Luna is 10 Months Old!

I have lots of cool things to brag about this month…Luna is amazing and doing amazing things. Really, she’s a doll. But, hold cow I. AM. EXHAUSTED. Between driving to and from Texas, having guests, getting everything ready for the holidays and Luna NEVER sleeping I am running on fumes…coffee fumes. Can I just tell you about how I can’t manage to get one single thing done instead? Or, how I feel like a failure because I have no clue how to get my daughter to sleep through the night? I’m tired. I’ll just share Luna’s cute pictures instead.

10 months


Luna is so darn active that it is quite the challenge to get a non-blurry photo of her. For this particular photo session, she insisted on having Minnie Mouse, in her mouth, for every picture.

naked baby


Luna has developed a sense of humor and is always trying to get us to laugh. The other day she slid down a couple of steps on her belly only and after I laughed at her she decided to do it over and over and over again. She is into everything too. She loves pulling everything out of the kitchen cabinets, digging in the fridge, taking out all of my shoes, finding her Cheerios hidden in my diaper bag and then laughing anytime we tell her, “no”. Little stinker.

Poor baby had her second flu shot, hence the bandaid.
Poor baby had her second flu shot, hence the bandaid.

She may ware me out, but this girl has my whole heart in the palm of her itty bitty hand. The other day I left her for a few hours with her Daddy and when I came home she squealed with excitement and raced to me. It was one of the greatest feelings, right up there with the time Santa pointed to me and shouted “Happy birthday” on my actual birthday in the middle of a huge Disney Christmas parade.

look at me, look at me!
look at me, look at me!
Hey Mom, I can clap!
Hey Mom, I can clap!

I am so tired, but I am one very lucky Mommy.


One thought on “Luna is 10 Months Old!”

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