8 Months Seems to Be the Magic Month

8 months

I am in shock at how much Luna has changed this month, just the past couple of weeks really. She is crawling all over the place, pulls up to standing on absolutely anything within reach, climbs up steps and has even stood on her own a few times. It’s way too much, too fast. Once she discovered she can crawl she started doing more and more everyday. I swear if I leave her in the middle of the carpet with a stuffed animal for two seconds, she’ll manage to get an electrical chord, a knife, a valuable piece of jewelry and my cell phone in her hands. That kid is ninja. She also sprouted two teeth this last week! I’m afraid she’s going to be driving by the end of the week.

It was near impossible to snap of photos of her today. She is constantly on the move!
It was near impossible to snap of photos of her today. She is constantly on the move!

Over the last month Luna has begun “talking” nonstop. She babbles new syllables all the time. She growls, squeals, laughs, blows raspberries, hums and is surprisingly loud. I’m also 94% sure she said “mama” to me a couple of weeks ago and then said “dada” to Peter last week. It hasn’t’ happened again though, so I can’t be sure.


She has now been to 3 other kid’s birthday parties and a few adult birthday parties as well. (Birthday season has begun.) We go to Whole Foods once a week for kids’ hour, the library and the park all the time. She has celebrated Rosh Hashanah, met some new friends and is an incredibly social and happy baby. She couldn’t make me any happier.


Well….unless maybe she slept all night. Yeah, that would definitely make me a little happier. In fact, it’s almost midnight now, she’s sleeping and I’m not. I should probably cut this one short. Night Night.


35 Weeks!

35 weeks

Today I am exactly 35 weeks pregnant! 5 weeks to go…about a month…or 35 days…OR even less! (Just no more than that, please.) I think I have begun nesting. Either that or I’m becoming incredibly more controlling and have developed OCD. I still get Braxton Hicks contractions all the time and they make life pretty uncomfortable. My goal over the next month is to finish the nursery, the office, the guest room (OK the entire house), make a couple more frozen meals, pack my hospital bag and try to keep the house clean because who wants to bring home their new baby to a dirty house? Not this incredibly controlling, OCD, very pregnant lady. Oh, and I’d like to have several posts saved up for the blog!


Okay...I know I have a big pregnant belly...but I SWEAR it look so much bigger when I see it in a photo. It's shocking.
Okay…I know I have a big pregnant belly…but I SWEAR it look so much bigger when I see it in a photo. It’s shocking.

Here are the latest stats:

Weight: I think I’ve gained about 23 pounds…more than I hoped for at this point, but whatever…I’m pregnant AND just survived the holidays!

Stretch Marks: Only a couple on the ladies…glad they aren’t anywhere else.

Looking Forward to: finishing her nursery

Missing: I really miss moving around like a normal person. Every action; getting up, sitting down, working out, sweeping, cooking, whatever, takes me at least twice as long as it used to.

Challenges: (See above) Also, eating a full meal is difficult. I get full super first and almost always get heartburn. I’m also always hungry. I’m trying to eat smaller meals all throughout the day, but it’s hard to not eat more than I can handle.

Appetite/Cravings: I haven’t been craving anything in particular… although I did want ice cream at about midnight last night.

Sleep: I sleep best after 7am for some reason. I toss and turn and get up all night, but once the sun is up I feel ready to sleep.

Emotions: I can tell I am getting more emotional and more sentimental the closer we get to Luna’s arrival. I cried yesterday because Husband was just being so sweet and cute… an hour later I cried because I missed my Mom and my girlfriends in Texas. I’m also feeling more anxious about the big day!

Movement: Everyday I think she can’t possible be more active and everyday she proves me wrong. This girl can move!

Exercise: It is soooo not easy, but I’m still working out 5-6 days a weeks. Some days I feel awful and want to skip it, but I always feel better once I finish.




32 Weeks, or so

Today I am 32 weeks and 2 days pregnant… which means I have about 8 weeks (hopefully a little less!) left. The last few days have been so full of travel, family and friends that I haven’t even had a chance to take my “32 weeks” photo, which I totally planned on doing. I had to settle for a pic from my Mom’s phone for this one.

32 weeks

Two days ago, Husband and I were busy driving a little over 12 hours from our home in Tennessee to my parent’s home in southeast Texas. I just knew it was going to be the most uncomfortable ride of my life, but I drove the first six hours and felt pretty darn good the rest of the trip. We got Starbucks, a little too much junk, jammed to Frank Sinatra’s Christmas music, let Belle hang her head out the window and actually enjoyed the drive more than can be expected. I hope the drive back goes just as well!


Buy one get one free at Starbucks!
Buy one get one free at Starbucks!
Warmest Christmas road trip drive ever!
Warmest Christmas road trip drive ever!

Anyhow, at 32 weeks (or 8 months) pregnant here’s my latest stats:

Weight gain: about 15 pounds

Stretch marks: none so far, fingers crossed!

Belly Button: so far out, it’s frightening

Symptoms: Rights side of ribs are pretty much in constant pain and breathing has become a challenge. I spend much of my time stretching back to make more room and taking long deep breaths.

Good side effects: My hair, nails and skin are freakin’ awesome. I have NEVER had such clear skin!

Sleep: I’m getting up somewhere between 1-3 times a night, but it’s not so bad. Honestly, just getting out of the bed is the hard part. It’s more of a roll out of the bed at this point.

Cravings: I’m just hungry a lot, but have to eat small meals and snacks because I get full so fast…and then hungry again 30 minutes later.

What I miss: feeling comfortable

Looking forward to: My baby shower in Texas is this weekend and my shower in Tennessee is the next! I am so so so excited to see what Luna gets!

Workouts: I am still working out six days a week, and still doing the Asylum most days with Husband, but it is soooo modified that it barely resembles what Shaun T is doing. My goal is to workout for the same length of time, keep moving and to just try and work the same muscle groups they are working.

Overall health: Doc says the baby and I are just perfect and he expects no complications! Yay!

me and o
enjoying some bonding time with my friend’s adorable baby boy…it’s good to go home

I can’t believe how close it’s getting to her due date! Only a couple more updates until she’s here!