When I Grow Up I Want to Be Katy Perry

Anytime I’ve heard the question “What is one thing you would change about yourself?” I always have the same answer: my singing voice. I LOVE to sing. I also LOVE to perform. I just know I am meant to perform on a huge stage with thousands of fans singing along with me and screaming my name. (I like attention.) This is by far my most common daydream. Whenever I am in the car or the shower I am almost always singing, creating choreography and putting together my worldwide tour. I am a rockstar at heart, but I am missing one thing…the ability to carry a tune.


I am not exaggerating when I say I cannot sing. I mean, I really cannot. I don’t even know what a key is, let alone how to sing on one. Husband will attest to this. Luna would too, if she could. Poor baby has had to suffer through many off-key lullabies. I’d like to think that if I had lessons, I might at least not hurt people’s’ ears, but considering I’m almost thirty it’s probably a little late to start a pop-star career and go on tour. Now, I just live vicariously through the actually talented pop-stars…singers like Katy Perry.


That’s right, I love Katy Perry and I’ve got no shame. My taste in music varies widely, but a large portion of my music library (i.e. pandora stations) is probably identical to a twelve-year old girl’s. Last weekend I had the pleasure of going to Katy Perry’s concert in Nashville. I went with my friend, Bella and we had amazing seats. We could actually see the glitter that lined Katy’s eyes and we were surrounded by hard-core Katy fans…or ‘Katy Kats’. These fans are surprisingly extremely diverse.


Just around us there were boys and girls of all ages, and I mean all ages. There were Kindergartners dressed in sparkly dresses, a man in his 70’s wearing white tank and smoking a cigarette while taking pics of Katy on his iPhone, college frat boys and LOTS and LOTS of people in their version of Katy costumes. There was candyland Katy, jungle Katy, California Katy, whimsical Katy , Egyptian Katy, blue-haired Katy and the list goes on and on. We settled on little touches of Katy (blue hair, whimsical jewelry, lots of eye makeup…)


Sitting right next to me was perhaps the best part of the entire show. Sitting next to me was a little girl, maybe 7 years old, and her Dad. The little girl knew and sang every single work to every single song, and not in an annoying way, but in a super cute adorable way. The Dad literally stood, danced, jumped or held his daughter and the sign they made the entire time. They made a poster that said “Dollywood is awesome and so are you!” and it had Christmas lights strung around its edges. The two of them dance and sang the night away and every time that Katy made her way toward them they proudly held up their sign until she notice and pointed right to them as she sang. It was so stinkin’ sweet.

not the greatest picture, but I was trying not to look like a creeper
not the greatest picture, but I was trying not to look like a creeper

The show itself was perfect. There was a “Kitty Purry” performance, all the favorites were sang, a myriad of costume changes, a pizza was given away and there was a huge balloon drop. It was basically a big sing-along/dance party. I’m sad to say that even though I sang with Katy the entire night and watched her very carefully I failed to pick up any of her talent. Looks like I’ll be stuck singing in the car to Luna as she covers her ears.


If you like Katy Perry at all I highly recommend seeing her in concert. It was a good time.



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