Laxy Day

I wrote this yesterday, but our Internet has been out all weekend, so I am just getting back into the blog life. Gotta say…the vaca was kinda nice!

We have been so busy the last few days that I have not had enough time to sit and write anything. It was a really fun kind of busy though, so I really can’t complain. We had a 3-hour 10-course dinner at a ridiculously fancy hard-to-even-get-a-reservation restaurant (the Catbird Seat), shopped at the enormous annual Nashville flea market, enjoyed some sales at Opry Mills mall, ate at the famous Prince’s Hot Chicken, hungout with friends and enjoyed some Greek food, did lots of T25 and even participated in a Pepsi commercial that involved free Pepsi sundaes and free food trucks. We spent two whole days running around with Luna and it was exhausting, which is why I declared yesterday “Laxy Day”.

my find at the flea market
my find at the flea market

When Luna woke up at 6am yesterday I couldn’t keep both eyes open long enough to walk to her room. My body ached, the dark circles under my eyes were forming their own dark circles and brushing my hair seemed like waaayyyy too much effort. I considered the messy house and the list of  writing sitting on my desk, but thought the couch and my huge soft blanket sounded so much better. When Husband got up and joined me in the living room I decided to announce that we were having a day of rest. I was debating weather to call it “Relaxing Day” or “Lazy Day”, but because my head was so foggy it came out “Laxy Day”. I almost corrected myself, but then decided “Laxy Day” was the perfect name.

The only problem with “Laxy Day” when you have a baby is that babies do NOT understand the importance of laxing. I tried very hard to explain to Luna that “today is laxy day…the day of lax, it is NOT day of cry or day of being constantly entertained”. I even sang to her “lax little baby don’t say a word, Daddy’s going to buy us a Sephora shopping spree”. (I’m not a fan of birds.) However, even with all the explaining and singing my little girl refused to lax. So, laxy day was more of a play with a baby, take a nice walk, wash the cars, do the laundry, clean the floors, cook dinner all while staying in our PJ’s kind of day. Still a very nice day.


Taking some time off has me feeling completely refreshed and ready to do lots of writing and sharing! Get ready for some new reviews, giveaways, and tales of strawberry picking, picnics, growing babies, workout updates and more!


Cheers and Happy Memorial Weekend!

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