5 Months Old, Baby!

Yeah…I’m a bit behind on blogging, I know. This past weekend we had 6 house guests, and if you are familiar with me than you know nothing but crazy wild adventures ensued. This week I’ll be catching you up on our adventures in caving, rock-climbing, canoeing and Katy Perry. I’ll also be hosting another super wonderful giveaway for the ladies so stay tuned. Today is all about little Luna, though! On Sunday, she turned 5 months old!


This month has been one milestone after another! She is finally laughing, which is the best sound in the whole wide world. She squeals with glee all the time. I’m starting to think she just likes the sound of her own voice. She rolls around like she’s been doing it all her life. Grabbing went from being impossible to a piece of cake over night. She actually pulled an entire rack of bows and socks over while shopping the other day, and can now pull everything off the table, so that’s fun. It’s basically been a month full of “Honey, quick come look, NOW!” moments.


We celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary this month. Luna went to Cheekwood for the first of what will certainly be many times. She ran her first fever after getting immunizations, and then her second while teething…boo. Oh, yeah, did I mention she’s teething? That has been REALLY not fun. We have tried teething toys, ice in a baby sock, the amber necklace, wet/frozen wash cloths and whatever else I can find on Pinterest. Next on the list…breastmilk popsicles.

baby feet

Luna has also realized that we have pets this month. Belle and Duckie are her new favorite things to touch and smile at as they sneak past her. She especially loves getting Belle kisses directly in her mouth. Mommy is not a fan of this.


Once again, time is flying by and she is getting bigger and bigger every moment. I’ve grown accustomed to calling her the Michelin Baby. She’s just the cutest happiest little chunk around!

those lips



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