Four Months Old


Luna is 4 months old today! Every month I repeat myself and say “I cannot believe it’s been (insert time frame here) already!” Being a Mom really does make you one of those people who wants to do nothing but talk about your cute baby and every little thing they do, but seriously…my baby is cute and she does a lot of cute stuff, and all of it is amazing.

Lately, I find myself sitting with a group of adults with real lives and actual interesting things to talk about and I am trying really hard to start a meaningful conversation with them, but I can think of absolutely nothing to say, but the fact that Luna laughed at a flower and I took 15 pictures of it. I seriously don’t know what I used to talk about to other people, or how I focused on a conversation that lasted longer than 5 minutes.


And, on that note, let me tell you all the latest on Luna! Now, that she’s 4 months she is getting a cute little personality. She smiles all the time and “talks” non-stop. We can actually hold long conversations with her. Of course, we are making up her dialogue, but I’m pretty sure I am fluent in baby babble. It’s pretty darn adorable. She also notices some toys now, and I’m happy to say she shows favoritism towards her stuffed Minnie Mouse.

It’s been an exciting month of firsts…first time on a horse, first wedding, first picnic, first swing, first Mom’s Day, first time in bouncer and I’m sure many more. As for me, I am finally figuring out a schedule. It’s not very strict yet, but it is making life easier. Breastfeeding has gotten easier and I am feeling more and more confident in all the Mom things I do.

pretty girl

In some ways these four months have flown by and in other ways it seems like it’s been years. It’s hard to remember what life was like pre-Luna. Thanks for joining us and being so supportive on this journey with our family.


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