Over the weekend, the very busy weekend, our little Luna got to meet her cousin, her Aunts, her Uncle, lots of honorary aunts and uncles and have many outings. We, the parents, learned that getting out of the house with a newborn isn’t necessarily hard. They sleep most of the time, her food is always with me and she’s so darn cute that we are always the center of attention…it’s not a bad gig. However, it is quite hard for me, the new Mom, to get out.

Between feedings, diaper changes, being a hostess and recovering from seems to be a never-ending roller coaster of illnesses (my body apparently hates delivering babies), when am I supposed to shower, brush my hair or put on mascara? I am SO ready for the day that I am healthy again and have some down time. I do not like this having to rest and stay on the couch or in bed all the damn time.

Anyways, we still managed to have a good time with our family and snap some photos of adorableness. Like cousins and sisters having lunch at the famous Loveless Cafe.



Afterwards we took the family to the lookout on the Natchez Trace.

Aunt Zoey
Aunt Zoey

We also had the opportunity to take Luna to her Great Grandpa’s exhibit at the Musicians Hall of Fame in Nashville. Her Great Grandpa was a very talented violinists, and one of our most favorite people. We know he would love little Luna more than anyone so we will always do our best to share his many memorable stories with her.

Grandpa's exhibit
Grandpa’s exhibit
Our family at the hall of fame
Our family at the hall of fame

AND, we took the family to Grandpa “Handsome’s” and Daddy’s place of work…the set of Nashville. Even Luna and Micah got to play on set.


But, perhaps the best times were when we were just chillin’ in our pj’s at the house and forcing the babies to pose for our many cameras.

Micah is learning to play with Belle!
Micah is learning to play with Belle!
Climbing the steps
Climbing the steps
Waiting for Belle to bring the stick that will ever happen.
Waiting for Belle to bring the stick back…like that will ever happen.
proof that Micah is my nephew...get it!
proof that Micah is my nephew…get it!
The cutest little bear cousins ever!
The cutest little bear cousins ever!

And, now we rest.


The Past Week

Today is the first day, The VERY First Day, that we have our house all to ourselves in about two months. It’s glorious. I have spent much of the day doing fantastic things like washing sheets, paying bills, cleaning counters and writing thank you cards, but it still feels like a small vacation. We LOVE having guests, we really do, but ooooooh is it nice when the house is quiet. And, let’s face it…it won’t be quiet for long.

We will probably have more friends visit soon and even more once Luna arrives, but until then here are some snippets from our friends and family the last week…

We had a late family Christmas with our family who came to visit from Pittsburgh and we ate and ate and ate and ate and ate and ate…

family dinner

After driving all day then stuffing my belly/baby I need to lie down… I love this photo someone caught of my big belly with Husband in the background.

34 weeks bump

We celebrated Zoey’s birthday at Sky High – Trampoline Park!

zoey and heidi

I couldn’t jump so I made my own fun by snapping photos of everyone else.


All the girl cousins in a group hug before we say goodbye.


And, we just had to stop for ice cream when it was only 8 degrees outside.

ice cream

Until next time…