A Dream Tee

Before our recent trip to Disney I spent days..weeks..okay, months scouring Pinterest, Etsy and Instagram, hunting for the cutest Disney outfits for Luna. After all, it was her first trip, and I do love buying her adorable Disney paraphernalia. While looking for tees, I came across a shop called The Blue Envelope and fell in love with their “Cinderella” tee.  Lucky for me (and you!) The lady behind the shop, Amanda, and I worked together to bring you a review and a discount code! Woohoo!

My fav! Her dreams are soooo big!
My fav! Her dreams are soooo big!

I loved the shirt too much to wait until Disney to put it on Luna. We had some fun at home putting together outfits with the shirt before landing on the perfect one for Disney.

yellow pants

The t-shirt is super soft, high-quality and adorable. I’ve washed it a few times now, and it has kept its shape and color. Considering, I suck at separating the wash, that’s a very good sign that it’s held up.

A rare sweet moment between these two...
A rare sweet moment between these two…

Then, Luna finally got to wear the top at Disney! It was a HUGE hit. I paired it with her Kickin Legs custom Mickey Mouse leggings, her Nike’s and her H&M hat. She strutted her stuff all over Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios and got many compliments.


So cute and cozy that she fell fast asleep on the Kilimanjaro Safari…


Disney was a blast, and I’m so glad I found some great shops to stock up on Disney attire. AND, great news for you… Amanda from The Blue Envelope is offering each and everyone of you a 20% discount on your order! Just use the code DISNEY when you checkout.  Shop here. Sweet!


Big thanks to the Blue Envelope, check out her Etsy shop, Facebook and Instagram to keep up with her latest designs.

Happy Shopping and Cheers!

Because Your Baby Needs to be Spoiled Too

sad lip

Peter and I promised ourselves that when we had children we would do our best to not spoil them. We, ourselves, are trying to minimilize and stop buying crap we don’t actually need. I have to say that for the most part, we have done well. We rarely buy Luna toys and we haven’t shopped for ourselves in a very long time (Starbucks not included). We have also been cleaning out all our closets and it feels great! However, there is one teeny tiny little purchasing problem I can’t seem to break…clothes, clothes for Luna.

who could resist this dress??
who could resist this dress??

I love buying new clothes for Luna, and I can’t help myself. It’s totally not my fault that everyone is making the most ridiculously cute baby clothes ever. Have you been on Etsy lately? It is insane and addicting! Before I had Luna, I actually had a conversation with my Mom where I admitted I was afraid of having a baby because I didn’t know if I could be selfless enough. I couldn’t imagine wanting to spend money on someone else, when I like shopping for myself so much. NOW, I am embarrassed to admit how much time I spend searching Zulily, Very Jane and Etsy for new outfits for Luna and Luna only. She always looks like a million bucks and I’m rarely in anything other than workout clothes.


The good news is that I am able to try some new brands, review the products and share them (as well as some giveaways and discounts) with you! Today, I bring you melime!


Melime is inspired by Italian chic and the English countryside. It’s all handmade from high quality fabric and it is so sweet and stylish I could melt.

Luna wore her beige melime dress for our family pictures on the beach
Luna wore her beige melime dress for our family pictures on the beach

I discovered this Etsy shop months ago and have been itching to share it with you. I’ve only waited because I’ve had to wait for that little Luna of mine to grow into her new clothes. They’re just adorable, right?

eating leaf

Melime’s clothes are extremely well made and there’s only a limited number made, so you won’t see every other baby on the playground sporting a matching outfit.

look at the little white sleeve!
look at the little white sleeve!

ANNDDDD because Vanessa from melime is wonderful she is offering a 20% off coupon code to my readers! Just use the code THANKYOU20 when you check out! Sweet!


