Just a Typical Monday Night…Escaping a Locked Room

Husband and I are always looking for new things to do in Nashville. We obviously love traveling and being adventurous, but sometimes leaving the country or going on a cross-country road-trip isn’t always possible (or as carefree as it was pre-baby) so we do our best to find local adventure. Lucky for us, Nashville is a city full of little adventurous surprises. Just the other day we thought we were running out of local amusements and decided to look at ideas on Trip Advisor. We could not believe that not only had we not done the #1 rated activity, but we had never even heard of it!


The Escape Game. Just the name had us immediately intrigued. Then, there was the description, “real life adventure game”, “test your wits and skills” and “escape from a locked room”. Uh, you had me at “adventure”. We signed up immediately. I’ve got to tell you, it was awesome. I desperately want to tell you every detail about our 60 minutes locked in a Kindergarten themed basement and how we had to quickly solve ridiculous puzzles and decipher random clues while feeling super pressed for time. I really really do, but I can’t.


You have to understand. This is a secret. If I told you it would ruin the fun for everyone. When we entered the room we were told not to touch anything that has a “don’t touch sticker” (like the fire extinguisher), that we had 60 minutes to escape and 3 free clues. Then we were locked in with no further instructions. It wouldn’t have been nearly as exciting if someone had told me anymore about it. However, I can tell you why  5 reasons why you should definitely come to Nashville and play this game!

A map with pins from people all over the globe who have tried The Escape Room.
A map with pins from people all over the globe who have tried The Escape Room.

1. It’s good for teams, friends, family, co-workers and any other group of people you can think of. The game forces you to work with people. We had so much fun running around the room digging through things and putting stuff together with our friends. We were yelling at each other and laughing at the same time. We came out of the room as a team.

2. It’s unlike anything else. I have truly never done anything like this and I want to do it again! There are three rooms to escape from (so far, more will be added soon!), and I only got to experience one! I desperately want to go back and do the others.

3. It’s for everyone. We went with 7 adults and one baby. Luna happily rolled around on the floor and played with whatever she could find as we frantically tried to escape. People of all ages would enjoy it and be able to participate. I was told that a service dog has even been in one of the rooms.

4. It’s a challenge. This is not a relaxing night out. It is stressful, fast-paced and requires problem-solving skills and ingenuity. You’ll love every minute of it.

5. It’s not a gimmicky tourist attraction. This is not cheesy, full of tourists in cowboy hats or riddled with BBQ and country music. It’s is a unique experience and worth 60 minutes of your time, for sure.


If you live in Nashville or plan on visiting (you better be!) you have got to try The Escape Game. Then, please please contact me so we can actually discuss it in detail. You are going to want to talk about it!

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Oh and BTW, we escaped our room with only 4 minutes to spare, so stressful!

Go us!
Go us!


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