My Dilemma

Lately, I feel pulled in a few different directions and sometimes not pulled at all. I’ve made several big life changes over the last few years…moving to Albania, moving to Manhattan, getting married, moving to Tennessee, buying a house, quitting my teaching career and having a baby. All of these decisions have felt right, but one. One is still troubling me.

I am having a difficult time being a stay-at-home. I shouldn’t. I have wanted to have kids and stay home with them for as long as I can remember. I’ve always wanted to have a big family, cook healthy meals, make lots of crafts, be a soccer/head of the PTO/volunteering kind of Mom. I used to dream of the days I could volunteer making costumes for my kids’ school plays…yes, I’m serious. That’s just the kind of Mom I’ve always wanted to be. I’m fortunate that I even have the option to do these things. However, lately, I’m not sure what I want at all.

The other day I saw a report about a teacher who was freaking amazing. She had raised thousands of dollars for her low-income students to travel and learn about their curriculum in a real hands-on environment. She was taking her students to places they have never been, bending over backwards to help them comprehend every skill and was so loved by her students. It made my heart hurt a little. I don’t want to boast on myself, but I know that I am a good teacher. In fact, I often feel it’s what I was meant to do. I’ve always been the sort of teacher to literally do whatever it takes for the good of my students. So, is it wrong to quit doing something I do so well? Or, will I be using all of my teaching skills to be one badass Mom?

I wonder…just how important is a job? I believe that we should all be using our God-given talents to better the Earth, people around us or just humanity in general. It’s such a waste for anyone to squander away something they could be using to help others. For some, I think they do this through their job. I know many people who love their jobs and consider it part of their identity. However, I know others who are forced to work 9-5 boring jobs and spend their time off doing what they truly love. Then, I have friends who are stay-at-home parents like myself and are raising beautiful children, helping their friends and family who work and working for no pay all the time. All of these people are doing the right thing for them, but what’s right for me?

Lately, spending so much time on the computer has brought around a new round of guilt. If I stayed home to spend more time with my baby, why am I spending so much of the time staring at my laptop? I am trying to run two blogs and desperately trying to learn (BTW, if anyone has any advice for learning how to manage that PLEASE share!). I have been breastfeeding as I type and even setting Luna in her jumper just so I can finish an article. What’s the point of staying home if I’m still working?

Would it be a better use of my time if I volunteered more? Learned to garden? Spent more time remodeling the house? Should I be in a classroom? Is my time spent writing and sharing my own life lessons with the world wide web valid?

I don’t know.

Yesterday, my sister and I had a conversation about this very topic. She is a working Mom and has a lot of guilt about not getting enough time with her son. However, she feels comforted knowing that she’s doing what she loves, using her talents wisely and helping her family financially. I, of course, have the opposite guilt. Maybe it’s just normal for Moms, or all parents, to feel guilty no matter what we decide.

Unfortunately, I have no answers for you today. Honestly, I think I am meant to stay home, at least for a little while, but who knows what the future holds. I may be running a new website on, I could be in a classroom or maybe digging up a garden and learning to paint with Luna. At this point, I think anything is possible!


5 thoughts on “My Dilemma”

  1. This is so hard- we obviously don’t have kids yet, but I always wonder what I’ll do when we do have them. I’m going to have 10 years of higher education under my belt to stay at home? I’m thinking about teaching part-time when the kids are young and then playing it by ear.

    Let me know what you need for, I use Bluehost and love it!

    1. Yup, I have my masters and so much experience so it sometimes feels like I waste…BUT I have to remind myself that I can always go back to teaching and I can obviously use what I’ve learned at home. Plus, an education is never really a waste, right? The more I think about Luna growing up the more I realize I want to stay home with her…I hope I’ll look back and be super grateful that I had this time with her. But, I think wanting to “play it by ear” is a good idea because you just never know how you’re going to feel into you’re in that place.

      And I need lessons for! It is so hard to understand! how do you like bluehost?

      1. I like bluehost– I think my page loads slowly some of the time but otherwise I can’t complain!! The interface is the exact same as for me, with places for plugins that I use (like different comment forms or whatnot).

  2. Firstly, Don’t think you’re wasting any skill whatsoever. You are still using it everyday… whether it’s through raising Luna, your blog writing or interviewing/testing a product or show for your blog. If you truly want to get back into the working world then try it out. It may be for you or you may decide that staying home with Luna is best. I will tell you what though I feel like guilt will never go away. I stay home with O and I still experience guilt everyday. Whether if it’s I have to ignore him for a bit so I can fold this, pick that up or some other thing. There was one particular day where I wanted to do my hair, put makeup on and get dressed which took quite a bit of time. The whole time I felt guilt because I wasn’t paying attention to him (even though Scott was entertaining him). I believe that’s just part of parenthood. Because although I feel like I’m a great mom… I feel like I’m not doing enough. I think you’re an amazing stay at home mom and if you decide to go back to work… I think you will be an amazing working mom. 🙂 Sending positive thoughts! Love you xoxo

    1. You know, I guess every mom has guilt. And the more I think about the more I realize I’d have even more guilt if I was in the classroom, guilt for not spending enough time with Luna or with my students! I am glad I always have the option of going back to work if I want though. thanks danica, you always make me feel better!

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