Happy Half Birthday Baby!

6 months

Today is exactly half a year since Luna has entered the world. Half. A. Year. How have 6 months gone by already? There’s just no way. The last month has been crazy! Luna has changed so much and is basically an adult now. We went from having an adorable little immobile blob that cooed and smiled, to a mobile little girl that spills things and actually knows who we are. We are having so much playing with her and watching her play…and keeping her from killing herself every 5 minutes.

The pets couldn't keep away from the photo session. (That's Lola BTW, we are pet-sitting her this week.)
The pets couldn’t keep away from the photo session. (That’s Lola BTW, we are pet-sitting her this week.)

Luna sits now. We can even walk away from her without worrying about her immediately collapsing onto her face. Of course, she now prefers to sit. She must sit to hear a story, play with a toy, eat and chew on things. The tricky part is reaching for something to the side…gets her every time.

big smile

Luna has two new sounds now, “ma” and “ba”. When she’s excited she repeatedly says “ma, ma, ma, ma” which sounds A LOT like “mama” if you ask me, not if you ask Husband though. I try to reinforce “mama” by running to her and pointing to myself when she gets on a “ma” roll. That’s right baby! “Mama”! That’s me!

That's one good book
That’s one good book

The funniest thing is that Luna can scoot. She can scoot on her belly in a circle and scoot backwards (never forwards), but her most efficient means of moving is by scooting on her back. She lies on her back bends her knees and pushes into a bridge pose, then straightens her legs and moves back. It’s impressive how fast she can move across the room like this.

on back

This month has also been the month of becoming a “mama’s girl”. She wants me ALL the time. She reaches for me, cries for me, notices when I’m not in the room and only lets me put her to bed. It’s sometimes frustrating that Husband can’t calm her lately (give the Mama a break!). I feel bad that she wants me. However, I feel pretty darn good too. Who’s your favorite, baby? That’s right, Mama! Besides, I know his time will come. I have to soak up these moments now, before she’s 13 and hates me.


She’s not 13 yet though, she’s only 6 months and she loves me, playing peekaboo, listening to us read, sticking her tongue out, pulling everything off the table and sticking everything in her mouth. I mean, really, your Dad’s dirty socks? That can’t taste good.

So advanced
So advanced

Happy Half Birthday baby girl!


Lil’ Sprout

I keep mentioning how much I love the maternity clothes available at Etsy. There are just so many crafty people out there producing the most adorable handmade clothes! I waste a lot of time to just browsing the shops and “window shopping” for future outfits. I’ve mentioned the maternity/nursing poncho from Marie Nohr and the Disney maternity tank from Baby Talk Designs, and now I just have to share this maternity t-shirt from Disco Belly.

disco belly

Disco Belly prints every t-shirt by hand and use high-quality materials, so the tee’s are super soft and comfy.

24 weeks 5 days

I’m not normally a big t-shirt wearer, but pregnancy has brought out my comfy side. I just wore this top to work. Luckily, I get to dress very casual at work. I made Husband snap some pics when I got home, but I felt like I need to be doing something…so I said “Oh let’s pretend like I’m cooking!”


Don’t I look like a natural? You’ll be disappointed to learn that I’m “cooking” Goldfish Mac & Cheese, and I didn’t even cook it…Husband did. Fancy and healthy.


My fav t-shirt from Disco Belly is the “Lil’ Sprout” Tee, but their “Destiny is Minivan” and “Can’t Touch This” tees are pretty darn cute too.

lil' sprout

Lovin' my first baby
Lovin’ my first baby

Can’t wait to start shopping for big belly Thanksgiving and Christmas outfits! Any of you have a favorite brand or store for maternity clothes?


24 Weeks!

24 weeks

Woah…this pregnancy is flying by! Today, I am 24 weeks (or 6 months) and I feel awesome. My only complaint is the fact that I am carrying her so high that I feel like all of my organs are under my ribs and I get lots of heart burn. I don’t  care though, because she is growing and moving so much and it’s freakin’ amazing!  She is so active, I think we may be in trouble when she finally arrives. Here are the most recent stats….


How far along? 24 weeks

Total weight gain? 7 pounds (I never weigh myself, but I just went to the doctor yesterday)

Sleep? O.M.G. I invested in a pregnancy pillow called a “snoogle” and I think it is the best purchase I have EVER made…like ever. The only problem is I have to fight Belle for it every night. She loves to snuggle my snoogle.


Best moment this month? Husband was able to feel her move for the first time last week. It’s not nearly as exciting for him as it is for me, but still pretty wild.

What I miss the most? this changes daily…sometimes it’s a second cup of coffee, or a glass of wine, or my skinny jeans, but this past week I missed being able to ride all the big rides at Disney and Universal.

Emotions? I feel level-headed lately. My emotional roller coaster has stopped for now and I just feel calm and happy most of the time. I didn’t think I had much pregnancy brain, but I did give a sales clerk my wrong phone number twice yesterday, and threw away my paycheck.

Playing fetch with Belle
Playing fetch with Belle


Cravings: I’m just hungry most of the time. I get full really fast since everything is so high, but then I’m starving again 20 minutes later.

Belly Button? It’s halfway out and totally weird.


Wedding rings? Still on. I have not been swollen at all…yet.

Looking forward to? Choosing her name and announcing it to everyone!



Only 16 weeks to go!