Baby headbands are VERY easy to Make

I’m a girly Mom of a girl which means I want lots of girly things for her. Especially if she’s anything like I was from age five to fourteen, she will hate all things girly. I’ve got to enjoy it while I still have control over her wardrobe. The only thing is that it’s kind of stupid to spend a lot of money on baby clothes and accessories. They grow so fast and they only wear the cute accessories for 15 minutes at a time. As much as I love finding matching bows, socks and headbands it’s a little hard to make myself cough up the money when she hardly wears it long enough to get it on Instagram. This is why I found a solution to this very silly problem.

Pinterest is full of easy tutorials for all things baby. Turns out it is crazy easy to make headbands, bows and barefoot sandals. I looked up a few of the easiest ones, ran to Joann’s, stalked up on crafty things and spent Saturday night being thrifty and crafty. It took me a about an hour, maybe two, to make 4 headbands and 2 pairs of barefoot sandals.  SO easy.

what you need

You can use any type of fabric flower. I grabbed lots of chiffon flowers and then some pretty fabric ones they had in the scrapbooking section.


Okay, so technically the first step is to measure the elastic around your baby’s head.



The chiffon flowers have a lot of extra material on the back you can trim off. For this headband I used one flower from each color.


Obviously, I can’t cut perfect circles, but whatever.

step4 step5 step6 step7


Tada! I’ll post some more very easy tutorial soon, including how to make barefoot sandals!


Mom Upcycles Giveaway Winner

How could anyone forget my friend Stacey and her lovely post she shared with us last Friday? She’s the stay-at-home Mom who manages her blog (Mom Upcycles) and runs a fantastic Etsy store. Stacey was not only nice enough to share a bit of inspiration with us, but she also hosted a giveaway here at Positively Panicked!

photo 2

First, I should apologize because I was supposed to select the winner yesterday! I am so off…I have thought all day that today is Monday. Oh well, better late than never! The winner of Stacey’s hand-embroidered hoop is…

Meghan Alonso
April 24, 2014 at 9:00 pm Edit
I tried commenting a minute ago so please ignore if this was already posted…
I’d love this! It would be so perfect on the gallery wall I am trying to create in my house!
I love what Stacey had to say. I follow her on Instagram and have always loved her hoops! I actually have a similar post on my blog ( We can’t do it all, and we can’t be so hard on ourselves. We are only human! Stacey’s couch looks like my laundry room. I think as I type this, there are 3 loads waiting to be folded…
Thank you!
Congrats Meghan! Just email ( me your shipping info and I’ll send your info to Stacey. And BTW, you should all check out Meghan’s super cute blog about her little peanut…it’s quite adorable!
And, Stacey, thank you again for being awesome and sharing your life with us! Everyone please visit her at her Facebook, her Etsy story, her Instagram or her blog and see what’s up. I’ll bet your learn something to make your life a little better.

DIY Painted Fabric Chair

I have another exciting Pinterest project to share! Yup, I’m getting craftier by the minute. Pinterest has got to be the greatest creation ever.

After moving back to Tennessee our Grandmother gave us a few vintage furniture pieces, one of them being a wingback chair and ottoman. It’s nice, but not exactly the color scheme I’m going for in any of our rooms.


I really wanted to keep this chair in our bedroom, but I needed to change the color. For weeks I tried to find a chair cover to fit. I even ordered one from Ikea (and have yet to return it…woops). Nothing was close to fitting our “new” chair correctly. My next idea was to find a Pinterest tutorial to make my own char cover. I found a few, but they all looked challenging, time-consuming and the outcome wasn’t that great.

I was complaining about my chair situation to our cousin, Stephanie, one day and within a couple hours she sent me this link. She actually found a “Pin” that linked to directions for painting a fabric chair! I wasn’t sure how painting fabric would work… won’t it be stiff and uncomfortable? But, after reading the woman’s blog and tutorials. I decided to give it a shot.

I won’t bother giving you detailed directions because you will be better off following the directions on the original post. (Seriously follow her directions.) Here’s the gist of what I

  1. Clean the chair (vacuum and stuff)
  2. Spray with water (this step caused the process to go a lot slower because I had  to wait for it to dry before adding any more coats)
  3. Mix a lot of latex paint and fabric medium (1:1), then add water
  4. Paint first coat

1st coat

  5.Go grocery shopping while first coat is drying and forget what you were doing. Spend the rest of the day catching up on Harry Potter and painting nails.