Oh, and if you need some ideas on what to purchase, these are my favorite new pieces!

baby shoes babypolaroid babyromper babyskirt

Happy shopping, and look for many more reviews and giveaways coming soon!

sleeping peacefully in her designer dress
sleeping peacefully in her designer dress


In 30 Days My Closet Will Kick Your Closet’s Butt (and a giveaway)


A new book was recently suggested to me for review. I love new books and I love reviews, but I’ve got to be honest when I say I wasn’t so sure about this one. The book is titled The 30-Day Ultimate Closet Guide, which is pretty self-explanatory. I am definitely a lover of organization, especially when it comes to my clothes and accessories, but my closet is already super organized. Every article is separated by color and silhouette, my shoes have their own designated spots and I throw out pieces regularly. How helpful could this book be to me? Before saying, “no thanks”,  I decided to check out the website and the YouTube introduction video. Two minutes later, the author, Brittany Witkin, had me hooked.

Here’s what sold me:

After the 30 days, you will be able to grab, go and look your best without having to think about it. My closet may be organized, but I still spend hours dwelling over what to wear. I would LOVE to not have to think about it because I don’t actually have hours to dwell, which means I usually wear the same tank top, workout shorts and flip-flops 3 times a week…or 5 days a week…

This is where you begin to upgrade your look. I really really want to believe that I’m on top of the latest fashions and that I’m a hot cool trendy Mom. (Although, typing that sentence made me feel the exact opposite.) Anyways, I’m pretty hip, but I can admit that since having Luna, my style has been centered around whether it’s breastfeeding friendly and cheap enough that I don’t care if it’s covered in spit-up. You may find this hard to believe, but baby-friendly doesn’t equal chic and sexy.

It’s 30 days. There are lists, calendars and print-outs. It’s basically a big challenge and something I can add to my planner. Need I say more?

There’s a style-guide and fail-proof online and in-store shopping lists. In case you don’t understand, this mean I get to shop. I get to shop for things that I know will look good on me. SOLD.

There’s also talk of coffee, snacks, wine and friends. Yes, yes, yes and yes.

After instantly downloading the book and reading the first couple of chapters I sent my first “partner-in-crime closet invitation”. (i.e. I told Husband he had to do it with me.) We share a closet so the entire project may be somewhat wasted if only half the closet gets organized. Lucky for me, Husband likes getting rid of crap just as much as I do so it wasn’t to hard to convince him. Also, he is always brutally honest with me when it comes to fashion. I trust his opinion when I say “does this look good on me?”

The included 30-day calendar is flexible and allows you to choose the best time for you to do the most time-consuming steps. Since we have Luna and lots of plans (including a trip to NYC) this month, we’ve decided to do as many steps as we can when we have the time. Our goal is still to be in done in 30 days, or sooner. I originally planned to write one big review at the end of the process, but after completing most of the steps for week 1 today I knew I had too much to share already.

Poor baby Luna was stuck in the midst of mess all day today...good thing she's easily entertained.
Poor baby Luna was stuck in the midst of mess all day today…good thing she’s easily entertained.

Week 1 focuses on cleaning out all the clutter. I am 100% in to this challenge/project/guide so I am following Brittany’s rules to the T (well…mostly). She says to throw out anything you haven’t worn in 6 months, that isn’t seasonal or your wedding dress. So I did, except I did bend the rules a little. Since I have been either breastfeeding or pregnant for the last year in a half I allowed myself to keep some things that I absolutely am 100% positive I will wear, but just have not been able to yet (thanks a lot Luna).

Brittany suggests keeping snacks on hand in order stay fueled. Done.
Brittany suggests keeping snacks on hand in order stay fueled. Done.

Husband and I began with 4 labeled garbage bags (trash, sell, giveaway, gross hangers) and ended with ELEVEN full trash bags. ELEVEN. And, we literally cleaned out our closets 6 months ago and got ride of 4 full trash bags. It’s disgusting how much junk we have stored for no good reason. I already feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my closet’s shoulders. Our drawers and closet looks so clean! Also, kind of empty… I have to admit I’m a little scared! Even though, it’s a little scary to throw out so much so quickly, it’s also exhilarating. I no longer have to dig through shirts I know I’m never actually going to wear. Plus, I am really looking forward to the next few weeks.

I took lots of photos, but I want to save some for the "before and after" photos at the end of the month!
I took lots of photos, but I want to save some for the “before and after” photos at the end of the month!

