What It All Adds Up To

1 Disney internship

4 Shaun T workout programs

1 Wedding

18 Countries (20 after these next two weeks!)

3 Years of long distance

5 Disney parks

1 Baby

7 Homes

2 Pets

7 Races

48 Road Trips

476 Trips to Starbucks

37 Flights

152 Dinners at Chipotle

265 Dates

6798 Adventures

And, what does it all add up to?

The best 10 years of my life with the one and only person I’d ever want to have so many memories with.

Happy 10 years together, babe.









*That’s 10 years since we started dating BTW.

Cotton Anniversary

Today is mine and Husband’s two year wedding anniversary. It’s been a fast two years and the last year has been especially quick. One year and a day ago I moved from NY to Tennessee and told Husband we were expecting our first baby, and exactly one year ago we celebrated our paper anniversary and told our families we were expecting. Now, we’re all settled in to our country home and raising our beautiful little girl. Today, we celebrated our cotton anniversary, and it was perfect.

I surprised Husband with a trail of cotton balls that led from the bedroom to a cheesy “I heart u” sign made of cotton balls and gift bag full of cotton goodies. It was nice, but Husband had to go and blow my lame gift out of the water. Typical. He’s always been a much better gift giver. It started with a surprise picnic. He found a trail off of Cotton Lane (yup that’s the actual street name) that led down to some large beautiful rocks on the edge of the Harpeth River. It had just finished storming so it was breezy and cloudy, perfect picnic weather.

cottonln picnic IMG_20140609_155532

I then had one more small surprise up my sleeve. I took him to Nucci’s for some Italian ice and homemade gelato.


After some window shopping at the mall for all things cotton I came home to another surprise, a cotton candy maker! OMG Making cotton candy is sticky, messy and so much fun. It took us a little while and a lot of sugar to get the hang of it, but we ended up with lots of colorful cotton candy and a crazy sugar rush.

cotton candy making it

I was more than happy with cotton-sugar-coated day of bliss, but Husband did not stop there. He made me a bouquet of cotton flowers and cotton earrings. (To be fair, my dad-in-law actually made the earrings.) Last year, I got paper flowers and a paper bracelet, so Husband has now set himself up for a new tradition of anniversary themed flowers and jewelry for the next million years.

IMG_20140609_165358 IMG_20140609_192008

The day didn’t end there either. We finished our anniversary night with dinner (just the two of us) at Josephine’s in West Nashville.

This would be German Chocolate Doughnuts, and they were delicious.
This would be German Chocolate Doughnuts, and they were delicious.

I have no idea how I ended up with the most thoughtful and creative person I know. Marrying this man is perhaps the best decision I ever made, or maybe spending a college semester working at Disney World was? Honestly, I thought all the magic in our relationship would disappear after leaving our happiest internship on Earth, it all seemed too good to be true. Sometimes, it still does. I’m so thankful to have him and cannot wait to spend many more anniversaries together.



Our Least Glamorous Valentine’s

Okay, if you’ve followed Positively Panicked for a while you surely know that I LOVE ALL holidays. I have head-to-toe outfits (shoes and accessories included) for every holiday, throw parties, make themed food and celebrate to the fullest extent. Valentine’s Day is one my all-time favorites. I just love the expressions of love that go out. Seriously, even the ridiculous amount of corny Facebook posts don’t bother me. It’s nice to see so much love being expressed. Typically, I send cards to all my friends, bake/buy something delicious for work, wear hearts all week and do something extra special for Husband. This year is clearly a lot different.

Husband and mine’s dating anniversary is on February 17th, so we typically celebrate Valentine’s and our anniversary together, making a week/weekend out of it. Our favorite tradition is buying each other funny cards, but we also plan special surprises for each other. Last year, Husband surprised me with a trip to Disneyland California (completing our “visit every Disney park in the world” goal). Another year, I surprised him with a trip to Berlin, Germany. Our very first Valentine/Anniversary, he surprised me with a trip to NYC (my first time to visit NY) and tickets to see Wicked and tour backstage. We have celebrated at Disney World, fancy restaurants, the movies, etc. One year, Husband took me to a little Italian restaurant in the middle of a small town in Nowhere, Tennessee. As we walked in they were actually playing “when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…”, the owner waited on us and prepared a special meal and we ate our meal by candle light..it was right out of a movie.

