24 Weeks!

24 weeks

Woah…this pregnancy is flying by! Today, I am 24 weeks (or 6 months) and I feel awesome. My only complaint is the fact that I am carrying her so high that I feel like all of my organs are under my ribs and I get lots of heart burn. I don’t  care though, because she is growing and moving so much and it’s freakin’ amazing!  She is so active, I think we may be in trouble when she finally arrives. Here are the most recent stats….


How far along? 24 weeks

Total weight gain? 7 pounds (I never weigh myself, but I just went to the doctor yesterday)

Sleep? O.M.G. I invested in a pregnancy pillow called a “snoogle” and I think it is the best purchase I have EVER made…like ever. The only problem is I have to fight Belle for it every night. She loves to snuggle my snoogle.


Best moment this month? Husband was able to feel her move for the first time last week. It’s not nearly as exciting for him as it is for me, but still pretty wild.

What I miss the most? this changes daily…sometimes it’s a second cup of coffee, or a glass of wine, or my skinny jeans, but this past week I missed being able to ride all the big rides at Disney and Universal.

Emotions? I feel level-headed lately. My emotional roller coaster has stopped for now and I just feel calm and happy most of the time. I didn’t think I had much pregnancy brain, but I did give a sales clerk my wrong phone number twice yesterday, and threw away my paycheck.

Playing fetch with Belle
Playing fetch with Belle


Cravings: I’m just hungry most of the time. I get full really fast since everything is so high, but then I’m starving again 20 minutes later.

Belly Button? It’s halfway out and totally weird.


Wedding rings? Still on. I have not been swollen at all…yet.

Looking forward to? Choosing her name and announcing it to everyone!



Only 16 weeks to go!


21 Weeks and Growing!

barefoot and pregnant
barefoot and pregnant

Wow. I am over halfway through my first pregnancy. Time has flown! I keep thinking I have 19 weeks, but then everyone reminds me that the baby is likely to come sooner. People especially enjoy telling me stories of people who had premature births. And just to clear the air…it is totally unnecessary to tell a pregnant woman (especially one who tends to have very high anxiety and panic attacks) scary pregnancy stories.

looking at the bump

It is so strange how many people love to tell me horrifying pregnancy stories. I promise you I have already heard and imagined the worst-case scenarios. I’m very good at freaking myself out and making huge deals out of nothing all on my own, thank you very much.

Anyways, yay me for being 21 weeks! Let’s take a look at what’s happening, shall we?


Boy or girl: Girl!

Name: No decision yet, but we’re getting close.

Movement: Omygoodness, this little girl is moving so much and I cannot get enough of it!!! I have definitely felt her move and kick from week 18 and it gets bigger and more common as each week passes. Husband has yet to feel her, but I get to feel her roll and move all the time now! I could sit still with my hand on my belly all day.

Symptoms: Heartburn and indigestion have been terrible. Thank God the doctor told me I can take Zantac. It works 100 times better than Tums or Rolaids.

Workout: Still going strong with Insanity, although, it is getting much harder. I have had to modify a lot, which I hate. Thankfully, Husband is doing it with me everyday, which keeps me motivated. Although it’s slightly frustrating that I am clearly digressing every week and he is just getting faster and stronger. I don’t know how much longer I can do it, but I’m shooting for 3 more weeks. I will reevaluate my workout routine at that point.

This was taken at 20 weeks and 3 days after my workout.
This was taken at 20 weeks and 3 days, right after my workout.

Belly Button: I have always had a belly button that is in the middle. It looks like an actual button. It is definitely starting to make its way farther out.

Cravings: Fruit and sushi, separately

Challenges: I’m surprised how hard it is to get used to my growing stomach. I thought I’d love it, but I just feel fat most of the time. Eating healthy has been a huge challenge lately. I’m so hungry so often and French fries are just too tempting. Poor baby is going to have fry withdrawal after she’s born.

What I’m Enjoying: A LOT! The special treatment, being the center of attention, shopping for baby stuff, little girl onesies, having an excuse for any and everything, planning the nursery….

triple topsy tail

Overall, I feel great and am really excited. There are definitely some nervous moments, but they pass quickly. I’m so thankful to have such a healthy and easy pregnancy (so far). Husband has been wonderful. He is supportive and understanding. There are so many little things (like telling me how proud he is of me for keeping up with Insanity) that he does that makes my day. I am constantly reminded that he is going to be the best Dad.

Alright, alright, I’m sounding too sappy now, stupid hormones. Three more days until we leave for our “Babymoon”!



Hello Second Trimester!

14 weeks
Notice, I left out the word “in”…baby brain is IN full swing, obviously.

Woohoo! I am officially in my 2nd trimester and feeling great! I have been looking at lots of other Baby Bump Blogs and most of them seem to answer the same series of questions every week. I figure I’ll give it a shot, this week, and let you know how the pregnancy is going so far.

A few of the shots we took today...sucking and pushing out!
A few of the shots we took today…sucking in and pushing out!

How far along? 14 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss: no clue…I NEVER weigh myself. However, I’m sure the doctor will weigh me on Monday.

Maternity clothes? Got a couple new pieces and a belly band, just because Im excited and love to get new clothes for any reason. My jeans are starting to feel pretty tight though!

Stretch marks? No, thank God.

Sleep: Sleeping pretty well…minus the getting up to pee every 4 hours.

Best moment this week: working out with Husband. I’ve been working out almost every day, but it’s so much easier and so much more fun (competitive) when he joins me. He has been super Husband lately and let’s me get away with murder since “I’m pregnant”.

Have you told family and friends: Yes!

Miss Anything? feeling skinny and drinking with my friends

Movement: I don’t think so… For a second, I thought I felt a feeling like butterflies this morning, but there’s a good chance that was just gas.

Food cravings: Fruit, pizza flavored goldfish, popsicles and juice. Oh and meat! I am dying for a hamburger and seriously regretting being a vegetarian. And, no a veggie burger does not do the trick.

Anything making you queasy or sick: I’m feeling much less queasy, but I cooked salmon the other night and couldn’t eat any after cooking and smelling it.

Have you started to show yet: a little, mostly look like I ate too much chipotle…which I have.

Gender prediction: I think it’s a girl only because EVERY FRIEND of mine in Texas has had or is pregnant with a boy. Someone is bound to have a girl.

Labor Signs: definitely not

Belly Button in or out? it’s always been stuck in the middle

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Mostly happy, except that one panic attack.

Looking forward to: Finding out the gender & feeling the baby move!

baby bump

We have a doctor appointment on Monday and then we will make an appointment to find out what the gender will be, can’t wait! Hope this pregnancy continues to go this well.