6. (next day) paint 2nd coat

2nd coat

7. Eat lunch while it dries, decide its too hot to finish project, go shopping with Mom-in-law instead

8. (next next day) Mix A LOT of acrylic paint and fabric medium (1:1), add a bit of water

10. Finish it with a final coat!



It took me a few days because I get distracted easily, but I’m really happy with the outcome. It’s not as soft as it once was, but it matches our room a heck of a lot better!


More “Crafting with Hilarie” coming soon!


Crafting in the City

Want to know best part of planning a party? The shopping. That’s right, if you plan a party you get to shop, guilt-free. After all, its not for you, its for the party!

My favorite places to buy my party decorations for my sister’s shower were Amazon, Oriental Trading, and Etsy. Beware though…online shopping is a dangerous sport. A few garlands, some confetti, balloons, and a candelabra quickly turn into $400 worth of sparkly things that are completely useless. I learned that back in Party Planning 101, or what I like to call “college”.

Not all decorations can be found online, some have to be made, which requires a trip to a craft store!

I love stores like Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s, but ever since moving to NY I have stepped into a craft store maybe once. I know there are numerous ones around the city, but I have not been very crafty since moving here…there’s just not enough space for crafts. There’s not even enough space for my nail polish.

We went all the way to Union Square to shop at Paper Presentation for the shower. Okay, we were actually in Union Square for a completely different reason, and happened to see the craft store, but whatever. I needed supplies.

A beacon of hope
A beacon of hope

It’s been so long since I have shopped amongst rolls of ribbons, rows of paints, and aisles and aisles of pretty paper…it was overwhelming.

IMG_4033 2 IMG_4039 IMG_4042

Who's that homeless lady shopping?? Oh yeah...that's me. It was one of my no make-up, pajama days.
Who’s that homeless lady shopping?? Oh yeah…that’s me. It was one of my no make-up, pajama days.

IMG_4048 IMG_4052 IMG_4060

We got what I needed, and went home to craft away! The end result will be posted soon! I may even get inspired to finally do one of the millions crafts I’ve pinned!


A Shower Themed Shower

I offered to throw my sister a baby shower the second she announced her pregnancy. I love her. I love babies. I love parties. I love planning. I love being in control. This seemed like an obvious decision. The one problem is I have never planned any type of shower, but with the invention of Pinterest basically any person with a pulse can plan a party.

I browsed Pinterest for weeks before deciding on a “shower” theme, as in “rain showers”. Thank you fellow pinners.

My first step to planning the perfect baby shower was creating the perfect invitation. I found this invitation on Pinterest, and decided it wouldn’t take to long to create these. I decided to make them over the Christmas holidays, December 29th to be exact, and mail them no later than December 31st. No problem, I can handle 70 something invites in two days….

Wrong. Punching out exactly 4 million hearts, cutting 9 thousand clouds, and assembling everything took WAY more time than I ever could have fathomed. Lucky for me I have the world’s best friends.

Husband, Steve, Derek, Zoey, and myself worked together to get the job done. I did not have to ask one of them to help. Nope, each one of them willingly offered to help simply because they are my friends. I am oh so so so grateful to have friends like them.

IMG_3796 IMG_3785 IMG_3790 IMG_3792 IMG_3797 IMG_3787

Our plan was to work until midnight, get up early (breakfast on me), and spend the next day finishing. However, once we got going we couldn’t stop. We stayed up until 6am finishing every single invitation PLUS their envelopes. The secret to our endurance? Hot fries (duh), Monster energy drink, and jalapeno flavored Cheetos. Yes, spicy junk food and caffeine does the trick.



Didn’t they turn out great?

I added in a little poem to encourage all the guests to bring a book in lieu of a card (I got the poem from Pinterest as well):

One small request that won’t be too hard, please bring a book instead of a card. Whether the cat in the hat or Winnie the Pooh, you can sign the book with a note from you! Baby Boy will become very smart indeed, if we start early he will soon learn to read.

She got a ton of books BTW!                                                                                     

Thank you so much Husband, Zoey, Steve, and Derek!


