7 Months Young

Last Friday, my little love turned 7 months old! 


So far, every month just keeps getting better. Luna is one happy and adorable little girl. This month brought lots of new milestones. She planks all the time in a desperate attempt to crawl. (She crawled a couple of steps on Saturday, but isn’t exactly a crawler yet.) She scoots, army crawls and rolls surprisingly fast to get absolutely everything she shouldn’t touch. The girls got ninja skills and a taste for chargers and cables. She babbles non-stop and now makes the “da” sound. Her sippy-cup of water is one of her new favorite things, and now one of our go-to’s when she’s crying. This chick loves her own reflection, playing with her Daddy and can watch the dog and cat all day long.

Trying to get to Belle's dog toy...which is always what she wants most.
Trying to get to Belle’s dog toy…which is always what she wants most.

Seven months also brought some not-so-fun milestones. Luna had her first virus, which she quickly passed to me. She no longer sleeps through the night, or even half the night. I don’t even know where to begin with this problem. Luckily, we have a very comfy rocking chair and a really sweet coffee maker. Also, now that she eats (and loves) real food, she’s got real poop to match, which is incredibly gross after dealing with an only breastmilk diet for 6 months. 

This was my dress was I was only 7 months old! So crazy to see my little girl wearing it.
This was my dress when I was only 7 months old! So crazy to see my little girl wearing it.

Luna also had some new adventures this month, of course. She went to downtown Nashville on a Friday night and experienced way too loud Honky Tonk music. She had her first library visit, and it was awesome. We took a 12-hour road trip to Texas to visit friends and family for a week. She visited the Gulf of Mexico. We had a Mommy-Daughter weekend with her Honey (grandma) at Atlanta’s Apparel Market. She also went swimming a few times and has proven to be a little fish in the water!



Seven months in to this whole parenting thing and I’ve got say…I’m exhausted, filthy, busy, mentally drained and way happier than I even imagined. Being Luna’s Mom rocks.



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