’t like it, she won’t remember it (so?), it will be too stressful and so on and so on. Being us, we didn’t listen and took her anyways, and I’m so glad we did. Not only did she love it, but we enjoyed every bit of it too. Sure, we didn’t get to ride every single ride we wanted, but who cares. We’ve ridden them all a hundred times anyways. It was worth missing any ride to watch Luna hug Minnie, dance to classic Disney hits, play on every single slide and her eyes light up as she watched Disney Jr. Live. It was magical, as they say.

If you love Disney and want to take your toddler to Disney, do it. Luna was so entertained that she never once had a meltdown, that says a lot. Just take it slowly, make a plan, but don’t freak out if everything doesn’t go accordingly and most importantly, follow these tips:

1. Pack accordingly. Bring a stroller and pack it with snacks, water, toys, bubbles, regular diaper back stuff, a camera, sunscreen and you’ll still have room for souvenirs. Luna napped in her stroller everyday and was soooo nice to have something to carry all of our stuff as well!

*I recommend a stroller fan too!


2. Let the kids make friends. Disney is packed full of babies, toddlers and kids. Luna is not shy so she was thrilled to run up to other children and see what was happening. It was pretty darn cute to watch the toddlers interact, and kept them entertained if we were waiting in line. While waiting for Disney Jr. Live one adorable little boy gave one of his brand new Mickey suckers to Luna and they were instantly bff’s.


3. Let them be free. When riding the bigger rides we used Disney’s “rider switch” option, which allowed 2 of us to go on the ride, while one waited with Luna. Then the one who waited go to go through fastpass, and bring one of the previous riders with them. While the one person waited with Luna we just let her run free. It’s her favorite thing to do at the moment. She LOVED running around the parks, looking through the shops, exploring, watching the water fountains and climbing every single obstacle she came across.


4. Let nap time happen anywhere.


5. Visit all the kiddy shows and rides that you use to skip. Disney Jr. Live is probably the one show we have never seen at Disney World. I have to admit, it’s pretty cute. I wouldn’t see it on my own, but I loved how much Luna loved it. She was dancing, clapping and totally into the characters on stage. Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog…


6. Take them on rides! There are A LOT of rides that are appropriate for babies! There’s Dumbo, Small World, Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, the TTA, the flying carpets and that’s just to name a few! Luna seemed to enjoy the rides too. She was getting fussy right before Dumbo, but the second we started flying she was happy as can be.

flying dumbo

7. Seek shade! Florida is hot. We were worried about Luna (and ourselves) getting sunburned and overheated. Luckily, there are MANY shaded areas to hangout and cool off. One of my favorite spots is “The Seas” at EPCOT. After riding the Nemo ride, we hung out around the aquariums for a while. Luna clearly found it very peaceful.


8. Use your hotel pool. We never ever spent time at our hotel pre-Luna, but this time around I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel and swim. We stayed at Coronado and they have a great pool, baby pool, playground and sandbox area. Luna had a blast!!! I’m pretty sure she still thought she was at Magic Kingdom.


9. Take lots and lots and lots of photos! Your kids will only be this age at Disney once and you are going to want to remember all of those magical moments. We took a good combination of posed and candid photos. I love this moment that Bella caught on camera s we rode the TTA.


10. Be cheesy and pack those Disney outfits. I’m always cheesy, so it’s no surprise that Luna, me and Bella had Disney outfits for each and every day.

minnie baby

11. As I’ve said before, plans do not always go accordingly, and that’s fine! I was really excited about having a character lunch with Luna at Crystal Palace, but Luna fell asleep before we got there and woke up after we left. No biggie, we just got all the characters to pose with the sleeping baby. Plus, I actually got to eat my entire lunch in peace!


12. Meet some characters.. Let’s be real, Luna does not actually care about them (minus Minnie), so I was not going to wait for hours and hours to meet someone like Elsa. However, it was worth getting a fastpass and waiting 5 minutes to meet Mickey, Goofy and Minnie on our last day. She wasn’t scared and seemed to like them.


13. Find the play places. There are quite a few “playground” type areas. The best was at Dumbo. Instead of waiting in line you actually go to an air conditioned indoor playground. They give you a buzzer and it buzzes when it’s your turn to get on the ride. BEST. IDEA. EVER.

Hope this helps! Let me know your own tips for going  to Disney with a toddler!


