Running for Diversity

It’s been a couple of months since our last race, but it was so much fun that I’m still going to share our experience. Better late than never! On June 20th, we ran the Gay 5k in Nashville.  The Gay run is for celebrating diversity, promoting a healthy community while also raising funds for OutCentral. OutCentral is an LGBT community center that educates, empowers and builds a positive space for the diverse LGBT community. So, basically we ran for an organization who is teaching love and acceptance for ALL, that’s my kinda cause.

There were two questions that were frequently asked when we did this race:

1) Do you have to be gay to run?

Uh, no! Or course not, anyone can celebrate and support diversity!

2) What are you going to wear? (Because people know us so well.)

Rainbow, duh! And BTW, we received a spirit award for being our adorable selves. However, our team was a little disappointing. We were supposed to have a much bigger group, but the rain kept some away, including Husband and Luna.

We are totes adorbs
We are totes adorbs

My favorite part of our “costume” was my eyelids. I regret not having more time to glitz them up, but aren’t they kind of amazing?

If I was willing to get up 20 minutes earlier, I might wear my eye makeup like this everyday.
If I was willing to get up 20 minutes earlier, I might wear my eye makeup like this everyday.

The race was smaller than normal, thanks rain, but I was still VERY thrilled to get first place in my age group! I’m finally feeling like a real runner! Although, there was a little boy (maybe 8 years old?) who beat us! He was a beast!

Yay me!
Yay me!

After all of the race shenanigans, we kept our tradition and had a delicious breakfast (at the newly opened Love Coffee) and coffee at Starbucks, of course. Husband and Luna joined us for the celebration.

Breakfast celebration with Luna.
Breakfast celebration with Luna.

We skipped a July run because they all interfered with our half-marathon training, but no fears, we have another race this coming weekend!


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