As you can see, we tend to go all out, a little overboard even, when it comes to this holiday. In fact, our very first date (sometime around February 17th) was probably the most romantic of all. We ate together at the Sci-Fi Drive-In Cafe at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We talked so long that we closed the restaurant without even realizing we were the last ones there. Then, as we left, a security guard met us at the restaurant door and began following us towards the gates. A little worried, we asked if we were in trouble. He said, “No. You are just the last two people in the park so I have to escort you out.” We had no idea we’d been hanging out for so long. Even now, I’m certain we could close the park just sitting and enjoying each other’s company.

This year, at 11am, Husband was still in bed and I was nursing our baby for hours on end on the couch while watching Disney movies. The house is a mess. The dishwasher just broke again. I am surrounded by pill bottles and there are zero plans for the weekend…no surprise trips, no reservations and I wasn’t even able to shop for a funny card. (We did go to a friend’s house last night… just no romantic plans.) It’s the least glamorous Valentine/Anniversary we have had together, but I have never felt more loved.

During our extra long hospital stay Husband managed to fulfill every single wedding vow, including putting up with my high anxiety and panic attacks. The three of us cuddled in the hospital bed together as we watched movies to keep our minds off of everything else happening. Husband held my hand and told me how strong I was during the moments I felt weakest. When I couldn’t get out of bed, he brought me Luna to feed, then he would change her, swaddle her and love on her before putting her to bed and taking care of me. Now, that we are home and finally able to share some of the load I can enjoy watching Husband become a Father… it’s the best thing ever. I never doubted his ability to be an awesome Dad, but seeing in action is incredible.

And, the best Valentine is of course our perfect little Luna (everybody say “awww”).


Last night, for the first time since Luna was born, I was able to get ready and feel like a real person before going to our friend’s Valentine party. In fact, we all got dressed up which called for a family picture.



Happy Valentine’s to each of you and Happy 9 years to Husband!

xoxo Cheers!


Paper Anniversary



Yesterday was mine and Husband’s one year wedding anniversary! My gift to Husband was a trip to NYC with many rooftop dates a few weeks ago. All I wanted from Husband was a finished bedroom to sleep in when I got to our new home. I came home Saturday night to a freshly painted bedroom, a new bed and a new occasional table built by Husband and my Father-in-law. It was the perfect gift, and I didn’t expect anything else…except a day of relaxing with Husband, and a card, and maybe breakfast in bed…

Sunday morning came and Husband did make me breakfast in bed. He also surprised me with a bouquet full of handmade paper flowers for our Paper Anniversary! I didn’t even know that one year is considered the paper anniversary.


Belle wanted to be a part of the celebration...
Belle wanted to be a part of the celebration…



Relaxing outside of our new house

After spending about 4 hours to very slowly shower and get ready for the day, Husband informed me that we were having a paper airplane contest as part of our paper celebration. I am probably the world’s worst paper airplane maker, but Husband kept insisting it would be fun to play and winning doesn’t really matter. Yeah, yeah sure. So, after a distance, height and accuracy contest we added up our points and I was determined the winner. I made sure to jump up and down and yell “I’m the winner” over and over and then gently remind him that “having fun is what is important”.


Husband gave me rice paper candies as a prize.



We spent the afternoon shopping and made sure to browse the local paper and stationery store.



Husband then surprised me again with a handmade paper bracelet! I don’t know how I ended up with such a creative and thoughtful guy, but I thin he is starting to make me look bad.



We ended the night having dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant with the whole family because that is how we tend to celebrate everything, with the entire family. It was such a nice day and I can’t believe it’s already been one year since our fairy tale wedding day. So many changes  and adventures have happened over the past year, and I’m so thankful to have experienced all of them with Husband.

all year


Can’t wait to see what this next year has in store! Happy Anniversary Husband!



Cars Land!


Husband’s favorite part of our trip, by far, was the new Cars Land at California Adventure. Not to be stereotypical, but it is a very boy-friendly land. Lots of cars, trucks, tires, gas stations, neon signs, junk food and Lightning McQueen of course. Cars was not my favorite Pixar movie, in fact it’s at the bottom of my list, but I must say…I LOVED the land almost as much as Husband.

Disney is the “theming” master, but they outdid themselves in Cars Land. It felt like we were actually in Radiator Springs. The road appeared driven on, every store and station featured in the movie were there, and Tow Mater himself was hanging out in front of the Cozy Cone.


