Cotton Anniversary

Today is mine and Husband’s two year wedding anniversary. It’s been a fast two years and the last year has been especially quick. One year and a day ago I moved from NY to Tennessee and told Husband we were expecting our first baby, and exactly one year ago we celebrated our paper anniversary and told our families we were expecting. Now, we’re all settled in to our country home and raising our beautiful little girl. Today, we celebrated our cotton anniversary, and it was perfect.

I surprised Husband with a trail of cotton balls that led from the bedroom to a cheesy “I heart u” sign made of cotton balls and gift bag full of cotton goodies. It was nice, but Husband had to go and blow my lame gift out of the water. Typical. He’s always been a much better gift giver. It started with a surprise picnic. He found a trail off of Cotton Lane (yup that’s the actual street name) that led down to some large beautiful rocks on the edge of the Harpeth River. It had just finished storming so it was breezy and cloudy, perfect picnic weather.

cottonln picnic IMG_20140609_155532

I then had one more small surprise up my sleeve. I took him to Nucci’s for some Italian ice and homemade gelato.


After some window shopping at the mall for all things cotton I came home to another surprise, a cotton candy maker! OMG Making cotton candy is sticky, messy and so much fun. It took us a little while and a lot of sugar to get the hang of it, but we ended up with lots of colorful cotton candy and a crazy sugar rush.

cotton candy making it

I was more than happy with cotton-sugar-coated day of bliss, but Husband did not stop there. He made me a bouquet of cotton flowers and cotton earrings. (To be fair, my dad-in-law actually made the earrings.) Last year, I got paper flowers and a paper bracelet, so Husband has now set himself up for a new tradition of anniversary themed flowers and jewelry for the next million years.

IMG_20140609_165358 IMG_20140609_192008

The day didn’t end there either. We finished our anniversary night with dinner (just the two of us) at Josephine’s in West Nashville.

This would be German Chocolate Doughnuts, and they were delicious.
This would be German Chocolate Doughnuts, and they were delicious.

I have no idea how I ended up with the most thoughtful and creative person I know. Marrying this man is perhaps the best decision I ever made, or maybe spending a college semester working at Disney World was? Honestly, I thought all the magic in our relationship would disappear after leaving our happiest internship on Earth, it all seemed too good to be true. Sometimes, it still does. I’m so thankful to have him and cannot wait to spend many more anniversaries together.