Blue Man Group Review!


“Dude that was bad-a@#,” was the first thing my friend said when we stepped outside after seeing Blue Man Group perform at TPAC this Tuesday. “My mom and brother definitely need to see this!” he followed up with as we walked through downtown Nashville to our car. I really have to agree with him; you definitely have to see this.

The Blue Man Group, if you don’t already know, started in the late 1980s as a group of three friends who were a little burnt out on the consumerism of the times and decided to make a show that’s somewhat anti-technology and pro real-life interaction. It’s really hard to believe if you haven’t heard of them; they have permanent shows  in New York City, Boston, Chicago, Orlando and Las Vegas, a US National and an International Tour and a plus they were in all those Intel commercials, come on!

The show is pretty hard to describe. Well I guess I could describe it pretty accurately, but you’d never understand what I was talking about; “Wait so they eat Twinkies with an audience member and then the Twinkies spray out of a tube in their chest…?” Also, I’d hate to give away too much but I’ll just explain it generally. As you enter the theater, and find your seats, you’ll notice a quote on stage that says something about the best way to make new friends is to have an experience together, be it cooking a meal, making some art or having a dance party. While you wait there are scrolling marquees on the sides of the stage that at first display normal messages about not talking or using your phone, but gradually get more and more absurd, eventually calling out specific audience members and having the crowd sing happy birthday to them. And then it starts.

Through the hour and a half or so performance, you’ll get a combination of crazy loud  bass thumping music, played by the Blue Men themselves and a live rock band on stage, and comedic scenes where it almost seems like the actors are aliens, who have no knowledge of, Captain Crunch for example. Again I don’t want to spoil anything but the show ends with a dance party that will have your fist pumping, butt shaking and ears ringing long after its over.


This was the third time I’ve seen the Blue Man Group (once in New York and once in Orlando) and this traveling show is just as fun and crazy as the others. My friend who went to see this performance with me was a little worried that he might fall asleep, having been up very early in the morning. I promise you, even if he had wanted to sleep he couldn’t have; Blue Man Group has you dancing, laughing and questioning what is going on for the whole night and you seriously don’t wanna miss it. And if I actually convinced you, Blue Man Group is performing through January 11th at the Tennessee Performing Art Center in Nashville and then in Ohio and Michigan and all over the country after that.


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