Minnie Mouse Love


We are home from our first Disney vacation with Luna, and I am very tempted to say it was our best trip yet, and considering, we met, got engaged and got married there, that’s saying a lot. We love Disney, but seeing the magic through our daughter’s eyes makes it much more magical than I ever imagined. We spent our three days at the parks doing lots of what we thought Luna would like (and a little of what only we would enjoy). I had not doubt that Luna would enjoy running around, dancing to the music and looking at all the sights, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that she not only enjoyed, but interacted with the shows, rides and characters. Her favorite  (and our favorite) part of the trip was by far, the moment she met Minnie Mouse.

My mini Minnie!
My mini Minnie!

Luna has a small stuffed Minnie Mouse that she has loved since she was just a couple of months old.  In fact, it is the first object she ever smiled at. I have said for a while that she loves Minnie Mouse in general, but Husband has refused to believe that she actually recognizes Minnie Mouse. That is until we went to Disney World.

pink minnie
Waiting for Disney Jr. Live


Every. Single. Store. we went into had rows and rows of stuffed Disney characters. There was Mickey, Goofy , Donald, Pooh, Simba, Nemo and of course, Minnie. Luna would scan every aisle until she came to Minnie. She then instantly pulled Minnie from the shelf and ran with her to either me or her Daddy. This happened, not once, but in ever single store and gift shop.

picking minnie big minnie stuffed minnie

Obviously, I convinced Husband to buy her one. I mean, how can you not buy this girl a Minnie Mouse during her first trip to Disney?

stroller minnie

Then, the most magical moment of all happened. Our last day at Disney was spent at EPCOT. We decided to use one of our fastpasses for a character spot. We were somewhat apprehensive about spending time in line for Luna to meet characters that she would most likely be terrified of, but we decided to give it a shot, and I am oh so so glad we did!


minnie kiss

She met Mickey and loved him. Next, was Goofy. She loved him too. Finally, the grand finale was her supposed favorite character, Minnie Mouse. We slowly set her on the ground about 6 feet from Minnie and nervously waited to see what would happen. Luna’s little eyes lit up when she spotted Minnie. She ran to her, arms out and hugged that giant mouse! Minnie “kissed” her head, held her hands, hugged her and interacted with her for a good three minutes before we stepped in for photos. It was magical!

meet minnie hey minnie

Minnie Mouse was the highlight of our trip, but I have SO much more to share! Stay tuned for Disney tips and tricks as wells as some adorable photos!

all mickeys


Featured on Bridal Guide! Woo!

I am not back to my full time blog writing just yet, but I do have a quick post to share with you! Bridal Guide got a hold of our wedding photos from Disney and apparently thought we were an awesome couple. Bridal Guide then contacted me, asked lots of fun questions, and now…a few emails later….we are famous!

Well…maybe not famous famous, but we are posted on BridalGuide.com! They wrote about us, our wedding, and added lots of our pictures to their Real Weddings section. The first page is a couple of paragraphs about our story, and as you click through the pictures there are several more details about our special day.

I love it! If you want to check out our 5 minutes of internet fame simply click here.

Thank you Bridal Guide for sharing our story and making us feel so special!


Random Bits of Disney

Sadly, my Disney posts are coming to an end…I’m sorry. I know how disappointed you must feel. I will do my best to get to a Disney park ASAP for more magical stories. Until then, enjoy some of my favorite random Disney moments from our recent trip.

I used my “But it’s my BIRTHDAY!” line to force Husband into Mouse Ears for every picture.


While eating a shrimp taco in “Mexico” we caught this little squirrel hopping from stroller to stroller hunting for loose goldfish and stranded cheerio’s.

Can you find him?

THIS MOMENT. OMG. What is happening behind me in this picture?!?!?

Don't worry...after we took the picture we turned around and saw the girl and her Mom laughing and joking around.
Don’t worry…after we took the picture we turned around and saw the girl and her Mom laughing and joking around.

I let the Texas gal in me shine at the Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade.


The very old and outdated Carousel of Progress is one of our favorite rides. We never miss it, and there’s never a line!


We accidently ran across a couple getting engaged at Cinderella’s Wishing Well. It was so sweet! Their family was standing around them, and after she said yes everyone burst into tears and cheered (including me…).


I love riding the monorail around the parks, but sometimes is nice to take the ferry, especially when it’s basically empty!


We realized during this trip that we have NEVER seen “Disney’s Electrical Parade.” Like ever.  We have seen “Spectromagic” (the previous nighttime parade) so many times that we kept skipping it…forgetting that it changed. Finally, we stuck around and found a spot to enjoy the Electrical Parade.  We loved it, even though its very similar to “Spectromagic” (minus the creepy dancing trolls).