Summer Lovin’

It’s official, there is one week left of summer break. My full time hours start the day after Labor Day which means I need to squeeze in as many fun-in-the-sun activities as possible into the next seven days. It also means that I have a ton of little jobs to get done, but of course I procrastinated all these tedious to-do-before-school-starts lists, and allowed them to pile up.

Summer has always been my favorite season. I would be perfectly content living somewhere along the equator, dressed in flip-flops, a bikini, sunglasses, and braided hair everyday. I love the hot sun on my skin, the relaxed attitudes, the vacations, and the swimming. No other season can compare. Typically, I go into a slight depression this time of year, when Autumn starts blowing in, but I am determined to have a new attitude this year.

I am going to welcome Fall with open arms. I am going to get excited about my new work responsibilities coming up. I will even prepare myself by going to bed early and getting up early this week. I MIGHT even start cleaning out my summer wardrobe….probably not though… I will, however, look forward to the many great opportunities Autumn surely has waiting for me. Right?

Of course, I am only telling you this so that you will each hold me accountable. I expect lots of emails and phone calls this week checking in to make sure I am pumped about the seasons changing, and getting into bed before Talk Stoop comes on the TV.

Between trying to prepare myself to be a responsible adult again and getting organized, I am also going to wear my shades and flip-flops everyday, explore more of the city, take Belle to the park as much as possible, eat an entire watermelon, and hopefully make it to the beach one more time.

The goal is to do at least one super fun/relaxing activity every single day for the next 7 days. For day number 1, we went all over Manhattan hitting 5 different flea markets looking for a large ornate picture frame for my Betsey Johnson print. Zoey and I each purchased a Betsy Johnson print from one of her local stores before they closed recently. So sad…I still can’t believe she went bankrupt.

Anyhow, we bought these with the intentions of buying old frames, spray painting them black, and hanging up our prints in style. Zoey, however, did her little frame project without me, but it’s okay because I forced her to take me all over town today searching for my own. We even accidently found a farmer’s market full of  locally grown deliciousness.

mmm, I love fresh focaccia bread


We had a good time foraging for antique, used, and recycled goodies….

Check out the Albanian Leke we found. One booth was selling bills from literally every country. Who knew I could have made cash off my Albanian cash?

…BUT, we could not find one suitable frame. Boo.

We did find run into a Pakistani parade though. I can’t ever go through the city without running into a parade.

I didn’t make it to the park today, but I did get some quality time with some lovies. We all snuggled on Zoey’s couch all evening to watch every episode of Bunhead’s (AKA Gilmore Girls: The Sequel).


DIY Skull T-Shirt

I do not typically love fashion pieces with skulls, but every so often a special piece catches my eye, and I immediately need it in my collection. For example, this top from Urban Outfitters…

…it was love at first sight.

I spotted this on Facebook one day and decided I HAD TO HAVE IT. It probably had a lot to do with the cutouts all over the back. I am such a sucker for anything with a cutout back.

I ran to the closest Urban Outfitters as soon as possible and rummaged the store for it. Just as I was about to give up I saw one of the employees wearing it! I basically attacked her to find out where the shirt was located. Much to my pleasant surprise, she told me it was on the clearance rack and it was 50% off! Woohoo!

Much to my horrible discovery, there was only x-larges left. I then trekked to the next closest Urban Outfitters, and found the same situation. I had just about given up on my new clothing obsession when Husband gave me some large tee’s he’d recently received from E3 (a video game convention). He didn’t want them, and said I could have them, or toss them.

I decided to craft with them, and craft number one was my own skull cutout tee.

The shirt: pre-craft.

It was a simple project, but tedious and time consuming. I simply pulled up the Urban Outfitters picture on my laptop, drew the holes with a pencil, and carefully cut them out with my best pair of scissors. Voila! It’s a little bigger then a I prefer, and there are a few words left on it, but it will do.

I took the shirt out on the town, and ironically, Zoey happened to have on a skeleton tank top, so we had a little fun taking pictures waiting for the train.

Here’s the shirt in Chelsea Market.

Then, I took it for a walk in Grand Central Station.

This is the best view I got of the front…

I still have 3 more large men’s tee shirts to play with, anyone have another easy craft I can do? I’m all ears…and scissors!