I hate that word, but it really is the best way to describe this weekend. It’s Memorial weekend and most of the people in the city have left to spend the long weekend at the beach somewhere fabulous, but we decided to stay home. The wedding is so super close, I only have Sunday and Monday off of work, and we figured we could stay home knock out most of our to-do list, and still have time to enjoy this beautiful spring weather.

Yesterday was awesome, so awesome that I was gone from the time I left for work at 9am until 2am this morning.

A friend from work wanted to hangout after we got off, so we took a nice long walk through Central Park. It was 80 something degrees (the highest it’s been all year), and just perfect in the shade. We sat and talked for a while and decided we might as well spend rest of the day together!

After the park, we went to Madison Square Eats (a little food festival) with Zoey and Peter, and a college friend of Peter’s. We tasted so much delicious food from different restaurants all over the city.

An Indian style veggie burger with garlic fries
A macaroon with potato chips, pretzels, chocolate, and other little goodies in the mix.
lemon mint granida

We relaxed in Madison Square Park for hours until the rain forced us out.

Eventually, we escaped the downpour and we spent the rest of the night making fish tacos in an UNBELIEVABLE apartment with the MOST BEAUTIFUL view of Central Park, dancing, relaxing, playing cards, taking cat naps, and pretending that we are on vacation… After all, we were somewhere fabulous.


My work-friend stayed the night. We had a mini-slumber party. I even got up early and made breakfast. Then, we all snuggled on the couch and watched KickAss, all before noon.

It was such a good day. Great friends, great food, and great weather (even the rain) is all we needed for our little staycation, and the best news is, we still have tomorrow off!

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend!