Saturday was my very first time to leave Luna ALL day and even though it was so so hard, it was good and needed. I joined a bunch of friends (our 6 house guests plus 80 others),for the 5th annual Cabrew Fest on the Harpeth River. I’ve been either out of the country, in another state or pregnant every year so it was my first one to attend. I was very close to making an excuse to stay home with Luna but thankfully Husband convinced me to take the day off.

20140628_124253 20140628_123530

Cabrew Fest is just a huge group of people taking their time rowing slowly down the river, having some drinks, chillin’ and basically having a party on the river. We took a two-hour trip that took seven hours to complete. Husband and I typically do everything fast and furiously so it was kind of nice to just take our time, stop on many riverbanks, eat and hangout (minus the whole not being able to pump/engorgement problem).




I don’t know how we could be so exhausted from barely paddling and relaxing in a boat all day, but that night we had just enough energy to eat and play a couple rounds of taboo before passing out.


Luna ended up having a wonderful day full of naps, Starbucks and walks through the park. Separation was much harder on me than her! Luckily I get to take her with me most places.


So far our summer has been pretty perfect! Hope you all have a great holiday weekend!



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