In the next 21 days or so, I will be learning how to put together new outfits from what I already own, learn what looks best on my body type and hopefully purchase some new pieces that will tie the new look, new me and new closet all together! Yay me! I’ll be keeping you updated throughout the process.

I highly encourage you to check out Brittany’s site, TheStyleShaker.com and her book that was just released on Amazon. If you try the guide, please let me know how it works for you. Stay tuned!

ALSO….this is completely off topic, but I don’t really have a post that is on this topic so whatevs. There’s this really cool phone, the OnePlus One, it’s a 64GB unlocked cell phone. It works on any GSM network. It’s crazy fancy, supposed to be the best phone available, water resistant, ridiculous camera, big screen, yada yada yada, BUT it’s an invite only phone. So, even if you want to buy one you can’t unless someone sends you an invite. (Spolier alert: I have some!) The phone costs $350, but there’s no contract, so that’s cool. Anyways, I have six OnePlus One invites. Here’s the deal: If you want one of these invites then do the following:

1. Follow me on my blog.

2. Follow my Facebook or Instagram.

3. And comment below! Why do you want the OnePlus One? What kind of phone do you have now? What’s your favorite animal? I don’t really care, just leave a comment!

I’ll randomly select 6 winners in three days Wednesday, October 1st. Good luck people!



A Dress for Me, A Dress for You (Giveaway!)

Disclaimer: My baby is teething (I think?) and I am not getting very much sleep. This post may or may not make sense and will likely have many typos (like more than usual). There’s also a chance I will do one of the following while simultaneous typing: a) nurse a baby, b) watch Orange is the New Black, c) fall asleep on my keyboard, or d) forget what I’m doing. Good luck, to both of us.



I keep telling you how difficult it is to dress when you are breastfeeding, and now that I am into month 4 it hasn’t gotten easier. The dressing part that is, actually feeding her is a piece of cake at this point. Anyways, it’s not a huge problem because first of all, it’s summer and not only super easy but comfortable to wear low-cut tanks; and second of all, I love shopping. Needing appropriate clothes for feeding is a great excuse to go shopping. I’ve even discovered that there are entire clothing lines dedicated to nursing Moms! Thanks to the wonders of the world wide web I found a sweet UK company called Love Milk who sells Nursing and Maternity wear.

I decided to try their beautiful Sadie dress in papaya. The dress is pretty and very easy to dress up or down, but OMG is it comfortable! You know when you buy something fancy you can tell the difference from the way it feels? This dress feels like a million bucks. It is very soft, yet durable feeling. It feels like you can sleep in it all day everyday and it will never wear it…it feels like you got your moneys worth! I just read that it’s made of bamboo jersey. I want all of my clothes to be made of bamboo jersey.


I wore the dress a few times because I like to really test a product, put it through the ringer, before sharing a review. The third time I wore it, I took it on a field trip to Target. The UK doesn’t have Target, so I figure I’d show the dress what America has to offer, which is lots of cute crap on which I want to spend all of my money. I paired it with some gold accessories and yellow wedges.



We shopped and shopped, and one employee actually commented on how much she loved my dress! About halfway through our pointless shopping trip, Luna decided it was time to eat and I found myself a nice little seat in the refreshment section to feed her. I have been known to feed her while shopping, but baby girl is getting heavy and I’ve grown accustomed to catching up on my reading while she eats. (BTW, it’s really nice that Target has a place to sit down, most stores do not.)

reading and eating
reading and eating

See how easy that is? No cover, no struggle, no sweating over-heated baby and no awkwardness for Mom. It’s awesome, right? There’s a gathering over the bust of the dress. You simply move it to the side to have access to nursing. So easy!



That’s one happy baby, and I am even happier to announce that Love Milk is going to give away one Sadie style dress (your choice of color: black, papaya, palm print. Sizes XS-XL) to one of you! This is a $100 (or 59 pounds) value, and it’s so easy to win! Just do the following:

  1. Follow the blog.
  2. Follow me on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Pinterest.
  3. Leave me a comment below and tell me how you’d sport the Sadie dress!

