DIY Baby Barefoot Sandals


A few weeks ago I was feeling especially crafty and decided I wanted to be one of those special Pinterest moms who make everything from scratch. Of course, the first step was to search Pinterest for some not too tricky tutorials. I’ve been wanting the trendy baby barefoot sandals for Luna and found some tutorials that looked crazy easy.

I did a few different techniques before finding the one that worked best for me. Once I made the first pair and had all my materials ready it was so easy Luna could have made them herself…you know, if she had any sort of small motor skills.

Here’s what I did…

All can be found at Joanne's and lots of other fabric/crafty stores.
All can be found at Joanne’s and lots of other fabric/crafty stores.


Step 1 1/2: (because I forgot this one) glue the elastic you cut together in the figure eight shape you created.

2 3 4



I, of course, made a headband to match. It was seriously ridiculously easy. I’m assuming I saved money by making my own, but I didn’t pay any attention to how I much I spent on materials so I can’t know for sure.

all done

Anything else I should attempt making?