Baby vs. The City

pros and cons

We have traveled a lot with Luna, but this was by far the most difficult trip. Difficult because we flew and we were not staying with family. I had to pack carefully, plan ahead, do some research and prepare for any and everything. The trip was awesome. We had a few bumps in the road, sure, but bumps are expected anytime we travel. Luna was a trooper and I learned a bit about life in the city with a baby. Which, in case you’re wondering, is much different then life in the city without a baby. Much different.

stroller vs. baby wearing: I am most often a stroller Mom. Luna isn’t a huge fan of being worn, but we pull it off occasionally. I decided to bring both to NYC. The stroller was used the most. In case, you haven’t noticed, Luna is a not a tiny baby. In fact, she’s a little chunk. We walked and walked all day everyday and I am so glad I had the stroller. I held her a lot, but it was a relief to be able to put her in the stroller. She slept in it, enjoyed the rides and we were able to store all of our crap in it. We used the ergo carrier too, but she never lasted long. You should know though, NY is NOT stroller friendly. Many subway stations have only stairs (no elevators or escalators) the sidewalks are treacherous, no one looks where they’re walking and the stores and restaurants are uber crowded. Be prepared to fold it up and carry it at a a moments notice. Also, be prepared for complete strangers to be awesome and heroic. I had several people help me carry the stroller with Luna in it up and down the stairs. They were my saviors!


Enjoying the lights in Time Square while riding in the Ergo Carrier.
Enjoying the lights in Time Square while riding in the Ergo Carrier.

disposable vs. cloth: I cloth diaper Luna at home, but not, absolutely not, on vacation. Why? Because toting around heavy dirty diapers all day and washing them at night is not a vacation at all. I have to admit, it was super nice to use disposables for a while. Actually, I’m still using them because we had quite a few left over. Yay for extended vacation!

train vs. taxi: My little city baby had her first ride in a taxi and on the subway. I promised myself we would only take a taxi to and from the airport since we wouldn’t have a carseat. I wanted to be as safe as possible, but when you are running late and have been carrying a baby, a stroller and a diaper bag ALL DAY LONG, a taxi ride home is very appealing and all of a sudden seems like much safer option. The trains are awesome because they’re fast and they rock Luna to sleep, but holy hell, it is awful to get on an off the train with a baby and a stroller.

Baby's first taxi ride.
Baby’s first taxi ride.
Baby's first train ride.
Baby’s first train ride.

homemade vs. store bought: I make virtually all of Luna’s food, but like with the cloth diapers, I figure I could use a little vacation from this too. Besides, lots of healthy and organic baby food is available these days. She’s also at the age where I can mash up some of my own food and share with her. It was nice to not have to worry about preparing her food ahead of time, but I am glad she eats so fresh and healthy at home.

inside vs. outside: There is so much super cool stuff for babies and kids to do in the city, inside and outside. I’ll have to write a post about our favorites. We had a mixture of weather during our long weekend, so we got to take advantage of the parks and the museums. We went to Central Park, hungout on a rooftop, shopped at Bergdorf’s, played in the Children’s Museum and at FAO Schwarz. Fall is such a great time to enjoy the city. I think we got the best of both worlds during our trip.

Central Park
Central Park
Playing at the Children's Museum of Manhattan.
Playing at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan.

-cat ears vs. cat hat: Seriously? It’s impossible to choose. I just have way too much fun dressing this cutie up!

cat ears cat hat



A Lighter Load

Even though I love purses, especially large ones, I try my best to carry around a small bag on most days. I have had a bad back for YEARS now and walking around with a large heavy bag slung over my shoulders kills me. If Husband and I spend the day out shopping, he always ends up carrying my purse. Everyone always comments about how he is very sweet for doing this (and he is), but he also knows that if he didn’t we would just have to go home because my back pain will immobilize me.

Now, at only 28 years old, it often hurts to carry a small cross-body bag! It’s unbelievable and very annoying. So, whenever it’s possible I leave the house with practically nothing. My necessities (the bare minimal) are sunglasses, my phone, my keys, chapstick and my wallet. The first four are easy to carry in my pockets or on my body, but the wallet is where I run into trouble. It’s too big for my pocket, which means I typically end up bringing my purse and adding in a dozen other items to tote around.

I have tried to just carry my debit card and i.d. to simplify the load, but that makes me nervous. Carrying lose cards in my pockets is probably not the best idea. I need a different option…I’ve been waiting for an app that allows you to use your phone as a debit card, but that hasn’t happened yet. However, I recently discovered this…


The little bitty durable Vi card holder  by Vigg is SO handy! It holds 8 cards….I can fit my license, debit, Metro, insurance, cards with no problem. Also, if I don’t want to carry a bazillion cards with me I can just keep the couple I need the most and it still holds them snug enough to keep any of them from falling out.


I love my new wallet so much that I have been using it even when I carry a purse. It also holds cash if I fold it. The only thing it doesn’t hold is change, and to be honest that typically ends up floating around the bottom of my purse even when I am carrying my big wallet.


I even brought it with me on my trip to Texas, Tennessee and it’s been all over New York. It has been nice to have my cards easily ready when I need to show my I.D. or buy a pick-me-up, which is often.


It may not keep me from buying purses, but this tiny wallet will at least keep me from hurting my back on a long outing!