*Winner will be announced on Thursday, June 26th.

That’s not all Love Milk has offered either! ALL of you can head to their shop now until June 30th to get 15% off the spring and summer line. Just use the discount code POSITIVELYPANICKED15. Aren’t they wonderful?

Good luck and big thanks Love Milk for offering such a sweet giveaway!





Dress Each Other Challenge

A while back Husband came across an article about a girl that let her boyfriend dress her for a week. He thought it was funny and asked if I’d ever let him dress me for a week. “Sure” I responded. I mean, why not? Husband has good taste and a good sense of style. He can pick out shoes I like and manages to dress himself well. As long as there’s nothing too important happening that week, I’d let him dress me. However, we soon forgot about the article and went on with our boring dress-ourselves lives.

Fast forward a year or so and the topic came up again. This time I decided we should try it, but only if I get to dress him too. So, the day after we got back from Texas we began picking out each other’s clothes. First, we had to establish a few rules.

1. It must be weather appropriate.

2. It must be occasion appropriate.

3. My outfit has to be breast-feeding friendly.

We dressed each other from head-to-toe for 7 days, and took to Instagram to create a contest. I let my friends on Instagram vote on who dressed who best, but then I thought some of you may want to put in your two cents. So today, the last day of our contest, I am posting all 7 of our photos so you can decide for yourself…who dressed who best?

Day 1 was an immediate disaster. I do not know what is wrong with Husband. How does someone who typically dresses himself so stylish fail so miserably at dressing me?! It began with him pulling out neon and floral together and me making disgusted faces and asking “Seriously?!” After a half-hour of me being horrified and Husband getting frustrated we created a couple more rules…

4. You must wear what the other person chooses without argument.

5. The “stylist” is allowed to make changes once their person is dressed because sometimes what you think will look great just doesn’t.

It was impossibly hard for me to not critique Husband’s choices. So instead of arguing with what he pulled out of the closest I just asked a few simple questions. Questions like this…

You know that’s my lingerie drawer, right? Do you want me to wear the neon pink bra under the white shirt? Did you know it’s 40 degrees outside? So, these 5-inch heels are for the grocery store? Do I get to wear shoes? Am I supposed to breastfeed in that? Pearls? Really?

Husband was less than thrilled with me, but really… this was his first outfit

Yup, there is a corset with garters under that see-through neon top. See what I'm dealing with here?
Yup, there is a corset with garters under that see-through neon top. See what I’m dealing with here?

Thankfully, he only improved after this first attempt. Here’s Days 1 through 7.

Day 1: We both dressed each other up for a fancy family dinner.
Day 1: We both dressed each other up for a fancy family dinner.
Day 2:  We went more casual for a day of shopping and running errands.
Day 2: We went more casual for a day of shopping and running errands.
Day 3: We went in completely opposite directions.
Day 3: We went in completely opposite directions.
Day 4: the lighting in this photo is awful, but we accidentally dressed each other in the exact same colors.
Day 4: the lighting in this photo is awful, but we accidentally dressed each other in the exact same colors.
Day 5: Easter Sunday! Clearly, Luna is best dressed here.
Day 5: Easter Sunday! Clearly, Luna is best dressed here.
Day 6: It's starting to get very challenging and a little less fun.
Day 6: It’s starting to get very challenging and a little less fun.
Day 7: Hallelujah, the end!
Day 7: Hallelujah, the end!

It actually wasn’t too bad to have my Husband dress me for a week. It was kind of a relief to not worry about what I was going to wear. Plus, he got me to wear some things I have neglected forever. But, let’s talk about what really matters…who won? Please vote “Hil” if you think I’m the best stylist and vote “Pete” if Husband is the best. We are both too competitive and we need a winner. Although, we haven’t decided what the winner/loser gets…any suggestions?

Vote for me!




My Favorite Scarf (Giveaway)


In my quest to find cute clothes that are nursing friendly I have gone back to visit my old pal Marie. Remember Marie from a few months back? The adorable maternity poncho? Weeellllll, she is now making even more products! I just had the pleasure of trying one of her infinity nursing scarves. And, let me just say she did not disappoint. That’s why Mommy inventors are best… they know exactly what fellow Mom’s need.



