Hostess with the Mostess

For what seems like ever, we have been the people that hosts other people, a job that we love BTW. We always have people staying with us and our home seems to be the central hub for visitors, parties and what have you. Our house here is perfect for having people stay, guests basically have the bottom level to themselves, but even in our one bedroom, less than 400 square foot apartment in NYC we had guests almost every weekend. Hosting our friends and families is one of our favorite things.

our dining room table full of people!
our dining room table full of people!

Honestly, I thought that after having Luna either no one would want to stay or that we would no longer want tons of people staying with us. Turns out neither is true. Since Luna was born 5 months ago we have already had over 20 people stay with us. It helps that Luna is super cute and a really good baby. It’s also nice that a house full of friends equals a house full of  babysitters. I can just set Luna in the middle of the room and walk away to go cook or clean or something knowing that at least four people are watching her. The fact that my friend Sara cooks the most delicious food the whole time she is here doesn’t hurt either.


Our recent weekend of visitors ended with some Nashville sightseeing, thrift-store shopping and eating some really good local grub. It was our most laid-back day…a day to just enjoy each others company before everyone left for the real world.

IMG_20140629_193730 IMG_20140629_193522

It’s always tiring to have a house full of friends, but tiring in a good way. Its tiring the same way Disneyworld is tiring. You are constantly busy, but having a blast and making a lot of good memories. Plus, it makes us really appreciate our alone time.

We had a great weekend with our new and old friends. In fact, one couple even got engaged in our guest room!  Definitely a first for our house! Now it ‘s already time to enjoy another weekend, a holiday weekend nonetheless. Happy 4th of July!


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