Finding Out I Was Expecting

Before having kids, or deciding to have kids, I often thought about what the whole experience would be like and how I would share the news with my Husband. I’d seen lots of cute and cheesy ideas on Pinterest (a photo, a painted nursery wall, a onesie, etc), and heard all my friend’s stories of how they broke the big news to their guys. So, when we decided to start trying for our own family, I quickly began brainstorming on how to announce the pregnancy to not only Husband, but everyone.

I found out I was expecting in NYC, 2 days before I left to move to Tennessee. Husband was already in Tennessee. I took a pregnancy test in the morning and got a very faint positive, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up so I tried to put it out of my mind and just get ready for work…yeah right. During my first break at work, I confided in a really good friend and told her I just couldn’t wait of  know for sure. The two of us walked across the street to Walgreens to buy a fancy-pants digital test. I said, I’d wait until I got home that evening to try it, and then we walked to Starbucks to spend the rest of our break sipping coffee in the sunshine. (Oh, how I miss that everything is in walking distance in NYC!)

Well, I am very impatient so before the barista even finished making my soy latte, I was already in the bathroom trying out the digital test. SO, over lattes on the sidewalk, during a work break, I found out what is possibly the biggest news of my life. Then, I swore I wouldn’t tell anyone else. Husband should know first, er… second.

By lunch, I’d already spilled the beans to my boss and another friend/co-worker. I couldn’t help myself! I like these people and I decided that I’d rather tell them in person anyways. Plus, I suck at keeping secrets.

That night, I saw Annie on Broadway with Zoey (the sister-in-law)… and handed her the pregnancy test the second we found our seats. (I suck, I suck, I know!) BUT, that was it. No one else would know until Husband, and I was not going to tell him until I got to Nashville and could tell him in person.

The next night was my last night in New York, and we had a little going away party at a local bar, which happened to be owned by one of our student’s fathers. Since, it was my last night everyone wanted to buy me a drink, even the bartender/owner was handing out free shots. Weellllllll guess who couldn’t drink? After turning down enough drinks, people began to question why I wouldn’t have even one drink during my own going away party… It took one person looking at me and saying “Wait a second, are you…?” I can’t hide my emotions for the life of me, so within minutes the entire bar and bar staff knew I was pregnant. Woops.

The next day I FINALLY flew “home” to Husband and could not wait to get this secret out! I was about to explode with nerves and excitement in the airport when they announced that my flight was delayed, not once, but twice. When I finally boarded, I called Husband and he informed me that he would be picking me up with a couple of our friends in tow… Okay, I wasn’t thrilled about the unexpected company, but assumed we would go home and be alone.

I shared this photo on Facebook on the way to the airport to show my mixed emotions about leaving New York and moving to Nashville, but what no one knew is I was always feeling excited/scared/nervous about being pregnant and telling Husband!
I shared this photo on Facebook on the way to the airport to show my mixed emotions about leaving New York and moving to Nashville, but what no one knew is I was also feeling excited/scared/nervous about being pregnant and telling Husband!

Wrong. On the way home from the airport I found out that we were not going home, we were going straight to dinner with more family and friends. Awesome. During dinner two people actually asked me when we were planning on having kids. I could hardly contain myself.

After dinner, we were then whisked to my in-laws, but by this point it was clear to Husband that I wanted nothing but to go home. So, we had a quick visit and finally went home. Now, you have to remember that I had only seen our new house once ever, 3 months prior to this moment. So, while I wanted to sit down and talk to Husband about the fact that we were going to be parents, he was stoked to show me everything he’d been working on in the house.

At about 11pm we walked into the room that was most likely going to become an office, until the day we needed it to become a nursery. This room has  a loft, and the two of us climbed the ladder and sat in the loft together to take in our new home. This was it, this was the moment. I looked at Husband and simply asked, “So, do you think you and your Dad could transform this room into a nursery, by say….February?”

And, that was it, that was our moment, and it was just right. Husband was really excited, obviously, and he wasn’t even mad that I’d told like a 100 people before him. Luckily, he finds it endearing that I can’t keep secrets.

Do any of you have cute or funny announcement stories?


We are having a baby!!!


FINALLY, I get to tell everyone my super big secret that I never really kept. I suck at keeping any secrets so you can imagine how hard it has been for me to keep this a secret. We have told way more people than originally planned, but whatever, we’re just so excited! This is a huge reason why my blogs have been so sporadic lately. Every day, as I sit at my laptop, I just stare at the screen thinking “OMG, I’m pregnant!” and that’s it. Leaving this little detail out has made it very challenging to write about my daily life.

I am officially 10 weeks and a couple of days pregnant. Everything has gone really well, we have heard it’s heartbeat, seen its little hands and feet wiggle and we are so very excited.

I’ve been thinking of ways to “announce” the pregnancy for months now, and never came up with a super creative idea. We decided to take some photos at our recent Hilton Head vacation, and these are my favorites of the 5 thousand photos we took…

Husband's expression of "what the hell?" here is priceless
Husband’s expression of “what the hell?” here is priceless
I like this one because it looks so similar to our wedding invites
I like this one because it looks so similar to our wedding invites

due date

And of course, Zoey had to sneak into a couple
And of course, Zoey had to sneak into a couple
Awww, Husband is pregnant!
Awww, Husband is pregnant!

When I first found out I was pregnant we decided to tell our parent’s first. We had a big family dinner with my in-laws and I stood up to take a group picture of everyone. I set my camera on “record” and said “on the count of 3, say Hilarie is pregnant!” The idea was to record everyone’s reactions instead of snapping a photo, but I recently got a new phone and that video is now gone…woops.

We Facetime’d with my family in Texas and sent photos to my closest friends.

Sent to my sister, our babies will be just 11 months apart!
Sent to my sister, our babies will be just 11 months apart!
Sent to some friends to announce the baby.
Sent to some friends to announce the baby.

Belle is probably our biggest concern at the moment. This dog is so incredibly spoiled. She can’t even handle me holding someone else’s child for a minute. Here’s hoping she likes our kid more than she likes everyone else’s.

belle big sister

You have probably realized now that the baby is due February 17th, approximately, which also happens to be mine and Husband’s 9-year dating anniversary! I know it’s unlikely that the baby will be born on its actual due date, but the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

I could not be any happier right now, life is really good.