Our first goal in Cars Land was to ride the Radiator Springs Racers. This ride is similar to Test Track in Disneyworld’s EPCOT, but so much better! We got to ride in a car through Ornament Valley with the Cadillac Range Mountains as our backdrop. All the famous characters from Cars meet us along the way, and we even got a touch up at Ramóne’s, tires at Luigi’s, and then sent off to race another car through the hills and caverns! Luckily, they offer a “single rider’s” line because the fast passes ran out in about an hour and the “stand-by” line was a 2-hour wait!

racers IMG_5127 IMG_5138 waterfall

The next ride was Luigi’s Flying Tires. This ride was not near as exciting as the Racers, but the floating tires that acted as bumper cars were pretty cool.

IMG_5168 IMG_5171

The food in Cars Land is reason enough to visit. The Cozy Cone has Frito Pies served in a bread cone, ice cream cones, pretzel bites in cones, popcorn in cones (pop-cone) and some delicious frozen drinks. We got Red’s apple freeze, but I’d like to go back and try the pomegranate limeade with berry foam. I’d get it “high-octane” style….(vodka added).


The best part of Cars Land is how the appearance changes once the sun goes down. That’s when the Neon lights up! I loved comparing our daytime photos to the ones we shot at night.

sign tastein greensign cozycone 8cafe IMG_4657

I suggest seeing this park a few times throughout the day to view the changes, listen to the music and grab a few snacks. It was definitely the highlight of our day!


Our California Advenutre


Our second and last day at Disneyland was spent in their second park, California Adventure. I had no idea what to expect in this park. Since it was a surprise trip from Husband I had no time to do my normal research. We did a bit of studying the night before and planned to hit the main attractions first. We entered the park through the super special not-so-secret entrance for hotel guests in the Grand Californian and went straight to Paradise Pier.

pier IMG_5110 IMG_5099

California Screamin’, the giant fake wooden roller coaster, was scary, but it was nothing compared to Mickey’s Fun Wheel.  Over half the carts on this Ferris Wheel swing and sway around giants ovals as the wheel turns. It’s hard to explain, but this video will help…

If that didn’t help, then just look at this photo…


We went to Cars Land next, but I have to save this land for it’s own post…it’s just that good!

In Hollywood Land, we were transported back in time to Hollywood’s Golden era, stars roamed the streets and there were shows at every corner. Mickey put on a song and dance on Buena Vista Street and Aladdin had his own “musical spectacular”.

mickey aladdin

I also took a lesson in animation… don’t worry, I’m not about to quit my day job.


For a little more excitement we headed to the Tower of Terror.


Then, chilled out at the Imagineering Blue Sky Cellar. This “cellar” reveals future project that Disney will soon reveal. Currently they are showing the plans, the process, the photos and the models of Fantasyland’s “Fantasy Faire”.


We were able to do everything on our “must-do” list that we had time to play in Grizzly Peak. This wilderness adventure is made up of tree houses, rope bridges, log slides, rock climbing and is definitely meant for children….not 28 year olds. Whatever.


After a romantic dinner at Carthay Circle we went back to Paradise Pier to find our reserved seats for the “World of Color” show. All I knew of this show was that it is a water show with projections, similar to Fantasmic. Before it began, Husband and I wondered if we would even like it. Why would they make another water projection show?

night worldofcolor color

Because this show is unbelievable, that’s why! It was hard to take photos because we did not want to look away for even a second. There were moments where I thought, How is this possible? This is actual magic!.  This show is an absolute must if you visit Disneyland.


We stayed at the park until the gates closed and fell asleep exhausted from two days of parks, 30 hours of walking, but full of hundreds of new Disney memories.

Best surprise ever.


Disneyland, the Final Frontier


Arriving to Disneyland was a surreal experience. After realizing that we are finally experiencing EVERY Disney park in the world and the very FIRST Disney park ever made, I had that sinking feeling that everything is just too good. I don’t deserve this…something terrible must be lurking in the near future.

I hate that when good things happen my mind turns to fear and tries to twist a positive event into impending doom. Before we even arrived to our hotel I was already sad that we were checking this off our bucket list… In my mind something good has to be balanced out with something terrible. Thankfully my Celexa prescription and Husband’s calming reminders quickly stopped my destructive train of thought. The negative thoughts tried to take over throughout the weekend, but I never let them win.

