Adventures of Hilarie

Welcome to My Blog The Sequel. In case you missed out on my first venture into blogdem, let me give you a recap: While living in Albania for a year and traveling through Europe I kept a daily (well mostly daily) blog titled “Adventures of a Teacher.” This blog summarized my daily adventures through teaching, life in Albania, European trips, friendships, mine and Peter’s relationship, cooking, eating, dancing, etc. etc. Through my blog I learned to find something positive in each day to share with my friends and family back home, and also hopefully teach them a little about the new culture in which I found myself. I tried to continue the blog after returning to the states, getting engaged, and moving to NYC, but something just did not feel right….

First of all, Peter was living hundreds of miles away for 2 months, I started a new job, began planning a wedding, and was honestly feeling a little, well, lost. I had a lot of trouble finding a new routine hear in the “city that never sleeps”, and am just starting to really get comfortable now that we have been here 6 months. I have really missed blogging this year, and kind of regret not forcing myself to stick with it! I mean, I have had so many great New York adventures… I often found myself writing the non-existent blog posts in my head thinking about all the great things I should be sharing.

So here I am, ready to commit once again. This time though I plan to do things a little differently. My plan is 3 fold.

1)     I have decided to open up to you and share some personal things that I have struggled with, in the hopes that my story will help others by giving them someone to relate with, laugh at, cry with, or just make them feel better about their own lives.

2)    I do not plan on blogging about teaching… well not about my current teaching situation.

3)    I will write everyday. As much as possible.

That’s it, that’s my big blog plan. I don’t expect it to change the world, or allow me to finally meet Ellen, but I hope it allows me to connect with each of you.


Zoey, my future “sister” also started a blog! Check it out at: