Extra! Extra!


Read all about it! I think I could pass for a newsie.

We saw Disney’s new show on broadway, newsies, with one of our visitors this weekend and it was really fun and impressive!

The only production Ive ever seen of Newsies is a middle school production so this was quite the upgrade. From what I understand there have been a few big changes ( a prominent love story) and a couple new songs (all were great), added to Disney’s new version.

The musical did start out a little slow, but it picked up, and I loved the show more and more each scene. It just kept getting better and I honestly didn’t want it to end.

And the dancing, omygosh the dancing! I never knew that a bunch of men dancing on broadway could be so hot! The moves were all very fast, difficult, and masculine (as masculine as broadway gets). These young men were very talented and definitely kept me entertained.

Positively Panicked gives the Newsies 4 stars!





My Last Hurrah

My official bachelorette party began at Tic Tac Day Spa and Salon. I arrived looking fantastic, thanks to my early morning photo shoot.  When I walked in all the girls were already sitting in a “private” room in massage chairs getting their pedicures and drinking mimosa’s. I quickly picked out my  polish colors and joined them, wearing a sash and crown of course.

I was given a manicure, pedicure, and ten-minute massage while enjoying the company of my favorite people. It was all perfect, except for the fact that everyone was whispering about the plans for the rest of the day and night.

This entire weekend has been kept a secret from me and I was about to explode with anticipation. I tried offering everyone more mimosas and doughnuts, and sweet-talking them into spilling the beans, but no one would crack.

After the salon, we took a caravan of vehicles to Houston. We arrived at the Hyatt hotel in downtown with enough time to scarf down a quick lunch. Then, Zoey handed me a sports bra and booty shorts that she stole out of my closet from home, and tells me to put them on…. with a pair of my stilettos…

Excuse me?

All the girls quickly changed into skimpy workout clothes and high heels and then whisked me, and themselves, into an SUV headed to God only knows where. (Well, God and everyone in the car accept me).

Much to my surprise, and delight, we arrived at Pole-la-teez. We had to enter through the back door and sign a waiver stating that we were aware we’d be performing dangerous tricks.

After we all agreed we wouldn’t sue if we fell of a chair while trying to act sexy, we entered the dance room. The room looked like a typical dance studio with mirrors and a wooden dance floors. The only difference was the ten poles spread out down the room.

We were told to choose our own pole and let the lesson begin. She taught us an entire routine full of great moves like the sexy walk, the fireman, and the “hide the kitty”. It’s not as inappropriate as it sounds…especially with a room full of giggly amateurs. It was like a really fun workout-dance class, with a pole.

Before it ended she made me perform a solo for my girls as they threw fake dollar bills at me. It wasn’t the classiest moment of my life, but it was fun and definitely a memorable experience. Plus, the teacher accused me of taking these lessons before…If you read Zumba Brat, you know I took no offense to this and left the class feeling pretty good about myself.

Yup, that’s a dollar bill in my hair

If you ever need a bonding experience for a group of girls, take a pole-la-teez class. There’s nothing we could be embarrassed about after sharing that experience with each other.

We were really excited, sweaty, sore, and bruised after class. Luckily, we had a few hours to relax and restore before spending the night out on the town. Lying around gossiping about boys and racing through the halls on the luggage cart is how we decided to spend our down time. We have behaved this way for the last 15 years and I assume we will continue to act like stupid teenagers well into retirement, whenever we all get together.

They took me to dinner at Fajita Flats, which is a little bachelorette party tradition for some of us. This Mexican restaurant is complete with a juke box, pitchers of warm salsa, strong margaritas, and lots of sleazy waiters….all ideal for a girls’ night.

Once we’d finished our meal, the games began. I was forced into a too-long salsa dance with a waiter in front of the entire restaurant, a fake tattoo behind the bar (where I convinced the bar tender to allow me to make drinks for my whole table), and much more.

We were in full swing after dinner, and beyond ready to hit the dance floors. After leaving the first dance club (it was more body mashing than dancing), we were invited in for free drinks at a smaller nearby pub. Unable to turndown such an offer we entered to find a large spacious dance floor, and a DJ that knew just what we wanted.

We took our free drinks, and spent the rest of the night dancing the night away. At one point I looked around at my amazing friends, and noticed how much we’ve grown. Sure, we still hung a penis piñata in our hotel, and wrote dirty mad libs for two hours, but we really aren’t as young as we were sayyyyy whenever we had our first bachelorette party.

