A Dream Tee

Before our recent trip to Disney I spent days..weeks..okay, months scouring Pinterest, Etsy and Instagram, hunting for the cutest Disney outfits for Luna. After all, it was her first trip, and I do love buying her adorable Disney paraphernalia. While looking for tees, I came across a shop called The Blue Envelope and fell in love with their “Cinderella” tee.  Lucky for me (and you!) The lady behind the shop, Amanda, and I worked together to bring you a review and a discount code! Woohoo!

My fav! Her dreams are soooo big!
My fav! Her dreams are soooo big!

I loved the shirt too much to wait until Disney to put it on Luna. We had some fun at home putting together outfits with the shirt before landing on the perfect one for Disney.

yellow pants

The t-shirt is super soft, high-quality and adorable. I’ve washed it a few times now, and it has kept its shape and color. Considering, I suck at separating the wash, that’s a very good sign that it’s held up.

A rare sweet moment between these two...
A rare sweet moment between these two…

Then, Luna finally got to wear the top at Disney! It was a HUGE hit. I paired it with her Kickin Legs custom Mickey Mouse leggings, her Nike’s and her H&M hat. She strutted her stuff all over Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios and got many compliments.


So cute and cozy that she fell fast asleep on the Kilimanjaro Safari…


Disney was a blast, and I’m so glad I found some great shops to stock up on Disney attire. AND, great news for you… Amanda from The Blue Envelope is offering each and everyone of you a 20% discount on your order! Just use the code DISNEY when you checkout.  Shop here. Sweet!


Big thanks to the Blue Envelope, check out her Etsy shop, Facebook and Instagram to keep up with her latest designs.

Happy Shopping and Cheers!

Project Dream Home: Living Room

I have endured long distance a lot in mine and Husband’s relationship. It’s never been easy, but we make it work. I always say “if you can endure long distance you can endure anything in your relationship”. I have also been through  decorating and painting with Husband. Making these types of decisions is not easy either, and typically ends in a fight…..and eventually Husband apologizing. NOW, I can officially announce that being in a long distance relationship while also decorating your first house is just ridiculously hard. 

Thankfully, I have you to help me. My latest “pins” have been for our living room. I’ll give you a little idea of what I have to work with…



I stole this photo from the online advertisements for our house. It’s just one corner of the living room, but I wanted to show the doors out to the deck. Mostly I wanted you to see the horrible furniture and decor set up in the house before we bought it. Also, you get a glimpse of the black and while tile fire-place. What is not seen here is stairway, the other half of the room (where the TV will go), and the open side that goes in to the dining room. This whole level is very open. It flows between the kitchen, dining room, living room and 2 decks. 

My main goal with the living room is to keep it cozy. I love oversized couches, super soft furniture that you sink into, blankets and a touch of nature. Luckily, we will have lots of natural light. We have lots of visitors and people stay with us no matter where we live, so I want all of our guests to feel right at home in our living room. 

In this photo I love the giant windows, the indoor tree, the exposed wood, and white couches.


I love the L-shaped couch in this next one. I hate sectionals, but this is okay. I’ll take the dog too. I also like the bright pops of color.

living room3

Windows! Windows! Windows! I want this much sunshine in my house everyday! I love the neutral colors and the bright salmon colored table in the middle. 


The next one is pretty girly, but doesn’t it make you want to sit down with your best friend, drink tea and gossip about all your other friends?

living room

Love the couch with the blue striped down the middle. The green plants add the perfect amount of color. Obviously, I love these windows. The exposed ceiling is nice too. 

living room2

I am actually a terrible decorator, but Pinterest and the free magazines at all the fancy furniture stores here have helped me a lot. I plan to just mimic my favorite setups. I can recognize when something looks good, I just can’t create that “look” on my own. (In case you didn’t notice our NY apartment was green and purple, like the Incredible Hulk, not my best decision.) I am pretty crafty though…although I haven’t done any “crafts” in a couple of years. Hopefully, it will all come back to me because I plan on creating some not-too-hard money-saving pieces like this coffee table below. This tutorial makes it look doable. 


Hopefully, we can easily re-tile our fireplace too.

tile fireplace

Husband is very strongly against having neon green walls again, so I think we are going to go with this color scheme instead.



What do you think?