Another traditional ride for us is Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. For almost 8 years now I have been determined to beat Husband’s score…I’ve yet to win.

My look of disappointment after seeing our final scores.
My look of disappointment after seeing our final scores.

Can never have too many of these guys.


One of the highlights of my weekend in Florida was catching up with a really great friend of mine. Don’t you love the kind of friends that no matter how much time you spend apart you can pick up right where you left off? Although; it would be better if there wasn’t so much time apart.


My Birthday weekend in Florida was one of our best Disney trips yet. Don’t be a stranger Disney!


The Many Faces of Cinderella’s Castle

No matter how many times we have been to Disney World we still take exactly 452 pictures of the castle every single time. It never gets old, and it manages to look a little bit different throughout the entire day. Here’s a few shots we took during our recent trip.

If you get to Magic Kingdom early enough you can get a nice picture with NO ONE in front of the castle!
If you get to Magic Kingdom early enough you can get a nice picture with NO ONE in front of the castle!


The castle from a distance.
The castle from a distance.
The castle at Christmas is the best!
The castle at Christmas is the best!
Getting our picture in front of the castle is a must every single trip.
Getting our picture in front of the castle is a must every single trip.


What the castle might look like if it was exploding.
What the castle might look like if it was exploding.
Cinderella's castle has a hundred different looks throughout the day.
Cinderella’s castle has a hundred different looks during the fireworks show.

After working, vacationing, getting engaged, getting married, and honeymooning at Disney you would think we would tire of this place. Somehow, the magic has yet to fade. We still proudly sing along to “Wishes”, and annoy every single guest around us. Thank God I found a Husband who loves Disney’s cheesiness just as much as me!



The Time I Got Stuck on a Ride at Disney

There is still one more very important part of New Fantasyland that I have left out of my Disney blogs: Under the Sea: Journey of The Little Mermaid.

When we got in line to enter this ride I was in awe. Prince Eric’s castle looked amazing as we entered, and as the line moved we were taken through the docks, and under the sea.

Because we were there for the Pass-holder Preview there was basically no line. However, we walked very slowly through the entire queue because it was so picturesque and entertaining.  Disney made this line interactive to keep us all entertained as we wait for the ride. Throughout the line were windows displaying “under the sea” type scenes. In each scene was an object that didn’t belong, a plate or cup for example. When we spotted something that was out of place we would point to it, and a cartoon crab would appear and take the object away! Crazy!

When we finally did get to the ride, I was a little disappointed. It was beautiful, sure, but also very very similar to the Finding Nemo ride at EPCOT. You take an under the sea adventure in a clamshell through a dark-ride surrounded by the famous characters and scenes from the movie. Nothing was wrong per say…I just expected more originality with a new Disney ride.

When we got off we decided to ride it a second time to a) give it another chance, and b) to video the ride for you! I just had my little Canon PowerShot, but figured I could capture the gist of the ride.

Boy, did we get a different experience the second time around….

I guess there are a few quirks that still need to be worked out before opening day!

We were very satisfied with a second ride. After all, in all our Disney trips we have NEVER had to be escorted off a ride.

So, check out Ariel next time you find yourself at Disney, you never know what may happen!


Food and Wine and More Food and More Wine

Husband and I attended Disney’s Food and Wine festival for the second time during our recent visit. We felt the need to make up for our previous experience. Last year, it down-poured the entire day and we had to run from booth to booth and shiver as we tried to warm ourselves with wine and damp food. This year was much more pleasant.

First, Being at Disney while everyone is either tipsy or completely sloshed gave us a whole new perception on the park. When we arrived I was hot and irritated with the long lines. I even wondered why on Earth everyone around me was in such a great mood. Not one person seemed to notice that they were squished between thousands of strangers and overpaying for all their food and drinks. A few booths later….I began to understand their giddiness.

The line for Ireland, Greek salad and pita bread, Greek wine, Irish Cheese plate, Chocolate lava cake with Bailey’s Ganache, and chilled Irish coffee

As soon as we arrived I discovered that EPCOT offers a “passport” to carry from country to country. In each passport is a list of all 30 countries, and each food and wine that country offers. After purchasing a food, or beverage or both, they stamp your passport and you can simply check off what you tried at each booth/country.

If you aren’t familiar with Disney’s food and wine let me give you a brief history…..It started in 1995 to bring food and wine lovers and connoisseurs together to sample specialties from around the world. It has grown over the last 18 years to offer more varieties, more classes, more demonstrations, and more performances each year. It’s probably the most adult event Disney offers, as well as the most delicious.

I think our photos will give you a good idea of how our experience went (we snapped shots of almost every item we bought!)…

Fancy French cocktails; Japanese Karaage hand roll, California roll, and sake strawberry mist; Florida Local pork rillette AND a “Florida Orange Groves Hurricane Class 5 Sangria”…longest name ever!
Husband drinking a Caribbean frozen dragon colada, ALL the food from the first and only vegan booth!, and a shrimp taco from Mexico

We also discovered a Chase Lounge in the Festival Center available for all Chase bank members during the festival.

It was super nice to get free drinks and COFFEE, a comfy couch to lounge on, and a large TV playing Disney cartoons to watch.

Shamefully, a few glasses of wine made me forget that I’m vegetarian… It’s only fish! And, I was starving!

A German apple strudel, hard apple cider, and a very yummy Maine lobster roll

We had the best time!

Isn’t he handsome?


It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

The weekend we went to Disney was the opening weekend of The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights! I have seen these dancing lights a handful of times now, and they never get old. The whole event is beautiful, magical, and topped off with artificial snow


Disney began this show in 1995 after getting the lights and the idea from the Osborne family. The Osborne family is a real family from Little Rock, Arkansas who spent God knows how long transforming their house into a crazy spectacle of over 3 million lights synced up with music every holiday season (I’m sure the neighbors were thrilled.) Their idea was so successful and unique that Disney had to be a part of it.

Look at this crowd!

After a few court cases from disgruntled neighbors, the Supreme Court actually shut down the entire display. Disney thought this was too magical to disappear so they talked with the Osborne family and decided to move the entire display to Hollywood Studios.

Now, 17 years later, Disney has added a couple more million lights and over 40 hidden Mickey’s.

Can you find the hidden Mickey???

It’s so magical to stand in the “snowy” streets of Hollywood Studios in the midst of thousands of people all staring at the dancing lights and singing along with the Christmas music.

I officially felt festive and in the Christmas spirit after seeing Disney’s famous lights. Let the Christmas shopping, constant carol singing, holiday movie marathon, and fattening food consumption commence!


Best Disney Restaurant Ever!

I have been so excited to write about the new restaurant in Fantasyland that I keep putting it off for fear of typing everything in all caps with lots and lots of explanation points. Allow this one sentiment:


Whew…it feels good to get that out. This new restaurant is unbelievable. Disney has outdone itself with the theming, atmosphere, and food at “Be Our Guest”. The restaurant doesn’t officially open until the beginning of December and its already booked until May! We were incredibly lucky to score a reservation during our Pass Holder Preview.

As we entered the restaurant we found ourselves in the ballroom of the Beast’s Castle. I was overwhelmed with everything around me. The three giant chandeliers, hanging from a mural from the movie, were all hand-made in Italy. The columns, floors, tables, and chairs were elegant enough to believe they were made for a castle…

and then there were the windows….

The back wall of the restaurant is made of floor to ceiling windows that overlooks mountains, trees, and snow! Yes, snow! We sat down by the windows and forgot we were in Disney World at all. We were in a castle watching the snow blow by and drinking wine.

The enormous ballroom was enough to win me over, but I was shocked to see that the restaurant has two more large rooms! To the right of the ballroom is the Rose Gallery. This wing was sweet, comfy, and adorned with several painting of all the familiar Beauty and the Beast characters.


To the left of the ballroom is the infamous West Wing, “It’s forbidden.” This room is another replica from the movie. The picture of the Prince has been ripped by the Beast’s claws, the room is dark and tattered, and the bewitched rose and enchanted mirror are on display in the far corner.

Even if the food were terrible, I would suggest eating here just for the atmosphere. However, the food is wonderful, and is also worth a reservation…even if the atmosphere were terrible. Husband had pork and I had ratatouille. My only complaint is that there a very few options for vegetarians.


Then there’s the dessert cart. It’s fit for a Princess. We each selected an individual sized dessert. Yes, they are as good as they look.

If you are planning a trip to Disney, I highly suggest booking this restaurant for dinner ASAP! If it’s too late, no worries, they actually offer a quick service during lunchtime. I hear the quick-service food is great too, it’s cheaper, and you still get to eat in the restaurant. Whatever you do, don’t miss checking out “Be Our Guest”, and “try the gray stuff… it’s delious!”

Au Revoir!