My Spoiled Dog

Ever since moving to NYC Belle has become a snobby little upper east side pooch. She sleeps on a giant white feather pillow during the day, in between us at night, has an Oscar De La Renta collar (from Target…) and she shops in every designer store.

She’s been to Bergdorf Goodman’s, Barney’s, Tiffany, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Coach, Chanel and Sephora. Virtually every store welcomes dogs here. Several offer treats, leave out water bowls and give her more attention than they give me…the customer. Our recent shopping trip was to Bloomingdale’s, which is only a 20 block walk, but it’s cold out and I decided to take the bus.

The only problem is that dogs have to be in carriers on the bus. Belle is absolutely terrified of carriers. She screams, cries, bites and claws as if she is on fire. I hate putting her in one, but considering how much we travel and how we take her everywhere with us it’s inevitable. She has actually torn up every single carrier I have ever bought, which is why I just got a new pet carrier from EzyDog.

I love it because it unzips and folds up into a completely flat carrier so it’s super easy to store in our tiny apartment. The inside is soft, the outside is tough and durable. There is no netting, just giant air holes so I can actually stick my fingers through the holes to gently pat Belle and keep her slightly more calm. I may have been excited about these inventive features, but bratty Belle could care less.

She is SO dramatic! Where does she get this from?!
She is SO dramatic! Where does she get this from?!

Once I had her safely in we left together and she remained calm as we walked and waited for the bus. No tears. No yelping. I was one happy Mama.

street busstop

Once we were on the bus, things took a turn for the worse. When I sat down the whining began, then the yelping, then the high-pitched, ear-piercing cries. I tried my best to calm her…

airholes ezydog

Stupidly, I unzipped the carrier, just a little. I wanted to stick my whole hand in and strangle pet her to keep her quiet….people were starting to glare. The second she heard the zipper she pushed her tiny head out.



She tried her best to tear and bite her way out of the carrier, but she failed. So far, the EzyDog Transporter is the strongest dog carrier we have ever had! Finally, after what seemed like hours, we made it to our destination.



Belle was happy to get out, shop and walk around, and I was happy to fold up her carrier and hand it over to Husband to carry under his arm. We shopped and shopped, and enjoyed the night.



Husband snapped the funniest picture of us while I was looking at purses!



It turned out to be a night of only window shopping, but it was worth the bus ride and the use of our new dog carrier.



Maybe next week we’ll take her to a store that actually sells dog merchandise!