NYC Thus Far…

Thank you Zoey for starting your blog and therefore encouraging me to start mine up again. I know I left everyone hanging on a thread, sitting on pins and needles, and holding their breath waiting to see what was going to happen next in mine and Fiance’s venture into Manhattan. Soooo, in this blog, I will attempt to summarize what’s been happening over the past… 5 months? Yeah, that sounds about right.

Where do I even begin…?

We’ve had A LOT of visitors! (Marsha, Mom, Mom-in-law, Dad-in-law, Teddy, Genevieve, sister, brother-in-law, Steve, Derek, Zoey, Danica, Scott….did I miss anyone?)

We’ve seen 10 Broadway shows, a couple concerts, the Rockettes, an amazing off-Broadway show, and too many street performers.

We have discovered some really fantastic restaurants. Some of these are crazy expensive and uber fancy, and others are dingy little dives…that are still a little pricey. My favorite is a little taco shop in Soho called Tacombi.

I have spent way too much money because NYC just isn’t fair. There are too many great shops. Every corner you turn there is a new boutique, or department store that I somehow missed. Every New Yorker should be given an allowance. It’s just too hard to live like a tourist everyday.

I am still working 6 or 7 days a week…yet still living paycheck to paycheck (see above paragraph).

I still enjoy my job, which has a lot to do with my boss who is really great and supportive.

Our wedding plans are crazy. Everyday is a new dilemma, a new reservation to make, a new item to order, and another payment, but we are loving it and absolutely stoked about the big day! I only freak out every other day so I think I’m doing considerably well.

Belle is completely citified. She potties in the street (not on the sidewalk). She shops at all the designer stores. She’s even attended a party honoring an artists at Ralph Lauren. The loud noises freak her out much less. She has her own spiral staircase to enter our loft at night. She now has a vet, thanks to her very unfortunate incident on an escalator.

We have had most experiences in NYC that one should have. (i.e. yelled at a cab driver, yelled at the subway, started calling the subway “the train”, ate bagels, ate hotdogs, ate lots of pizza, got stuck in a subway  train, gotten frustrated with tourists, spent New Years Eve in time square, seen every major tourists site, joined a museum, and had every type of food delivered to our door for dinner.)

And, if you haven’t heard, Zoey has now moved to NYC!!! She is only a block and half away and has started her own blog!

Check her out here: New York Whimsy