I tried the scarf right away to see how it works with the baby. I’ve found that it’s necessary to try any sort of baby product at home first. Carriers, wraps and nursing covers can all be a little complicated so you want to get the hang of it before you take it out in public and make a fool of yourself. Trust me. I used a mirror to make sure it covered in the right areas and still looked cute, of course.



Then, I decided to keep the scarf in my diaper bag. I figured it might be nice to have when I’m out and about with Luna and would give me a chance to check out how well it works in real-life situations. Let me just say, THANK GOD for this scarf. I used it to cover-up in restaurants, at grocery stores, at a house party and the park. Prior to the scarf I typically used a swaddling blanket. The scarf not only looks better, but is much easier to keep up and to manipulate.



One of the things I like best about the scarf is that it’s lightweight. The description on Etsy actually size its “heavy weight”, and maybe it is compared to her other scarves, but I think it’s very light and breathable. The biggest complaint I hear about nursing covers is that they are hot for both Mom and baby. This scarf is not.

Cutest little foot ever
Cutest little foot ever

What I really love is that I can take this scarf with me anywhere, and use it as a cover and not feel like I am repeating outfits. It’s just an accessory, so I can wear it as a scarf and use it as a cover, or just use it as a cover. Now, that I’ve kept it in my diaper bag for a few weeks I will never go anywhere without it. It is my new favorite accessory.


AANNDDDD, I have the best news! Marie Nohr is going to giveaway one of these awesome scarves to one of you! Woo! I’ll make it as easy as possible for you…to enter for a chance to win just follow these steps:

  1. Follow the blog.
  2. Follow me on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Pinterest.
  3. Leave me a comment below and tell me why you want the scarf!

Winner will be randomly selected on Sunday April, 13!

nursing cover

That’s not all, either. Marie is also offering a discount code to all of you. Just use the coupon code: NEWMOMMANURSING for 20% off of her ready to ship items. Thank you SO much Marie Nohr, you are the best! And, good luck to each of you!



Don’t forget to check out Marie Nohr’s Etsy store and Facebook page!





I have mentioned before that dressing for breastfeeding has proven to be far more challenging than dressing for pregnancy. During my pregnancy, I could wear most of my clothes for the majority of the 9 months. Thankfully loose flowing tops and leggings are in style! I bought a few cute pieces and my sister gave me an entire bag full of her maternity clothes, I was set! I assumed that I’d be wearing whatever I wanted once Luna arrived, but I had no idea how difficult it is to nurse in your regular clothes.

I have found it easiest to wear button-up tops or low-cut tanks, but I quickly got bored with that small section of my wardrobe and start searching for a solution. What I found was Peek-a-boo. Peek-a-boo is a clothing line for both pregnancy and nursing. Just from looking at their website I found that most of their pieces are actually cute and do not look so obviously like nursing tops (like most do on Zulily).

Then, I actually got to try a top from Peek-a-boo! I chose the classic top because it’s simple enough to wear for various occasions. It can be dressed-up or down, worn with leggings or jeans, boots or heels, to the park or to dinner, etc. I’ve worn it a few times already and it is so so practical! Peek-a-boo’s tops and dresses comes with a very well blended slit that easily lifts up for easy nursing. It’s stylish, comfortable and discreet…exactly what I needed.

classic top

It is really inconvenient to keep myself covered while nursing. It’s hot for me and the baby and I can’t see what’s going on under there. This top seems to fix that problem. I still feel covered, comfortable and so does Luna. I only wish I knew of Peek-a-boo while I was pregnant so I could get even more use, but I guess I can always use it for the next one…if there is another.

The only downside to the “classic top” is that it is very fitting. So, if you have a bit of a bump left after having your baby (and you do), be prepared.

I have really good news for you too! Peek-a-boo is offering a discount code for Positively Panicked readers. You will get 15% off regular priced items and free shipping when you use the code POSITIVELY15. Remember, it’s great for maternity and nursing.