Five girls out of the eight of us out that night are married, two have kids, others are trying, and we all have real lives, jobs, and commitments now. My party included phone calls home, work emails, baby pictures, and breast pumping. And you know… I wouldn’t change any of it.

Life seems to keep getting better the older we get. I am so happy for all of the beautiful, strong, and successful ladies in my life.

I decided to call it a night, and head back to the hotel for swimming, and more girl time.

I was in my bikini before we called the front desk to learn that the pool was closed for the night. We all huddled in one room, ate cake, and eventually passed out from exhaustion.

I woke up spooning one of the girls, still in my bikini, with a spatula full of icing on the bedside table. Perfect. I am pretty sure that’s exactly how you are supposed to wake after your bachelorette party.

It was Easter morning, and everyone left to spend time with their families. Zoey and I lazed around my parent’s house the rest of the day. I got to spend some time visiting my MawMaw, which I rarely get to do, and she asked if I had strippers at my party. Then, she gave me a lesson on fashion faux pas for when I or if I ever decided to get pregnant. (MawMaw is NOT fan of rockin’ the baby bump).

This weekend could not have been more perfect. I know brides say this all the time, but I am right when I say I have the most awesome group of girls by my side. I cannot thank you all enough for making this weekend so exciting and glamorous for me. Natalie, and Zoey, I owe you big time.

To all my ladies, I love you, miss you, and cannot wait to plan another wild weekend with you all. Even if it is 4 years from now, and we all have to have babysitters and botox. We will still run through the hallways in our bikinis and have people tell us to “grow up”, which I am sure we will never do.



My Katy (another bridesmaid) who couldn’t be there because she is living in Japan with husband and precious little girl. Love you and we missed you!

Circus Ole!

When I was in high school, we watched several different Cirque Du Soleil performances in my French class…I learned very little French in high school. Every time our teacher played the video I heard him say, “Today we are going to watch Circus Ole!”  Consequently, this is what I called this incredible show for years. Made sense to me…

You can imagine my surprise, and humiliation, when I first met Fiancé and he corrected my pronouncement.

I said something clever like “We should like totally go see that Circus Ole show in Downtown Disney!” I must have at least looked cute when I said it because we did end up going to the show together.

In the last 7 years we have been to 7 Cirque Du Soleil shows together. (Our favorite is still the one in Downtown Disney.) Obviously, we love these shows. Whenever we got wind of the fact that the new Cirque show titled “Michael Jackson: The Immortal Tour” was going to be a traveling show, stopping in NYC for three days, we were psyched!

Fiancé bought our tickets as a Valentine’s/Anniversary present. Unfortunately, he got called to work in Nashville for 3 weeks, and will not be coming home until MJ’s Cirque show has come and gone.


Zoey, however, was more than happy to fill his shoes and attend the show with me last night.

When we arrived, we found that our very expensive seats, turned out to be terrible seats with a blocked view! Like always, we refused to except anything less than the best, so we moved to the second row right behind Tracy Morgan….who turned to be really obnoxious, and glittery. Right, Zoey?

Once I managed to ignore the bedazzled and chatty celebrity in front of me, I focused upon the talent on the stage.

Wow! Cirque never ceases to amaze me. They transformed Madison Square Garden into a crazy pop music dream full of various MJ’s, the Jackson 5, the Neverland Ranch, and crazy creatures that I thought only Michael himself could have dreamed up.

There were statues of children that came to life and morphed into break dancers, robot and machine-like humans that danced and tapped while attached to various chords and metals, a “boneless” being that emerged from a giant book of nightmares (which eventually introduced Thriller!) giant dancing, silver gloves, and so much more!

A few of my favorite performances were the scantily clad rock star chick who killed it on the violin, the most phenomenal pole dancer on the planet, and a group of boys who could tumble around like synchronized monkeys.

My iphone doesn’t exactly have the best quality, but you get the idea.

If Cirque Du Soleil is ever coming through your town I can promise you that it’s worth the steep ticket price. AND, if you are taking a trip to Disney World anytime soon (say, around June 9th??), you should definitely get tickets to their Cirque show La Nouba. It’s the most memorable show you will ever see!

Ole yall!