Happy Year of the Snake!



Today marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year, and you know how much I LOVE holidays! Husband and I have been pumped about celebrating the New Year in the city! After eating a hearty brunch with Grandma we began our festivities.

First off: Bloomingdales. This famous department store was not on our original list, but Grandma told us they were giving out red envelopes filled with coupons and giveaways, so we decided to make a special stop. Giving out red envelopes with cash is a Chinese tradition during holidays and special occasions, and I think Bloomingdale’s take on the tradition was genius.



We won a free frozen yogurt and a tote bag. Woo! They also had an entire China themed shopping section.


After our quick shopping trip we hopped on the 6 train to Chinatown! The festivities were being held at Roosevelt park. Sadly, we missed the parade, but we still got to experience lots of singing, traditional costumes, fireworks, and even a lesson in Chinese writing.

IMG_4459 park writing result


The festival was great and we took a nice walk through Chinatown afterward so we could shop through the markets. They always have the best produce…and the uh, most unique food options.



Dried caterpillars anyone?

Happy New Year everyone! I plan to continue the celebration tomorrow by ordering fried rice and egg rolls for dinner!