Girls Weekend!

I decided to take a couple of days off from the blog to spend a girls’ weekend with Luna, my Mom and one of her co-workers in Atlanta for the Apparel Market. My Mom owns a formal wear shop and she was making her orders for prom 2015. After my two fantastic days off I came down with mastitis again. That little devil of an infection had me down for another two days. Now, I’m finally feeling human again, and I am so happy to be back to share all about our girls only adventure in Atlanta! (BTW, this is my first time to open my laptop in 4 days. I feel like I’ve just been through some sort of intense detox.)

Find many more pics like this form daily life on my Instagram!
Find many more pics like this form daily life on my Instagram!

Mine and Luna’s trip began with a 4-hour road trip. I planned to leave early in the morning so Luna would be sleeping, but she decided to stay up half the night. After putting her back to bed for 5th time at 3am I was wide awake and figured 3am is a pretty swell time for a long drive. I got dressed, packed up the car, kissed Husband good-bye as he slept soundly through every single cry, grabbed Luna and hit the road. (We made a couple coffee pit-stops on the way.) We jammed to Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Iggy Azalea most of the way there because who else do you listen to on a girls’ road trip?

Mom and Alex enjoying some delicious beverages during a fashion show
Mom and Alex enjoying some delicious beverages during a fashion show

We made it to Atlanta just in time to join my Mom and our new friend Alex as they headed to Americas Mart in downtown Atlanta. My Mom’s goal was to find the hottest new trends for next year’s prom. Our girl was to help and enjoy all the treats, goodies, drinks and attention that comes with attending a wholesale market. I’ve been to market and Dallas a few times, but holy cow, Atlanta’s Market is SO MUCH NICER. The building is nicer, the showrooms are bigger, the fashion shows are better, the food is fantastic, the drinks are endless and even the people are incredibly friendly. Plus, everyone treated Luna as if she was America’s Next Top Model.

America's Mart, 13 floors of apparel and accessories
America’s Mart, 13 floors of apparel and accessories
macaroons for days!
macaroons for days!

I’m a sucker for anything free so I happily accepted tote bags, tees, flip-flops, cookies, margaritas and whatever else they threw my way all day long. The only downside was carrying around my loot all day, especially since I also had to carry Luna (“no strollers allowed”) and her over-sized diaper bag. During one fashion show, Luna got fussy so I stepped outside the glass walls to watch the show from the hall. As I bounced Luna up and down to the beat of every pop song that played over the loud speakers we ran into another adorable baby girl. The Mom and I started chatting and overtime I learned that the other adorable baby is the granddaughter Sherri Hill,  of the designer we were currently watching. Luna and I ended up getting to know the granddaughter, the daughter and the designer who were all incredibly nice.

Sherri Hill, Luna, myself, Mom and Alex
Sherri Hill, Luna, myself, Mom and Alex

I have never ever been anywhere were so many complete strangers complimented, played with, touched and literally took Luna out of my arms. Every single person seemed to be baby deprived or depressed because they could not get enough of Luna. She was the center of attention all day and even scored a new bracelet from the Chewbeads exhibit (more on that to come!). Also, the security at the Americas Mart were serious about the passes we received when checking in. Not only were our passes verified at every check point, but so was Luna’s!

She is ready for action!
She is ready for action!

We “shopped”, pigged out and enjoyed fashion shows all day long. I had so much fun with my Mom and am so glad I made the trip to Atlanta to spend some quality time with her. We truly had an awesome time, and even though it ended with mastitis and a fever fueled drive home, it was worth it. Now, I’m back just in time to unpack and repack for yet another road trip! That’s right we leave tomorrow night to drive all the way to Texas! Yee-haw!




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