BIG thanks to Peek-a-boo, you guys are awesome!


PinkBlush Review and Giveaway!


I have tried a few different brands of Maternity clothes over the last few months (Target, Old Navy, Macy’s, Etsy, etc), but there is one company I have adored over the rest.. PinkBlush Maternity. If you are pregnant, or have been recently pregnant, than I’m certain you have heard of them. They are a very trendy, cute, affordable and comfortable maternity clothing company. They are often featured on Zulily and you can’t google “trendy maternity clothes” without immediately coming across this company. They know their stuff.


Lucky for me, I get to review one of PinkBlush’s maternity/nursing dresses! They offer a whole line of maternity/nursing clothes, which is really really nice. No one wants to spend a lot of money on clothes they can only wear for a few months, but, if you can wear it after the baby has arrived than it’s totally acceptable! Today, I’m showing off the Mocha Bohemia Maternity/Nursing Maxi Dress.

mocha maxi

I wore my new dress for our date night out to see I Love Lucy: Live on StageIt fits just right, is very comfortable and easy to dress-up and add layers too. I paired it with heeled booths, a scarf and sweater to keep warm, but in the summer I’ll still be able to wear it with bare shoulders and some strappy wedges (and a much smaller belly!).

maternity dress

Now, the great news for you is that PinkBlush Maternity is hosting a giveaway right here on my blog! They are giving away one $25 gift card to one of you! AND, it’s super easy to win! All I ask is that you do one or all of the following…BUT the more you do the more chances you have to win. For example, if you follow my blog, your name will be entered one time. If you do everything on the list than your name is entered 7 times. Easy.

1. Follow my blog. (just click that little “follow me” button on the right)

2. Follow me on Facebook. (I want to be friends!)

3. Follow me on Twitter. (I kind of suck at tweeting though…#imgettingold)

4. Follow me on Instagram. (I promise many cute animal photos)

5. Share the giveaway on either Facebook or Twitter.

6. (This is the one you must do!) Comment below…let me know where you followed or what you’d like to purchase with your $25 gift card.

7. Follow PinkBlush Maternity at either their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest accounts.

35 weeks

Sooo, there you go, 5 chances to win a nice gift card from PinkBlush Maternity. Best of luck to ya! The winner will be announced on Monday, January 27th!


Big thanks to PinkBlush for sponsoring this post and for offering the gift card to my readers. Just one more reason that I think you’re awesome.

almost 9 months


My Favorite Things

The last couple days have been a little rough. I’ve been busier than usual this week, working more and feeling more and more pregnant. I had to take the last 2 days off from working out because I just could not do it. Husband is also kind of injured so he has taken a big step back from exercising this week too. I have also been working on a big project so my writing and posting has suffered lately. Now, it’s finally Saturday, I’ve already gone on a nice long walk, cleaned the house and I am finally ready to get back to that ever-growing to-do list.

Speaking of lists…someone’s birthday is coming up in just 6 short days and I have spent a little bit of time browsing around and window shopping for some of my favorite things. I like for Husband to have a very clear idea of what I want for the big B-day, and I figure I’m just doing him a favor picking out several present ideas in advance. I decided to put together a little list of my “favorite things” at the moment.

With the holidays coming up we could all use some gift ideas right? So, here’s what I am either loving or dying to have this season!

1. I am obsessed with anything that looks even slightly Parisian. Paris is one of my all time favorite cities and I just cannot have enough of it in my life. Anything with an Eiffel tower or a French phrase just feels so romantic and whimsical.

This simple stamp tee is from Modcloth $30.
This simple stamp tee is from Modcloth $30.
Another Modcloth.com find for $60.
Another Modcloth.com find for $60.
Found these on Etsy! They're pricey (about $100!), but God they're adorable!
Found these on Etsy! They’re pricey (about $100!), but God they’re adorable!
AND, of course our little Luna needs a bit French fashion in her her life...found on Zulily.com for only $16!
AND, of course our little Luna needs a bit French fashion in her her life…found on Zulily.com for only $16!

