Surviving a Theme Park with a Baby


Well, there went another weekend in a blink of an eye! Our weekend was busy busy busy, but in the best way. Saturday we took Luna on a brand new adventure. We brought her to her very first theme park, and no, it wasn’t a Disney park (unfortunately). Luna, us and 4 other friends drove to Santa Claus, Indiana for one of our favorite summer day trips to Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari. I try not to be one of “those Moms” who packs every single belonging whenever they leave the house with their baby, but when you are taking a 3 hour road trip and planning to spend an entire day in a loud, hot theme park you go prepared!

BTW, I got a little crazy with my PicsArt app while feeding Luna so I’ll just apologize now for the over-edited photos.

So, what must a family with a baby bring on trip such as this? Glad you asked! You need snacks, not for the baby, but for you, your Husband and everyone else in the car. It’s likely that you rushed out of the door after trying to get 10 extra minutes of sleep, and changing out of your spit-up stained shirt, your Husband always forgets to eat breakfast and you’ll want something delicious to win over the people who have to sit in a car with a crying baby. Also, bring coffee, but that’s a given, right? The theme park only serves junk, which you will certainly eat, but it will make everyone feel better to have some fruit and granola bars to snack on between burgers and pizza. (If you’re going to Holiday World they have unlimited free drinks and sunscreen for everyone: score!)

Luna and her favorite friend Bella!
Luna and her favorite friend Bella!

Next, you need entertainment. Ipad, Nook, phones and car chargers for big people. Teething toys, stuffed animals and something shiny for the little one. Oh and be ready to sing lullabies and play peek-a-boo in front of many other grown-ups.

The always entertaining diving show. It never gets old, cheesy yes, but not old.
The always entertaining diving show. It never gets old, cheesy yes, but not old.

Bring the big stroller. Forget that dinky umbrella stroller. Sure, it folds up nice and small, but does it hold your coffee, diaper bag, beach towels, toys, snacks and dry clothes? No. The big stroller can carry every one’s bags and lie flat for baby to nap in while under a huge shade conveniently attached to the stroller.

Worn out baby napping in her huge stroller.
Worn out baby napping in her huge stroller.

Do not expect to ride every ride. In fact, don’t expect to ride any rides. Husband offered to watch Luna the entire day, as did everyone else, but between breastfeeding and just wanting to spend time with her, I was on “Luna duty” most of the day. Not that I mind. I love my time with Luna. We played in the kiddie area, lounged in the beach chairs, went for walks, people watched and napped in the shade. I still got to ride a few rides, and I honestly enjoyed the day as much as everyone else. She’s pretty darn entertaining.

This is technically a "kids' ride", but it's awesome.
This is technically a “kids’ ride”, but it’s awesome.
watching our friends take off on one of the famous wooden coasters
watching our friends take off on one of the famous wooden coasters

Relax. I really think our mood rubs off on our children. With any baby, especially, a teething baby, it is impossible to plan for everything or know what kind of day they will have. Luna happened to be a super happy easy baby the entire trip to Holiday World. She smiled at everyone, the heat didn’t bother her, she napped and never whined. It was awesome. However, today’s the opposite. It doesn’t really matter how old your kids are, or even if any kids attend the theme park with you, someone is likely to get grumpy. Just go with the flow. Buy a caramel apple at Mrs. Claus’s shop and enjoy the day.

Every baby needs a turkey hat
Every baby needs a turkey hat


6 thoughts on “Surviving a Theme Park with a Baby”

  1. Awwww…. you are showing your wee one many parts of life early. That is what we are striving to do too, and we aren’t letting difficulty in doing, well, anything with a baby stop us. She is having a ball as a result. 🙂 Great post!

      1. Oh they are incredibly fun, and my little one seems to love everything even when I think it may be on the edge of too busy… hope that keeps up as she gets bigger. 🙂 Right now, though, I am quite tired as Dorian has been fighting sleep and naps like a champ. It’s baby-snuggle-wrestling as a sport.

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