A Half-Crunchy Mom’s Fav New Product (Giveaway!)


There’s this term people use when referring to hippy-ish Moms, they say Crunchy Moms. “Crunchy Moms” are the Moms who raise chickens, cloth diaper, grow and make their own everything, swear by all-organic products, home-birth and homeschool, don’t own TV’s and the so on. The nickname is not an insult (I don’t think, anyways), it’s just a trendy new name, and today I’m reviewing a trendy “crunchy” item that most Moms (the crunchy and the non-crunchy) will love.

For the record, I think I’m half-crunchy, half-what’s the opposite of crunchy? Chewy? Can I be crispy? I do use cloth diapers, drive a Prius, make my own baby-food, breastfeed and buy eggs from our neighbors, but I also eat Taco Bell, drink too much Starbucks, binge on Netflix, use paper towels and refuse to give up tampons so I don’t think the “crunchy” society would allow me to join. That’s cool, I prefer to be my own leader anyhow. However, I do love to find a good healthy and organic alternatives to mainstream baby products.

Before our annual beach vacation I began looking for baby-safe beach products, partially because I’m an awesome Mom who wants only the best for my baby and partially because I like any excuse to shop. While searching I immediately came across many all natural baby-safe sunscreens. I was intrigued and decided to try Goddess Garden’s Natural Kid’s Sunscreen. The crunchy half of me LOVES that it is made in a recyclable container, made with organic and all natural ingredients (like aloe vera, sunflower oil, soy beans, zinc oxide, lavender and radish). The consumerist side of me loves that it’s pretty, smells good and does the job.

Luna sporting her new sunscreen while enjoying the sunny deck.
Luna sporting her new sunscreen while enjoying the sunny deck.

I have now tested this sunscreen at the pool, at Holiday World, at the beach and at home. The outcome? Luna has never gotten a sunburn. We did our best to follow the instructions: reapply after 40 minutes of swimming or 2 hours in the sun. We mostly remembered to reapply at the right time, but we aren’t perfect and Luna still never got any sun. We spent ALL day EVERY day in the sun at Hilton Head too. It isn’t exactly like other sunscreens, but Husband an I used the mainstream brands and both got burned… I’m thrilled I used the all natural brand on Luna.

Happy to be on the beach for the first time.
Happy to be on the beach for the first time.

This sunscreen is very watery, so I shake it before squeezing any out to thicken it up a bit. I found it easiest to apply quickly because the longer I took to rub it in the thicker and pastier it became. It left a bit of a white residue on Luna’s skin (mostly when she got wet), but who cares? She’s a baby and it kept her from getting burnt, isn’t full of chemicals and left her skin soft and smooth; that’s much more important to me than having a completely invisible sunscreen. Overall, I am really happy with the product and the company.

pool time!
pool time!

Goddess Garden was created by a Mom who wanted skincare products that would be safe for her daughter who is allergic to chemicals. She saw a need in the market and went for it. She also happens to care about the planet and is just an overall nice and generous person. In fact, she’s so nice that she is giving away a two bottles of her sunscreen to two of you! One of you will get a 6oz bottle of the the Kids Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 ($20 value) and one will receive a 3.4oz bottle ($15 value) of the same.

Daddy-Daughter time in the sun!
Daddy-Daughter time in the sun!

To enter, just follow these 3 little steps!

1. Follow me on my blogFacebook, or Instagram (or all 3!).

2. Follow Goddess Garden on Facebook.

3. And comment below! How old is your child? Or, do you want the sunscreen for you? Either way it will work!

Thanks for entering and good luck to everyone! I’ll randomly select two winners in week, Wednesday August 13th.


6 thoughts on “A Half-Crunchy Mom’s Fav New Product (Giveaway!)”

  1. My son is 9 and we have an extremely difficult time finding something for his face that doesn’t sting. I would love to try this!!

  2. Claire is 9 months. She loves being outside. Finding good sunscreen that actually works is not so easy. Would love to try this brand.

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