Sunday morning we were up at 6am and excited to see what Walt himself designed years ago. We basically ran through Disneyland’s gates right down the middle of Main Street. My first thought is that it is very similar to Magic Kingdom, but much more nostalgic. I was worried the park might look old or outdated, but who was I kidding, it’s Disney! How could it be anything less than magical?




The biggest difference is that every land is much closer together than in Magic Kingdom. We started in Adventureland and began making our way around the park. The lines were surprisingly short and the weather was surprisingly cold.


Tarzan's tree house
Tarzan’s tree house

IMG_4827 smallworld splash

A few of my favorite things? First, Haunted Mansion because it is just be-a-utiful! I love the New Orleans themed mansion.


I also fell in love with the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. You actually get to go underwater and on a journey to find Nemo…so stinkin’ cute!


The Pirates of the Caribbean is enormous, has a restaurant inside the ride, AND a Disney Dream Suite in the attraction!



The pancakes only because they are Mickey pancakes. Do they have these in Disneyworld??? I only remember Mickey waffles…



AND, this Disney park has a petting zoo with goats, sheep and even a baby cow!


We ended the night with two amazing shows. First, Fantasmic…just as great as the Fantasmic in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and almost identical. The biggest and best difference was the pirate ship scene that featured a battle between Peter Pan and Captain Hook. I wish we got better photos because this one does not to it justice.


The last show was the fireworks show at Sleeping Beauty’s castle. It was similar to Wishes (my fav fireworks show), but included fireworks around Main Street, fire, and some laser action.

IMG_5040 copy

Before they kicked us out of the park we spent a little time admiring Walt’s apartment. He had a real apartment on Main Street right above the firehouse and they still leave a lamp lit for him every night.


Day one was magical! Stay tuned for our day at California Adventure!



Husband and I love to plan surprises for each other, but we plan them very differently. I plan out surprises months in advance and am so excited that I tell him all about it, or even give it to him, before the special occasion. I have no self-control. Husband plans out his surprises and never ever even hints that he has devised anything at all, and then BAM, surprises me with the world’s best most unexpected surprise.

He told me a few months ago that he would plan something for our anniversary and I could plan something for Valentine’s Day. I bought him something he desperately needed, a new camera strap, and planned a romantic dinner out for two..which I told him about the second I booked a reservation.

I bought Husband a camera a few years ago, right before a trip to Japan. While traveling he realized he really needed a strap, but did not want to buy one. One day, while entering Tokyo Disneyland he found a bright sequined scrunchie, picked it up, attached it to his camera with a hair-band, and he has been using that as a camera strap ever since. Husband could care less that he looks ridiculous, he is just happy to have a free camera strap that has lasted him almost 3 years.


For Valentine’s I bought him a nice new innovative strap that I found on Kickstarter from a cool company called Peak Design. He was a little sentimental about saying good-bye to his dependable scrunchie, but he is thrilled to have a real camera strap that won’t garner stares from strangers.



We had dinner at Crudo, a romantic Italian restaurant in Little Italy that offered a vegetarian and non-vegetarian prix fixe menu. Like most NYC restaurants, it was small, cozy, and candlelit.



I was happy just to get dressed up and go out on a real date. Not that I don’t love our nights inside watching Walking Dead marathons…that’s probably my favorite kind of night.

shoes sweater street necklace coat

The next night Husband tells me to pack a suitcase. At first I was a little concerned…Are you kicking me out? Is this because I threw out your scrunchie? Turns out he had planned a surprise trip for our 8-year dating anniversary!  Within ten minutes I went from SUPER duper crazy excited to highly anxious freak-out mode.

What should I pack? How many days? What’s the weather? Are you taking me to a psych ward? Are we flying? Do I need my passport? Swimsuit? Coat? Boots? Flip-flops? Laptop? Nook? Raincoat? Camera? Snacks? Medicine? Heels? What about Belle? What about work? 

I couldn’t stand not knowing. I am a planner! He refused to answer half of my questions so I threatened to serenade him with Adele songs until he tells me the surprise. After singing all of Someone Like You as loud as possible and missing every single note, he told me he is never surprising me again…

Fast forward to Saturday afternoon: We arrived to JFK airport and Husband handed me this..



As soon as I saw “Los Angeles” I knew we were going to Disneyland!!!! I could not have been more excited! After a 6 hour flight, we arrived to the most comfortable Disney hotel room I’ve ever stayed in, special Disney pins and Mickey balloons. And the weekend just kept getting better….


Can’t wait to tell you more!