Scabib, The Scarf + Bib Review and Giveaway


That’s right, two giveaways in a row! I’m still playing catch up and I have been excited for far too long to share the Scabib with you. If you’ve been on Zulily or Instagram (#instababy) lately, you are likely to be familiar with this baby trend. It’s cute, it’s stylish and it’s functional! It’s a scarf and a bib, and it’s very absorbent.

bright houndstooth

Scabib was created by Trish, a mom to a precious little boy. When he began teething, she wanted to sew him something to soak up all the drool, but still be cute. After a few tries, the Scabib was born, and it’s become very quickly popular. Sounds like a Shark Tank story, right? Trish sent me one to review and one to giveaway (yay!), but I also bought a couple more because I LOVE them!

pink dots

Every Scabib has a terry cloth back (so it’s more absorbent), a velcro attachment, and an adorable pattern. They fit comfortably around baby’s neck and fit for a long time. Luna wears them often and rarely pulls them off. They are way cuter than most bibs and at the end of the day, I just throw them in the washer and they come out good as new! We also get compliments on them all the time.

blackwhite stripes

ANNNDDDDD Trish from Scabib has given me a black and white houndstooth Scabib ($16 value) to giveaway to one of you! It’s so so simple to win one. Just follow the three steps below:




1. Follow me. You can follow the blog, like me on Facebook, tweet me or stalk me onInstagram. You can follow one or follow all!

2. Follow Scabib on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or on Etsy! (So many ways to keep up with her.)

3. Comment below. Tell me who your Scabib is for…boy, girl, niece, nephew, grandchild?

blue eyes


Good luck people! I’ll announce the winner in a week, Sunday January 25th.



13 thoughts on “Scabib, The Scarf + Bib Review and Giveaway”

  1. Love, love, love this! I saw a picture of a baby wearing one on Pinterest and actually asked Brooke Roy Villafano if she knew how to make them. So excited to see the website, Ms. Kasyn needs one! Or 12 but a free one would start us off great!

  2. I have followed Scabib now and would love to win one for my soon to be born nephew on the way! They are adorable!

  3. Scabib is for my precious little boy. I’m a first time mom. Our Baby Lionel is a super drooler and spitter-upper. His shirt always gets wet. What to do?! A Scabib would be perfect for those wet moments!!!

  4. Ohhhh, I was watching my niece a few days ago and we went through 3 outfits because of her little drooling phase. Cold clothes are not a good thing during cold Wisconsin winters and this would be cute and functional to keep her dry!

  5. Saw these recently & thought “how perfectly cute & smart!” One of my nearest & dearest is expecting her 1st. This would be for her. 🙂

  6. Obviously Cate needs this because she drools through the other ones I have LONG before laundry day each week. We love scabibs!

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