You Just Thought It Was Over

Guess who got her wedding proofs delivered?!?!?!?! In case you didn’t get enough of our Disney Wedding, I will share some of my professional pictures today. It’s your lucky day! My photographer actually sent us over 700 proofs. I narrowed those down to my top 200 to share with my family, my top 100 to share with Facebook, and the top 15 to share with you…. you’re welcome.

It’s not necessarily the “top” as in “the best”, but it’s the most interesting/most different from previous pics of posted.

The first is of Husband and two of his best friends walking down the deck at the Yacht Club. Our photographer made them put on these ridiculous thick black rimmed glasses for some of the pictures. We didn’t dig them, but we rocked them anyways.

This is the moment Husband and I saw each other for the first time. “Awwwwww!”

Mom-in-law chocking her son…Zoey looking pretty and not getting in trouble, so typical.

The whole bridal party taking a run down the boardwalk.

Our awesome wedding day shoes.

Husband, Officiator/best friend, and myself laughing and having the time of our lives.

The photographer spotted this area after the ceremony and asked us to pose here, and it really turned out great.

The moment Zoey and I realized we are officially sisters.

The gazebo where Husband and I were supposed to be married, (thanks a lot rain). We took a picture here when we were first dating 7 years ago.

Our private party area to view the EPCOT fireworks. All of our guests got to join us in “Italy” to enjoy the show; free of the large Disney crowds.

The bridal party, plus our parents, getting read to “Party Rock” while being announced at the reception!

Mom and Dad gettin’ down on the dance floor.

This picture truly captures the mood at our reception.

If only you could see Husband’s very annoyed face as I smeared icing over his lips, nose, and cheeks.

This beautiful girl caught my bouquet. Can you believe I taught her 2nd grade when I was just a first-year teacher!? Love that girl.

The end.

I’m officially done posting about my wedding. Kind of sad, right? Technically we are not legally married yet…still waiting for that darn wedding license to get returned. I’ve been a little stressed about not getting it back yet, but now that I think about it… If we never get it back, we will just have to have another wedding! I’m thinking Hawaii at sunset set next time around…


Not Ready Yet

Our wedding invitation…drawn from a photo by our very talented friend Trent.

I’m home.

No longer a bride. Just a dumb wife. Wedding is over. Honeymoon is over.  Back to the real world.


JK…I’m not really so glum. Just sad about the fact that this very wonderful 3 week vacation is over and I have to actually put on real clothes and go to work tomorrow, and I just have a need to be a little over dramatic when trying to express myself.

Before leaving you and the concrete jungle 3 weeks ago, I made a promise to myself that I would be “technology free”, give myself a real break, and take in all of the special moments awaiting me.

If you are a Facebook Friend you know that I kept that promise for about 3 minutes. I was just so excited to share our joy and our MANY many photos, and EVERYONE around me conveniently had a laptop. It was like the universe was begging me to upload photos, write excited status updates, and “check-in” all over Costa Rica.

Please forgive the obnoxious amount of pictures I’ve been posting…if you haven’t already deleted me.

I have no self-control. But, I did not write a blog, so I should get some points for that.

The down side of not working or writing is that I am not sure how to jump back into it. I mean after a fairy tale wedding, a magical Disney vacation, an adventurous trip to Costa Rica,  and lots of panicky moments, where do I even begin?!? Also, I have only had 2 hours of sleep in the last 40 hours so it’s hard for me to even tell if I’m typing or just dreaming that I am being productive.

I guess I should start from the beginning…the preparations.

After flying to Florida at the crack of dawn with Zoey, we immediately went to her old house, (wonderful and generous roommate still lives there), to open up the bazillion packages I’d sent myself and start putting all the pieces of the wedding together.

Thanks for being my storage center Liz!

Husband (I need a better name than that…) and I have been determined to make our wedding very personal and unique. We really wanted each guest to feel like they are not only special to us, but to also be a part of our story. Each detail was carefully planned to relate to some part of our relationship.

The inside of our invitation for example…the left side has traditional Disney stars under my picture…and the right side has Nintendo stars under Peter’s picture.

(Right after getting engaged, I read an article about a girl who went to a wedding as a “plus one”, meaning she had never even met the couple getting married. She wrote about all the personal touches the couple had at their ceremony, and how by the time the reception was over she felt as if she’d known the couple for years. That is exactly how I wanted our guests to feel.)

Part of our plan was to prepare a “Welcome bag” for each guest or family. Everyone had traveled and spent a pretty penny to attend our wedding, and we wanted to show our appreciation. In each bag we put our favorite snacks (twizlers, hot fries, snickers, gushers, etc), gum, personalized water bottles, door hangers, and of course there own pair of Mouse Ears!

I hand-wrote a note to attach to each bag. We spent hours upon hours organizing bags and individualizing them for each group, but by far the most difficult part of this task was finding out where each person was staying.

Please ignore my sloppy hand writing.

I had to contact every single guest and ask them what hotel they were staying in and what day they were arriving…I am POSITIVE most people thought I was being obsessive, crazy, and way over controlling. All of which are qualities I possess…so I guess they were not too far off.

After all of this organizing Zoey drove me to each resort, and waited patiently as I went in and spoke to at least a hundred bellmen, receptionists, managers, and coordinators. Luckily, every hotel was pretty accommodating and gladly handed out the bags as our guests checked in. Whew.

Another personal touch was our theme: Traveling! Obviously we love to travel and consider it a necessary part of our lives. To express our love of exploring the world with everyone at the wedding we created luggage tag favors that doubled as escort cards. (These luggage tags were placed in little suitcases for each person to pick up before finding their seat.) Hand-writing and putting together all of these was the most tedious of our task. Mr. Panic and I completed this chore by ordering lots of Mexican food and watching a full-day marathon of Gilmore Girls.

The longest task, but not the worst, was our decision to write a personal letter to each and every guest. Again, we wanted to let everyone know how much we appreciate them, love them, blah blah blah. Although time consuming, it was nice to sit down and write to so many people I care about, decorate the envelope with vintage stamps, and tie them up with twine. We even used airmail stationary to tie into our travel theme.

Mom and Dad reading their letter

And, to complete the travel touches, our table numbers. Each table number was actually a different country that we had traveled too. AND each postcard was actually created from a photo that we have from said countries/states. (My other half made 13 of the postcards…I made 1.)

The final bits of preparations were the little gray and yellow boxes full of lemon drops that we placed at each seat. (Thanks Mom!) And THANK YOU to all my friends who stayed up in my hotel room and helped me put all the boxes together, and then celebrated by having a dance party with me.

After months of tedious chores, and a few very full busy days in Florida, we did it. We were completely ready for our Disney Wedding.

To be continued…

I have to get ready for bed…boo.