Kind of Learning to Bake


Today’s post is kind of the complete opposite of yesterday. Today, we took a free cooking class at our local William Sonoma and ate lots of dessert. That’s right, every single William Sonoma offers free cooking classes. Well, technically they offer free technique classes and free junior chef classes. The actual cooking classes cost money. We have taken a couple of the technique classes before (always by accident) and learned a lot, but we always forget to come back for more. I happened to see the sign up sheet while shopping for nothing on Friday and decided to sign us up.

I am just now learning to cook and I NEVER bake…unless you count boxed cakes, which I only make for very special occasions. Learning about baking seemed like a good idea, but if I’m being completely honest here, I was in it for the free food. We were learning to make a layered coconut cake and a strawberry tart, who can resist?

coconut cake tart

The woman teaching us seamlessly whipped together both desserts while explaining each step and tool with great detail. She was good enough to convince me to try and convince Husband to buy me the cake pans that I will probably never use. (He did not cave…yet.) While drooling over each ingredient I did pick up a few tips… like have you heard of pie weights? Apparently you are supposed to use them (or beans) to hold down the middle of the crust and keep it from rising when it’s baked.


All in all, it was a great Sunday afternoon of sipping espresso and eating as much homemade desserts as we possibly could. My Mom-in-law even went and walked Luna around the mall while we learned a little. I might even attempt one of these recipes for Easter. Hopefully we’ll remember this in the future in take some more classes. It’s a very inexpensive and fun way to spend some time together.



3 thoughts on “Kind of Learning to Bake”

  1. Williams and Sonoma products are so expensive, look at Target or another kitchen place for the same pans, etc for a much lower price! We do have their stainless steel measuring cups and spoons. They do look very nice and sparkly when I use them!

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