2. We all know Sephora is like my Mother Ship, so clearly, I want the entire store wrapped up and put under my tree this year, but my favorite brand right now is Josie Maran. Her fancy organic Moroccan Argon Oil infused products seem to do wonders for my skin. Considering my skin is typically a minefield for zits and blackheads, I’m willing to pay her prices for her products.

argon oil


3. Sephora also carries Wen hair care products. Chaz Dean’s infomercials may be super obnoxious, but his stuff works.

wen, chaz dean


5. I probably don’t need any books since my Nook’s library is overflowing with books I have yet to read, but I still want to read the biography everyone is talking about: I am Malala and the new Bridget Jone’s book (did you know there’s a new one???).

i am malala new bridget jones


6. I always have clothes on my wish list, but now that I am 27 weeks pregnant it’s becoming very difficult to find something that looks good on my enormous belly. Mostly, I pick up cute tight-fitting dress and too-high stilettos and then pout because I can’t wear anything cool and new this season. However, I am finding leggings, big sweaters, boots, scarves and oversized jackets perfect for the bigger version of me, and for this chilly weather.

This preggo has the right idea.
This preggo has the right idea.
Found at Anthropologie!
Found at Anthropologie!
Purrfect flats from Ruche.com (
Purrfect flats from Ruche.com (
Veryjane.com has the most ridiculous leggings and all for around $10!
Veryjane.com has the most ridiculous leggings and all for around $10!

7. Now, let’s talk accessories….

AND a giant Modcloth purse ($55), which I think will make a perfect diaper bag. (I hate the way actually diaper bags look.)
AND a giant Modcloth purse ($55), which I think will make a perfect diaper bag. (I hate the way actually diaper bags look.)
Another Ruche.com find for $15
Another Ruche.com find for $15
from Zulily.com, $20
from Zulily.com, $20
And a blue Ruche purse... $95
And a blue Ruche purse… $95

8. My favorite chocolate shop in the whole wide world (Vosges Haut-Chocolate), just came out with a line of Hunger Games themed chocolates and truffles! Just in time for my Birthday, which also happens to be the premier of Catching Fire. They made themed chocolate bars for the main characters, a chocolate bar collection that consists of a bar from every district AND a Capitol truffle collection that comes with 16 hidden treasures and trinkets!

I want it ALL!
I want it ALL!

9. And last, but certainly not least, is the present I want the most. I have been begging Husband for a new SLR camera for a while now. I am not even sure which one I want exactly, but our nice camera broke and I need a new camera… especially with a new baby on the way. Any of you photogs out there have a suggestion for a great camera?

canon slr


Have a great time shopping this Holiday season! We have not even begun our gift buying yet…Oh well, Black Friday is just around the corner!





Lil’ Sprout

I keep mentioning how much I love the maternity clothes available at Etsy. There are just so many crafty people out there producing the most adorable handmade clothes! I waste a lot of time to just browsing the shops and “window shopping” for future outfits. I’ve mentioned the maternity/nursing poncho from Marie Nohr and the Disney maternity tank from Baby Talk Designs, and now I just have to share this maternity t-shirt from Disco Belly.

disco belly

Disco Belly prints every t-shirt by hand and use high-quality materials, so the tee’s are super soft and comfy.

24 weeks 5 days

I’m not normally a big t-shirt wearer, but pregnancy has brought out my comfy side. I just wore this top to work. Luckily, I get to dress very casual at work. I made Husband snap some pics when I got home, but I felt like I need to be doing something…so I said “Oh let’s pretend like I’m cooking!”


Don’t I look like a natural? You’ll be disappointed to learn that I’m “cooking” Goldfish Mac & Cheese, and I didn’t even cook it…Husband did. Fancy and healthy.


My fav t-shirt from Disco Belly is the “Lil’ Sprout” Tee, but their “Destiny is Minivan” and “Can’t Touch This” tees are pretty darn cute too.

lil' sprout

Lovin' my first baby
Lovin’ my first baby

Can’t wait to start shopping for big belly Thanksgiving and Christmas outfits! Any of you have a favorite brand or store for maternity clothes?